After Being Forced to Become the Female Leader of Otaku [Chuanshu] –Nougat

This husband, sincere. Only then did Fu Chengxi see clearly that Ding Nuoxuan was so charming, sweet and lovely. Fu Chengxi nodded. He didn’t know what to say. Ding Nuoxuan grabbed his hand and pulled him to the stone table. There are exquisite meals on the stone table, all of which are made by Murong Xuanhua. Fu Chengxi found that he did not understand Ding Nuoxuan, he thought that Ding Nuoxuan was just cheerful, lively and eccentric, did not want to beat her extraordinary dancing, cooking skills. Xuaner. Fu Chengxi suddenly felt a little moved. Husband, don’t say anything. Taste the food. It’s made by Xuaner herself. Ding Nuoxuan is very confident about her cooking skills, and she believes that Fu Chengxi will like it. Sure enough, Fu Chengxi tasted a mouthful and could not help showing a look of admiration. Husband, do you understand Xuaner’s mind? Elders in the family often say that if you want to catch a man’s heart, you must first catch his stomach, so what she did today, can he understand that she wanted to catch his heart? “I understand Xuaner’s mind.” Fu Chengxi held Ding Nuoxuan in his arms. Originally, he and Murong Xuan are the same mind, not unrequited love, he and Ding Nuoxuan like each other. Husband, this is a cup of wine. On the wedding day of Murong Xuan and Fu Chengxi, they did not go to the chapel,alumina c799, and naturally they did not drink the wine. Today, she specially sent someone to fetch the best daughter red, which was used as a cup for making love. Wine is intoxicating, for Fu Chengxi, what is more intoxicating is Ding Nuoxuan in front of him. The breeze was blowing, the sound of the piano was pleasant, and he could finally be with the person he liked. At this time, Ding Nuoxuan thought the same thing in her heart. She doesn’t mind whether Fu Chengxi takes a concubine or not. What she cares about is Fu Chengxi’s mind. But that Wang Qing,ceramic welding tape, she also has a way to drive out. When Ding Nuoxuan woke up, it was already dawn, and Fu Chengxi was staring at her. Xuaner. Fu Chengxi’s voice made Ding Nuoxuan a little embarrassed. Won’t you go to the barracks today? “What are you going to do in this camp with Xuaner here?” Usually ran to the barracks early in the morning, mostly because he did not know how to face Murong Xuan, so he wanted to escape. Now that he and Ding Nuoxuan have faced their hearts, there is no need for him to escape any more. My husband will tease me. After facing her heart sincerely, Ding Nuoxuan got unprecedented relaxation. This kind of carefree and contented life is what she has been thinking about for a long time. She tied up her hair for Fu Chengxi, and Fu Chengxi painted her eyebrows. This kind of ordinary people’s life also has a different kind of interest. Xiao Ye and Zhang Qin, who were outside the room, breathed a sigh of relief when they saw the scene. Their masters, a general and a princess, both of whom were at odds. If Ding Nuoxuan does not take the initiative this time, they do not know when they can face their hearts. Ding Nuoxuan and Murong Xuan eat together, visit the garden together, Alumina Ceramic C795 ,Ceramic Band Heater, relax together, for him, this is also an unprecedented relaxation. However, this relaxation did not last long. In the afternoon, Zhang Qin came to report that “something happened in the barracks.” Fu Chengxi hurried out of the house after hearing about it. Ding Nuoxuan was in a good mood, but Wang Qing was not in such a good mood. Yesterday, she was forcibly locked up in the courtyard by the housekeeper of the mansion, still wondering what had happened. I didn’t know until this morning that it was Ding Nuoxuan who deliberately locked her up. She changed her clothes and wanted to argue with Ding Nuoxuan. Princess, Aunt Wang is here. Wang Qing, in the final analysis, is just the concubine of the general’s office, according to the identity, in fact, not as good as Xiaoye, the people in the house, and did not see her much. Come to me at noon, but what’s the matter? Ding Nuoxuan has a problem, a sleepy afternoon, this point in the house all know, but Wang Qing is not clear, she only felt that Ding Nuoxuan like this is mocking her. Provoke (repair) “My sister came here today to imagine her sister seeking justice.” Wang Qing was wronged to wipe the tears from her eyes, which made Ding Nuoxuan admire her very much. How on earth did she make herself cry when she wanted to? “If there’s anything, you’d better say it!” Ding Nuoxuan is really too lazy to deal with Wang Qing, at this moment, she just wants to go back to her room to sleep. “Well, my sister made it clear that she didn’t know what she had done wrong. She wanted to lock her up in the courtyard and not let her come out.” “It was for this.” Ding Nuoxuan didn’t know about this until today. She didn’t want Wang Qing to come and make trouble yesterday, but the people in the mansion misunderstood her meaning and locked Wang Qing in the yard to prevent her from coming out. My sister must have misunderstood this. “Yesterday afternoon, there was a change of decoration in the house, and people came and went in the house. I was worried about my sister’s safety, so I sent some people to protect my sister. I didn’t think so, but my sister misunderstood what they meant and thought they wouldn’t let you out.” Although the servant misinterpreted her meaning, Ding Nuoxuan did not intend to put the blame on others. So, is it my sister’s fault? Wang Qing has suffered such a great grievance for the first time in his life. It’s really my sister’s misunderstanding. Now that the matter has passed and my sister has come out, why don’t we just forget it? Ding Nuoxuan yawned, “I’m a little sleepy, so I won’t leave you sitting for a long time.” “Miss, is it all right to let it go?” After coming out of Ding Nuoxuan’s yard, Wang Qing was always angry. I must avenge this! She pressed her maid’s ear and said softly, “In the evening, go and invite the general to my room and say that I have something to say to the general.” After sending Wang Qing, Ding Nuoxuan went back to her room to sleep, and when she woke up, she found Fu Chengxi in the room. You’re awake. Fu Chengxi did not look at her, his voice was deep and cold. What’s wrong with my husband? Ding Nuoxuan did not understand, but after only half a day, how did Fu Chengxi seem to have become another person? I never asked you about your leaving the mansion. I just thought you didn’t want me to take a concubine,ceramic bobbin heater core, so you went out to relax. Ding Nuoxuan nodded, “that’s true.” “You’re lying!” Seeing Ding Nuoxuan’s innocent appearance, Fu Chengxi suddenly lost his temper. “You’re not going out to relax at all!”! You went out with your lover! 。


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