Across the second world

A million. This is the first thing in this auction with a reserve price of over one million yuan, and I feel dizzy in my numbness. The base price of the application for residence is as high as you can imagine, but as long as you have read the detailed introduction of the residence and have a little brain, you can understand that if you can own a residence, it will be far more than a million yuan! Therefore, although there are not many comrades who need the application for residence, this does not affect people’s judgment of its value. Naturally, it is the guild bosses who are in demand for resident applications, and these people’s family background is often very rich. Two million! Is there anything more than two million? Oh! There has been a 2500000. This time, Xiaoya’s smile is really quite sweet, although it can be seen that there are not many players interested in the application, but all of them are determined to win, it seems that they will not give up until they go bankrupt. In Xiaoya’s shouts of spring, the price of the resident application soared to more than six million yuan, and at this time there were fewer and fewer people who could afford it, and only two people were left to persevere in it, but I don’t know whether it was for the purpose of spending less money or to the point of running out of oil, the extent of the two people’s competition began to slowly decrease. Each time, the price increase gradually changed from 100,000 yuan at the beginning to 35,brushed stainless steel sheet,000 yuan, until the price of the resident application rose to 7 million yuan, and the increase was as small as less than 10,000 yuan. Just when I thought the auction was coming to an end, someone came from the village. The team leader Mingyue Ye added a dragon to the team. Deaf, what are you going to do? Urgent three fire four add the team. The lazy voice of the Comrade sounded on the night of the bright moon, but the difference was that the voice of the dragon was particularly urgent. Guys. Do you have money? Borrow some first to save Jianghu! According to my understanding of dragon, he should belong to the kind of person who doesn’t like to open his mouth to ask for help,mirror stainless steel sheet, but reverse thinking, once he opens his mouth, it means that this matter must be very urgent! In a hurry to borrow money at this time, I think a person knows what he wants to do with money. Deaf. You want that residency application? Although the dragon is also known as a rich man, it is still amazing to spend more than 7 million to bid for a resident application. Mmm. A dragon promised, but his voice seemed a little dull. “Damn, I’ve been busy and dizzy for two Bss these days. I remembered the auction at noon yesterday. As a result, all the gold coins sold on the Internet were out of stock, so I changed this.” More than seven million is still out of stock? I’m depressed. I laugh at myself for not knowing the depth of heaven and earth with more than ten thousand gold coins to charge my uncle. Compared with others, my money is still money. For more than seven million? Although Comrade Mingyueye is also the president of the guild, it is obvious that his president is much shabby compared with others. “I have only four hundred thousand gold coins left on me. If you don’t think it’s too little, come and get it.” “I have some here, too, but I just bought two purple pieces and there aren’t many left, Stainless Steel Industrial Pipe ,304 Stainless Steel Flat Steel, so I’ll just take them together.” “I have some, too. Brother Long, you can use it.” It can be seen that Liuliu and the plane have a good relationship with the dragon, and they have generously donated money after learning that a dragon wants to bid for the residence application. All right, then I won’t stand on ceremony. At the critical moment of the auction, the dragon did not care to say any polite words, hurriedly agreed to come down, “Brothers, it takes too much time to withdraw money in the past. I’m afraid I can’t survive with this little money on hand. Anyway, there are few of you. Just come directly to my private room, Room 127, the second one on the left side of the exit.” The auction was in its final stages, and since there was nothing to buy, it didn’t matter where we sat. After receiving the invitation of a dragon, they got up and walked to Room 127. Private rooms can be regarded as a special product for the rich, private rooms are expensive, but private rooms are definitely worth it! Not only can we get the detailed list of auction items in advance, but also the service is first-class. Welcome As soon as we arrived at the door of the private room, two very clever NP sisters invited us in, and then the free drinks were poured up endlessly, which felt so sweet. “Chamber pot, trade me the money!” As soon as he saw the bright moon night, the Comrade could not care about anything else. He opened his mouth to ask for money, and the second brother probably understood his situation. He did not care about the problem of appellation. Without saying a word, he traded the money. It’s a life-saving thing. After the dragon got the money, he breathed a sigh of relief, “nnd, if I don’t buy the application for residence because the money is not enough, I will regret it.” He breathed a sigh of relief, but Comrade Bright Moon Night sighed. If someone else gets the certificate of residence, it’s okay, but if a dragon gets it, the glorious title of the first resident will fly out of the pocket of the Sirius Gang. With a strong economic strength as the foundation of a dragon, they must rush to the third-level gangs more than the Sirius Gang, and the task of applying for residence with their strength will not be too difficult to complete. The second brother took out four hundred thousand gold coins, Liuliu and the plane were not reserved at all, a total of more than seven million gold coins were traded to a dragon, but even with the nearly eight million gold coins, the auction also turned the face of a dragon into a bitter melon. As soon as we entered the private room, the dragon had already run out of money. At that time, he only dared to quote a few thousand more gold coins each time. As long as we came one step later, the certificate of residence would belong to someone else. However, although the price increase of the dragon was not much at that time, he did not see the other party directly quote a high price. It seemed that he had run out of money in his pocket like a dragon. For those who now have sufficient funds, this seems to be an opportunity! “Eight million gold coins!” With gold coins,304 Stainless Steel Bar, a dragon would not care about those “small change”, and then directly shouted the price of eight million. Eight million gold coins could bury dozens of people alive. I thought the auction was over, but I didn’t think the eight million gold coins were just the beginning of a nightmare.


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