Best Makeup Tips for People with Glasses

You may have heard people who wear rimless titanium glasses struggle with makeup. They may find it difficult to have false lashes or may even have foundation marks on their nose. But this is not something you should deal with. Instead, you should learn the best tips and tricks that would help your makeup look flawless even if you wear glasses. We have listed down a few tips to help you with the same.

Go for mascara 

The best tip for people with wide frame glasses is to wear mascara. You should try to curl your lashes away from the lenses. This would help the eyes look bigger. Ensure to use a long-wear smudge-proof mascara that can provide a volumizing effect. This way, your lashes will have a lot of volume. Your lashes would surely make your eyes pop, even when you have glasses on.

Avoid heavy liners and smoky eyes

When you have glasses, your eyes may look smaller than they are. So, you should avoid going for heavy liners or smoky eyes because they can make your eyes look even smaller. Wearing makeup that is light would help your eyes look bigger and more beautiful. You can go for brown or champagne-colored eyeshadow along with mascara. You can also add nude liner on the waterline to make your eyes look even bigger. If you have colored frames, you should stick to browns and nudes when it comes to eyeshadows along with a little bit of eyeliner for adding definition. If you add colored eyeshadow, everything may turn into a mess. 

Go for matte lip color

When you wear glasses, a lot of focus is on the upper portion of your face. So, you may want to draw attention to your lips. For this, you can go for matte lip color. You can choose berry tones because they look great on all skin tones. If you have minimal eye makeup, a red lip would surely help elevate your look. Just a change of lip color would help you transition your look from day to night effortlessly. 

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