If you keep up with fashion trends, you know that spiritual aesthetic clothing is getting trendier. The hippie clothes is also coming back.


Well, it is nothing like it was in the 60s and early 70s, and the media is not giving it the same level of prominence. But you can still see Hippie Clothing and fashion showcased everywhere online.

The hippie culture has been finding new expression in music and the visual arts in recent years. There is also more mention of hippie counterculture in literature. So it was only a matter of time before its reemergence in fashion.

It is now common to see ladies wearing colorful “granny” dresses. Many also wear cute hippie sandals crowned with beads.

Modern hippie clothes for women have a contemporary touch. The choice of material and design is current. Yet they are still a clear representation of the counterculture.

But what is the reason for this resurgence in hippie clothing, especially among women?

There are different reasons, varying from one person to the other. But there are also a few common ones, which I will explain in this article. Keep reading!


  • Fashion is a Powerful Communication Tool


Fashion is one of the most powerful communication tools. If you have been to any protests, one common thing is that the protestors will dress in a certain way.

It can be as simple as t-shirts with a specific message to a dress code and theme color. The choice of clothing aims to send a clear message.

Hippie and spiritual aesthetic clothing is now serving as a powerful communication tool. People use them to pass a message to those in authority and raise awareness.

A group of women wearing hippie clothing in a protest for a course will be highly noticeable. They will draw more attention, giving their message a wider reach.

  • The Society is Still Fighting the Same Ills from Several Decades Ago


One of the key pillars of the hippie movement has been fighting the many social ills that plague society.

Many communities fight these social vices successfully, but they are still a massive problem in others.

Things like police brutality, white supremacists, and institutionalized racism are still significant problems. Things are just as they were at the peak of the hippie movement in the 60s.

What better way to show your stand against these social injustices than reminding society of where it has come from? And your choice of fashion can make this much easier.

  • Feminism is Re-emerging, and Sexual Liberation is Now a Hot Topic


Hippie clothes for women can show your stand on feminism and sexual liberation. These are some of the freedoms the movement champions.

There are still questions about a woman’s reproductive autonomy. It is more so on issues like abortion.

Hippie and spiritual aesthetic clothing allows you to take a stand against injustices. 

  • Social Conflicts Are Still Escalating Around the World


Regardless of when you will read this, the chances are there will be some war or conflict somewhere in the world.

The hippie movement promotes peace and advocates for love. It champions them despite all the hatred coming from war and other social conflicts.

Hippie clothing that gained fame in the 60s allows you some escape from hatred and war.

Breaking away from what society expects you to wear is an excellent way to take a stand against these social conflicts.

Rebelling with your choice of clothing is still as effective as it was decades ago.

  • Hippie Clothing Questions the Wastes of Capitalism


Hippie clothing allows you to re-fashion clothes into something trendy. You can quickly turn them into something you will feel comfortable wearing.

Whether it is your granny’s long flowing dresses or mom’s colorful skirts, you can re-fashion it. You can transform the clothes into something fashionable. At its basic, this is what modern hippie clothing is all about.

Re-fashioning clothes that would end up in a dumpster allows you to question everyday waste.

Also, it is an excellent way to feel close to your loved ones and get a sense of their fashion from decades ago.

  • Celebrating a Sense of Freedom

Simple concepts of freedom, like ladies wearing pants, can be traced back to the hippie era. Hippies have always advocated for freedom, individuality, and self-discovery.

These freedoms are becoming even more relevant in modern society. Wearing hippie clothing is a popular way to celebrate them.

  • Younger Generations Want to Experiment with Non-Conventional Fashion

Young people are more liberal in everything they do. They constantly want to experiment with fashion trends that are non-conventional.

As the hippie culture continues to re-emerge, young people are embracing their fashion. They are finding it cool and more unique.

The trend is more common among ladies. Many women prefer to wear something that will make them stand out from the crowd. Ladies are also more willing to experiment with new fashions.

Finding hippie clothing is also becoming easier. Hippie fashion is now part of the mainstream fashion industry.

Many leading fashion brands now have a category of hippie clothes for women and jewelry. As you come across the fashion category more and more when shopping, it is natural to want to try it at some point.


You cannot overlook the influence of hippie counterculture on modern fashion. Many contemporary fashion trends today have some elements evolving from the hippie culture.

Besides influencing modern fashion, hippie clothing has seen a resurgence in recent years. The younger generation is using it to experiment with fashion trends. It is also becoming a way to break away from the norm.

Also, society is still facing most of the issues leading to the emergence of the hippie culture in the 60s. It was only a matter of time before hippie clothing returned to mainstream fashion.

Going into the future, hippie clothes for women and spiritual aesthetic clothing will only get more popular.