All-round female partner [wear quickly]

About half a month later, near the evening. Bai Yue drove home from work, but was followed by several black cars. Ever since Li Lian told her that Lu Yuyu had failed in the election, Bai Yue had been secretly alert for several days. So when he found himself being followed by a car, he was not too frightened. At this time, the traffic flow back to Bai Yue’s house was not large, and the cars were tightly attached to the back of her car. In a sparsely populated area, one of the cars sped up and followed. Several other cars also followed close to parallel, as if to force the white moon car to stop. From the rearview mirror to see the speeding car, the white moon steering wheel hit, the tire on the ground issued a’slip ‘sound. He almost rushed out next to another car and knocked off the rearview mirror. At the moment when the two cars were next to each other, the white moon saw a faint shadow inside from the window. What Bai Yue was worried about at the beginning was that Lu Yuyu would use the power of the Chestert family to deal with her. At this time, the people in the car did not know if they were carrying dangerous weapons. They had not been in this world for a long time, and she had not yet practiced her skills. If you play against a trained strong man, you will inevitably suffer losses. But Li Lian’s person is arranged by the white moon key in the original owner parents side, is on the way to come, she only needs to delay this period of time to be good. The man in the black car seemed to be frightened by the sudden rush of the white moon, and the car stopped for a moment. Taking advantage of this time, the white moon took the lead in rushing out. Bai Yue’s driving skills are not very good, but at least she can hold down the people behind her steadily, which is basically a kind of energy that is not afraid of death. For a while, the people in the back had no way to take her. Until the rush,large ficus tree, in front of a few cars blocked the way of the white moon. Those cars are not Li Lian’s people at all. Realizing this, Bai Yue said that the car could not rush between the cars in the middle of the road. The sudden braking caused the tires to slide across the road with a screeching sound and came to a halt. ‘Thorn! ‘ At the same time, the car chasing her directly surrounded her, and the intense light of the car made the white moon’s eyes narrow slightly. It was not long before a few people came out of the cars in front of them and came to the car of the white moon. Without saying a word, he knocked on the window on the other side of the white moon. Fortunately, the glass on the window was still strong, and the dense cobweb-like lines spread, but there was no splash. When the strong man raised his stick again, Bai Yue had already taken off his seat belt. He was caught off guard and pushed the car door with a lot of strength. There was a clang, and the strong man outside was knocked back several steps. At this time, Bai Yue got out of the car. The big fellow’s face changed. He immediately stretched out his hand to grab Bai Yue’s arm. Bai Yue waved his hand again: “Did Lu Qiyu let you come?” As she spoke, faux ficus tree ,faux grass wall, regardless of the changing face of the big fellow, she went straight to the cars that stopped her in front of her, the one in the middle. A few men in black on this side of the car seemed to want to reach out to stop her, and did not know what the people inside the car had said. They all stopped, and stepped back a few steps, let the white moon walk to the car. The back door of the car had already opened, and the white moon looked sideways and saw Lu Yanyu sitting firmly in the back seat. His face was still light, and when he looked over with his legs crossed, there was some imperceptible tiredness in his eyes. The white moon sat in directly, conveniently pulled up the car door: “Such a big formation to find, is to revenge?” Lu Yanyu rubbed his forehead, with a smile on his lips, and his eyes were still deep and affectionate: “I’m looking for you to talk about the old days.” “I underestimated you so much that I didn’t expect you to cause me so much trouble.” Lu Yanyu had already seen the woman in front of him and controlled her in the palm of his hand. The result is still unexpected, first by this woman found out about him and Qingshui, and then by her joint Li Lian to pull him down. The white moon smiled indistinctly and said nothing. Lu Yuyu took the initiative to open his mouth: “Since you can take out the video, it proves that you wish you didn’t have the daughter of Qingshui now, and you are not afraid that she will be destroyed by these things.” He paused and looked steadily at the beautiful woman in front of him. “Your father killed my mother many years ago, and now you have to pay for my life.”. ” “You want green water?” The white moon reacted very quickly and sneered twice, scolding without mercy: “You are really shameless.” Bai Yue and the original owner did not know what had happened between them, except for the first meeting earlier in the Qingshuikou. In my memory, the two met not long ago. There were all kinds of women around Lu Yuyu before. Was it really difficult to be attracted by the’innocent ‘green water? “I’m not consulting with you.” “You resent her for taking me away,” said Lu. “She must have to suffer by your side. It’s better to let her go abroad with me. Out of sight, out of mind. “Lu Yi Yu.” Bai Yue ignored his words and called out his name directly. What’s the matter Lu Yanyu subconsciously interfaced. Then see the white moon mouth outline a smile: “I have always felt that there is a sentence is right, to deal with extraordinary people must use extraordinary means.” Lu Yanyu’s expression was somewhat puzzled, but when he saw the expression on the faces of the people around him, his back was eerily cold. He opened his mouth to say something, then saw the other side shot like lightning, directly stuck in his neck. Something was swallowed by him. After all, Lu was a big man, and when he was restrained, he began to struggle subconsciously. But to his surprise again, as soon as he struggled, he got a heavy blow. The position hit by the fist seemed to be messy and irregular, but after two or three times, a mouthful of blood almost gushed out of Lu’s throat. His eyes were red and bloodshot, and he stared at the white moon in disbelief. In his perception,fake ficus tree, the woman is beautiful and enchanting. Out of the ability to work a little stronger, but also just an ordinary woman. How could there be such a means? “Well..!” With the heavy blow of the fist, the corners of Lu’s mouth could not help but overflow a trace of scarlet.


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