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You can avoid time-consuming keyword studies and data analysis by using SEO tools. With the help of these tools, you can identify the elements of your approach that are effective and those that could use some improvement. The best SEO tools also offer information on how you compare to rivals and the areas with the most prospects. To help you rank high, you need to get the best SEO Company in Chandigarh.


Additionally, they allow you to gauge search effectiveness across several locales or dialects. Marketing Gears, a digital marketing company in Chandigarh, knows the better tool. Here are the top 5 SEO tools you need to know about:


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Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a free service available to anyone with a website that allows you to track and analyze your website’s performance in Google SERPs. Add a confirmation email to your webpage, utilize Google Analytics to confirm your site, and then upload your map for processing.



You may uncover long-tail phrases with less competition by using SEO keyword research tools like KWFinder. The finest keywords are found with this SEO tool, and professionals analyze connections and SERP. Your rating is readily ascertainable with their Rank Tracker tool, which tracks your advancement depending on one important metric.



Despite the fantastic premium edition of SpyFu, many of our specialists praised its added versions. One can quickly switch further into the billing system if you’re only beginning out because you begin to flourish. It’s simple to see how frequently a keyword is researched every month and to work out how difficult it is to position that keyword.



Woorank, a leading SEO research tool, provides free and paid ways to monitor and analyze your advertising statistics. To coincide with the rivals’ efforts, you can enter your competitors’ names to find out which keywords they use. To best promote for visitors and search engines, try to comprehend how phrases evolve.


Google Trends

Although Google Trends has been available for a while, it is rarely used. In addition to providing details about a term, it also provides excellent knowledge of current patterns that could be helpful at any point in a company’s development.



The above listed are the best SEO tools for keyword searches. Using an SEO tool ensures that your website ranks high, and this is where you trust Marketing Gears, a digital marketing agency in Chandigarh. Contact us today for the best SEO services.

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