50 Great-Looking (Corporate & Casual) Office Outfits 2022

50 Great-Looking (Corporate & Casual) Office Outfits 2022

Here are some of my favorite casual office outfits. I have many different options so that you can find the one that suits your style best. There are also several outfit ideas for each type of clothing, which will inspire you if you’re feeling stuck!

If you’re fortunate enough to have a big window to look out of at work, then you’re probably feeling envious of the birds during the spring season. The trees and flowers are blooming, the weather is FINALLY starting to warm up, and the days are showing longer signs.

This means that you can start to wear clothing that is a bit shorter and thinner. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t do some layering and maybe carry a jacket along. Still, whether you want to dress corporately or casually, something is so fashionably fun about work fashion in the springtime. (At least we think so!)

1. Dark blue skinny jeans and a ruffled herringbone jacket

50 Great-Looking (Corporate & Casual) Office Outfits 2022

Here’s a great way to get around the potential “no jeans rule” that you might have at the office. Often, places of employment frown upon them simply because they look too casual. But if you have a pair of dark, wide legs ones on and you accompany them with something like a white T-shirt and herringbone jacket, not only will your boss probably not even notice, but they’ll probably compliment you on how great you look as well.

2. Printed halter top with solid pencil skirt and blazer

50 Great-Looking (Corporate & Casual) Office Outfits 2022

Because of how much of your shoulders and sometimes even your back are exposed in a halter top, we don’t recommend that you wear one without a jacket to work. But if you do happen to have a nice blazer and pencil skirt, wearing your top with them can provide a super lovely visual effect.

3. Ruffled sleeveless top and striped blazer

50 Great-Looking (Corporate & Casual) Office Outfits 2022

Ruffles are in right now, which is why we’re sharing this look. What’s exceptional about this particular outfit is not only how the trimmings play against the stripes in the jacket but also how all of the colors work so brilliantly well together. Plus, orange is a color that we’re all looking for in the summer, so you can be one of the first ones to rock it.

4. Beige polka dot top with white pants and orange cardigan

Speaking of creative ways to wear orange, here’s another one. Polka dots are always a lot of fun to wear, and even if it’s not yet Memorial Day, who cares? Still, bring out your white pants! You might want to accessorize with darker colors (like you see above) rather than lighter hues.

5. Neon yellow maxi skirt, white camisole, and light denim jacket

Spring and summer are the two seasons when wearing neon happen to make the most sense. And being that yellow represents sunshine, it’s a wise choice to wear to work. Maxi skirts are comfortable and complementary to pretty much any woman’s figure. And if you’re like us, you might not have thought to pair it up with a light denim jacket until now, but…doesn’t it make so much sense?

6. Brown dress with an animal print cardigan

Have you always had a weakness for animal print? Why not invest in an animal print cardigan if you haven’t already done so? Then, rather than putting it with nothing but neutrals, add a bit of blue instead. Perhaps a leather purse like the one you see in this picture.

7. Pink and taupe all over

Nice. Pink and taupe (or nude), although pretty “light” colors in the grand scheme of things, actually come off as looking pretty rich in the long run. The key is to find the right shade of pink; this is more of a coral. The striped skirt is super fashionable, and the printed scarf adds a bit of personality. Yeah, it’s a perfect look.

8. Printed jean flare skirt, cardigan, and tank

Outfit ideas for work: We do like this outfit. It’s super cute. We will say this, though. When it comes to this type of combination, make sure that our tank is a bit longer than your cardigan and that it isn’t too large. Otherwise, with a flared skirt like this one, you could end up looking more extensive than you are if the top part of your clothing doesn’t fit well.

9. White-collar shirt, navy cardigan, and goldenrod pleated skirt

This is a pretty conservative outfit, but it’s always a good idea to have at least one hanging up in your closet—just n case. Goldenrod is a sophisticated shade of yellow, and the brown pump goes so nicely with the navy. You can wear a shirt or tank with it.

