Airborne Radome Volo

What is a radar? (Airborne Radomes)

Radar is an abbreviation for Radio Detection And Ranging. It was first developed and introduced during World War II.Radar is an electronic device that detects the presence of objects by detecting reflected electromagnetic energy (that is protected by an airborne radome of course). Electromagnetic energy travels through air at a constant speed, approximately 300,000 km/s. By measuring the running time of the transmitted pulses, the distance between the reflecting objects and the radar site can be determined.

A radar system can measure the direction, altitude, distance, course, and speed of these objects under certain conditions.The frequency of electromagnetic energy used for radar is unaffected by darkness and enters fog and clouds as well. This enables radar systems to determine the location of aircraft, ships, or other obstacles that are inaccessible to the naked eye due to distance, darkness, or weather. bknz:


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