3 Plumbing System Tips to Deal with Cold Weather

The cold weather can be disastrous for the plumbing system in a home, causing pipes to freeze and sometimes burst. When the temperature drops, homeowners must take precautions to protect their plumbing systems. The weather in January and February is the coldest of the year, and it is during this time that homeowners should be cautious. If you are unsure about ways to fix this problem, try consulting a Maple Ridge residential plumbing expert. Experts can suggest a few simple steps to protect your plumbing system during winters. Here are the top 4 things you can do to make sure your plumbing system runs smoothly in the cold weather:

Ensure Proper Insulation

It is important to consider the areas of your property that might be particularly vulnerable to freezing temperatures. This includes areas such as the garage, attic, and basement, as well as any exposed pipes. Because of the lack of insulation in these areas, water pipes are particularly vulnerable to freezing temperatures and can cause tremendous damage if they burst. To protect your property from freezing temperatures, it is essential to consider investing in insulation so that the temperature inside can stay at a consistent level.

Turn off All the Valves to the Frozen Pipes Outside

Furthermore, it is essential to turn off all the valves on the frozen pipes outside and disconnect any hoses from outside water sources. These steps will prevent water from running through the pipes when temperatures dip below freezing and reduce the risk of bursting. Additionally, it is important to cover exposed pipes with insulation and wrap them with heat tape to provide additional protection from the cold. You should consult residential plumbing Abbotsford if you are facing problems with this.

Avoid Clogging Drains in Winter

You must be very careful about disposing of materials that could clog drains in winter. This is because, in cold weather, materials such as grease, oil, and salt can congeal and harden on pipes, blocking water from draining properly. Some materials can bond with ice and create an impenetrable blockage, meaning that even the most powerful water jet is unable to break it.

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