Achieve Lower Weight Loss with Weight Loss Clinic Fontana

IE Botox is the leading weight loss clinic Fontana that helps people achieve and maintain their weight loss goals.

Led by Dr. Atul Bembi, our clinic has extensive experience with a team of certified physicians and aestheticians to specialize in weight loss while our nutritional experts monitor the progress of the program. Together, we’ve helped thousands of patients lose excess pockets of fat for good.

Even if you have tried diet and fitness programs in the past that haven’t worked, our expertise and approach are customized and comprehensive with the solitary aim of helping you gain a healthy lifestyle.  

How Can We Help You Lose Weight? 

At West Point Aesthetics Center, we’ve combined comprehensive weight loss programs with top-notch medical supervision to achieve sustainable weight loss for our patients.  

Our multidisciplinary approach includes two programs designed to help you get rid of excess fat.  

Following a comprehensive medical evaluation, we include Blood Work, EKG, and B6 injections. The B complex injections increase energy levels and burn calories, thereby enhancing your weight loss results. We also prepare a schedule for FDA-approved medications and supplements, along with ongoing support and guidance from our medical supervisors.

Attain your weight loss goals with the best weight loss clinic Fontana. Contact and submit the form on our website to get going towards that healthy lifestyle. 


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