Ertisun’s handcrafted women’s rings are the perfect choice to showcase your unique sense of style. My rings are designed to reflect the woman you are, one of a kind. Created through extreme heat, each ring is lovingly hand-formed, hammered and patinated bringing through the beauty that is hidden within.

My designs are inspired by the beauty of the Irish landscape and are made from pure copper, silver and brass. These high-quality metals were specifically chosen to reflect the resiliency and individuality that each woman possesses. I only use natural gemstones, carefully selecting each one for its own unique shape and colours.

Each ring is created and shaped by hand reflecting your innate being through its subtly and femininity. I believe a ring isn’t just a ring, it is a statement of who you are.

By investing in a handmade Ertisun ring for yourself or as a gift, you are reflecting the special, rare quality of your individual connection.