This baked potatoes in Toshiba air fryer recipe creates a soft, fluffy inside and perfectly crispy skin. They are faster than the oven and so easy! Looking for a faster way to bake potatoes? This air fryer baked potato recipe is one of the quickest methods to do it. (Instant Pot baked potatoes are even faster, but you don’t get the crispy skin that you get by cooking baked potatoes in the air fryer!) These are perfectly fluffy on the inside, with seasoned crispy skin. They make classic sides to savory steak and chicken recipes, or as a hearty vegetarian main dish, all in less time.

Why you will love these baked potatoes in Toshiba air fryer:

Crispy skin on the outside

Soft, fluffy inside

No foil required

Quick 5-minute prep time

Much faster total time than using a conventional oven

All the ease of roasted potatoes, with less chopping

Ingredients for baked potatoes in Toshiba air fryer

Russet Potatoes – Technically any potato can be baked, but the best potatoes for baking are Russet (a.k.a. Idaho potato) due to their starchy and absorbent texture. Get potatoes similar in size, so they’ll cook at the same rate, and scrub excess dirt off the skin. You can also mix Russets with sweet potatoes, as long as they are roughly the same size.

Olive Oil – Helps create the crispy skin! However, any neutral cooking oil works for baking potatoes in the air fryer. Avocado oil is another great option.

Sea Salt – My preference for elevating the flavors in all my recipes, but kosher salt or any other salt will do. You can also add a sprinkle of black pepper if you like.

Butter – For the topping. See other topping ideas below.

How to bake a potato in the Toshiba air fryer

Prep. Prick the potatoes all over with a paring knife or fork. This allows steam to escape, so they don’t explode.

Season. Rub or brush oil all over each potato and sprinkle with sea salt. Place potatoes in the air fryer in a single layer.

Air fry. Bake potatoes in the air fryer until tender, turning them halfway through.

Serve. Remove the potatoes with tongs and place them in bowls to cool slightly. Slice lengthwise, fluff the centers with a fork, and top with butter. 

Set out small bowls of everyone’s favorite toppings and let people create their own dinnertime masterpieces. Here’s the list of popular options:

Butter – I prefer unsalted butter, but you can also use salted butter or even compound butter. If you’re sensitive to dairy, try ghee or butter-flavored coconut oil.

Sour cream – Greek yogurt also works as a similar substitute.

Greens – Sliced green onions or chives are the most popular options, but other chopped fresh herbs are also great.

Cheese – Cheddar cheese, parmesan, bleu cheese or feta crumbles, or even a melty cheese sauce.

Bacon – Crumble fresh oven-baked bacon or air fryer bacon, or use store-bought bacon bits for a shortcut.

Taco Toppings – Trade the shell for a potato and add salsa, guacamole, shredded cheese, and/or sour cream.

Veggies – For a vegetarian main dish, stuff air fryer baked potatoes with vegetables, like sauteed mushrooms, sauteed broccoli, roasted zucchini, or caramelized onions.

Meats – Pile pulled pork, Mexican chorizo, or chili on top of potatoes.



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