Bihar Student Credit Card

Bihar Student Credit Card

The Bihar administration is making headlines for its clever plan to increase enrollment in graduate-level courses or courses of a similar level throughout the state. The Nitish Kumar-led administration has developed an innovative Student Credit Card programme that will assist students in receiving the crucial education in need to achieve this.

With the primary objective of assisting students in paying their college tuition, the Bihar Student Credit Card Yojana is a loan programme that was started in 2016. A loan of up to Rs. 4 lakh with low interest rates is available to students who have completed the 12th grade. To pay for programmes like B.Tech, M.B.B.S., B.Sc., and B.A., students might choose to take out a loan.

The requirements for the MNSSBY Bihar Student Credit Card

The following is a list of the requirements for eligibility for the Bihar Student Credit Card:

  • You must reside in Bihar.
  • You must be older than 25, at least.
  • You must have completed the 12th grade.
  • You must enrol in a course at a recognised institution.
  • The entire programme must be finished.

MNSSBY Bihar Student Credit Card Yojana Characteristics & Benefits

The following are the key advantages and characteristics of the MNSSBY Bihar Student Credit Card Yojana:

  • The largest loan that can be obtained is Rs. 4 lakh.
  • The loan is available for technical, polytechnic, and general education courses.
  • Financial aid is available if you need it to pay for fees, books, or laptops.
  • Only once the course is finished and you have a job lined up will you be required to begin making payments on the loan.
  • The interest rate might be as low as 1% for divyang, transgender, and female students.
  • Given that the debt is government-owned, the recovery processes are not particularly severe.

Documents Needed for a Student Credit Card in Bihar

The following is a list of the documents that must be provided to apply for the Bihar Student Credit Card:

  • filled out properly standard application form
  • the applicant’s and the co-PAN applicant’s cards
  • copies of the scholarship letters
  • approved course design
  • fee structure
  • Income tax return from the prior year/Form 16
  • the most recent six-month bank statement
  • Tax invoice
  • Aadhar cards for the applicant and co-applicant, as well as transcripts from grades 10 and 12
  • admission evidence
  • Photos of the student, parents, and guarantor, together with two years’ worth of tax records, are also required.

How to Apply Online for a Bihar Student Credit Card

The following describes the step-by-step process for applying online for the MNSSBY Student Credit Card:

  • Go to the MNSSBY website ( to learn more.
  • You can select “New Applicant Registration” from the menu on the home page.
  • You must next input your email address, Aadhaar number, mobile number, first name, middle name, and last name.
  • Choose “Send OTP” from the menu.
  • Enter the OTP that was sent to your email address and/or mobile phone. Choose “Submit”
  • Once the aforementioned step has been finished, the registration procedure is finished. The login information will be sent to you through email and SMS.
  • Visit MNSSBY’s official website.
  • Enter the captcha information, username, and password. Choose “Login” by clicking.
  • You will have to modify your password and reenter your login information.
  • You must input your personal information on the following page.
  • Choose “Submit” from the menu.
  • Choose “Bihar Student Credit Card” from the “Select Scheme” drop-down box.
  • The next step is to enter the personal information of both the applicant and the co-applicant.
  • Click “Submit” once the financial and general information has been entered.
  • Make a note of the email acknowledgment you will get.

The Bihar Student Credit Card is very different from any other conventional credit cards that are provided by banks and Non-Banking Financial Institutions (NBFCs). The credit card’s primary function is to support school; as a result, it cannot be used for other things like a regular credit card.

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