10. Argyle sweater, pencil skirt, and blazer

No matter how many times we see argyle, we must be honest: It’s never going to be something we’ll get tired of. The key is to look for the kind that comes in distinctive color combinations—like evergreen, chocolate, and white. You can wear this with or without the blazer, which means you can wear it at the beginning of spring (when it’s cooler) and towards the end (when it’s warmer).

11. Striped casual dress and solid cardigan

Simple outfit ideas for work: If you’re someone who’s known for jumping out of bed late and only having a few minutes (literally) to get ready for work, you might want to invest in several looks like these. If the dress is made out of a polyester blend, you won’t have to spend a lot of time ironing it. And it’s light and easy to wear.

12. Lemon yellow blazer, grey pencil skirt, and light yellow sleeveless top

Lemon is another variation of neon yellow, to be honest with you. The main difference is that it’s a bit softer. When going for a look like this, it’s essential to mimic it to a “t.” The light of a grey all over will wash the lookout, so make sure that you have at least one dark grey article of clothing in the mix.

13. Black dress with a taupe blazer

Because taupe is such a prominent color right now, we’re showing you a few different ways to wear it. It can be an excellent combination with black instead of white so that it won’t be quite so stark. As far as accessories, both silver and gold will go well.

14. White flare pants with matching lace tank and orange blazer

This is another shade of orange to consider wearing. The white lace tank adds some overall texture, and the orange blazer breaks up some of the monotony of the look. (So does the corkscrew look of the wedge heels!)

15. All white with a mint green tank

This mint-green shade is something you’re going to see a lot of this year, so if you see it in a blouse or skirt, it’s an excellent investment to pick it up. Aside from grey, we like it a lot with white. It’s such a fresh look for in the office and out. (Are you completely in love with the patent leather peep-toe pumps or what?)

16. Grey pants, light peach blazer, and off-white tank top

Do you like pastels and neutrals? The color of this blazer is a happy medium between the two. You can either wear an off-white tank underneath, as you see in this picture, or even a nude color if you want to “throw people off a bit”—in a super modest way. (The flats are excellent.)

17. Dark grey slacks, white cardigan, and navy blue tank

Grey, white, and navy are somewhat conservative, yes. But that doesn’t make them any less striking than some of the other looks you’ve already seen today. And what’s nice about this particular outfit is it features a cardigan rather than a blazer, which brings a softer look overall.

18. Hot pink printed top and white straight-leg pants

If you happen to have a floral print top lying somewhere around the house, this would be the time to put it on! Spring is when the flower is starting to bloom outside, and so you’ll look just as pretty as one of them in a top like this one. Not only that, but hot pink is such a bright and joyful color. Your co-workers will smile every time you walk by in something like this.

19. Peach pleated top and off-white slacks

This says “SPRINGTIME!” all over the place. Peach tends to do that to a person. Also, this is a perfect example of another trend that’s making its way onto the runways right now: pleats. When they’re featured on a fabric like silk or satin, they tend to flow in a very feminine kind of way.

20. Chocolate and pink combo

Pink and brown. Indeed a sweet color combination! And the cut of that blazer? The sky truly is the limit when you have one that looks like this. Plus, can’t you quickly see the opposite colors (the pencil skirt being pink and the blazer being brown), and it still looks just as ultimate?

21. Taupe sleeveless top and grey flare pants

Here’s a surprising way to make neutrals happen. Played up against the taupe top, it’s hard to tell if the pants are grey or some variation of brown. That’s actually what we like about it, though. And here’s an example where white pumps are exquisite, especially if the hemline of your pants is on the long side. Kayifamilys

22. Marsala dress with flare skirt and tan cardigan

Marsala was a prominent color last year, and although it’s not trending quite as strongly now, we still like it a lot because it is such a warm color that blends in with so many things—like a tan cardigan, for example. And dresses with flare skirts bring about a youthfulness that works well for women of practically any age.

23. Dark jeans, printed camisole, and solid short blazer

Hopefully, your place of employment has something like “Casual Fridays.” And if so, this is the kind of look you can wear to work and then to Happy Hour following it. We like everything about it—from head to toe. Our only two cents would be that you might want to wear a wedge heel or flat to work and reserve those shoes for afterward. That way, your feet will be ready to take on the dance floor! (If you want!)