Bring down Satan, Your Highness — The morning light is dim

The little one thought for a moment and said, “Ah Jiu, I’ll go.” “That wench will definitely go, more than anyone else like the glass that boy and Suixin that wench!”! Every time I come here and hear your grandmother talk about what happened here before, the girl’s eyes shine and she will go. “Then I’ll go with my grandparents, too,” said the little one with a smile. “Yes, the girl said a week later, so let’s prepare in advance.” Old Lady Li said, “Well, Liuli and Suixin don’t know if they can get used to the food there. No, I have to make some pickles in advance and prepare something else for them.” “Oh, old woman, you’re a fool. You don’t know how good your grandson’s craftsmanship is. You can’t cook it yourself if you’re not used to it!”! Worry about what to do. “What do you old man know? Liuli likes to eat his grandmother’s cooking. Do you have any opinion?” Old man Li looked helpless and said, “Well..” What can I say? I’m afraid you’re too tired because you’re not in good health. You can have a good rest. Your heart is in a stent. You’re exhausted. Let’s see if you can safely go to Mochizuki to see your grandson. “Specify can!”! This mood is relaxed and energetic! Cut the crap. I’m going to get to work. The little one immediately got up and said, “Grandma, I’ll help you.” “Good Chen Xiang, don’t learn from your grandfather to say that he’s afraid I’m tired and there’s no time to help. Let’s go and ignore him.” Old man Li is simply wronged. I had it before, but it was not the material to do those chores, and every time I was driven away. It’s not no help, it’s no help, okay! And Gu Jia, Gu Laozi and Gu Laoshi are also happy for Yin Liuli Ruan Suixin from the bottom of their hearts. Ruan Yi and Gu Zheng, who have just returned home, are also relieved. Ruan Yi’s long tense nerves have finally been completely relaxed. Zheng, you’re right. Xinxin, they really did it. “That’s you and my daughter,” said Gu Zheng with a smile. To believe in them is to believe in ourselves. “I can’t be as free and easy as you.” Gu Zheng patted her on the shoulder to appease her. Then he bent down and looked at her with a smile and said, “Ah Ruan, your brother-in-law is going to be the king, and your sister is going to be the queen. Are you happy?” After listening to fairy tales such as kings and queens, Xiao Suixing praised them with a calm face: “Sister and brother-in-law, they are so awesome.” “Well, they are very powerful, and when Ruan grows up, they will be very powerful.” “I will try my best not to drag my sister and brother-in-law down.” Chapter 2653 going to a birthday party. Gu Zheng patted his head lovingly and said, “Be good, then go to practice big characters. Your elder sister’s characters were almost moved to cry when your grandfather saw them for the first time.” “Why?” “Because your elder sister writes the font handed down from our ancestors, which is better than many of our ancestors.” “I’ll learn from my sister. I’m going to practice.” “Go. Your elder sister will be back in a few days. When the time comes, we will go with her to your elder sister and your brother-in-law’s country to play. Duoduo and the bandits will also be together.” Small casual smell speech, temperature scanning kiosks , calm little face to show a smile: “good.” The little nephew and niece are so cute and he loves to play with them. When the time comes, mom and dad, sister, brother-in-law are also together, sister is such an interesting person, every time can always amuse a large group of people are very happy. I always feel lucky to have such a sister. As for the Qu family, the Min family, and the little old men of the Liu family who befriended Ruan Suixin, they were all envious and jealous of the old Yin family. Why is there such a good seedling! That’s the king in charge of a whole country, the richest country! There are so many boys in the capital, and only the boy with colored glaze has the ability to create miracles, which is also strange. An ordinary boy they watched grow up, experienced so many hardships from childhood, but finally had this good fortune. If I hadn’t paid attention to it from beginning to end, I probably couldn’t believe it was true. But fortunately, these families have always had a good relationship with the old Yin family, and they are family friends. Liuli is promising, and it is a good thing that these families in the capital will be able to follow them more or less. This is not, Suixin that to come back to pick up the children in the past, but also a special trip to the capital, by the way to pick up them a group of old guys also went out to see, in the heart of them, it is very intentional. The reason why Ruan Suixin will not come back until a few days later is that the birthday party of Queen Y is three days later. He plans to stay in Y for two days after attending the party, and take Aman to play. By the way, he will deepen his feelings with Queen Y, and also shape the friendship between Mochizuki and Y. Although Mochizuki is the richest country in the world, it is not the most technologically advanced country. It needs to make more friends with some countries and have more scientific and technological contacts in order to become more and more powerful. It can be said that Ruan Suixin’s mind is very thorough, many aspects have been thought of, but also seize the opportunity to implement. After that, I went back to China to accompany my grandfather for two days, and then I took the two children to the capital to pick them up. When the time comes, it is estimated that we can pick up a whole plane of people to go, after all, so many relatives and friends. Speaking of, quite looking forward to, after all, although a war adds up to less than half a year, but it feels that a long time has passed, we have not been together for a long time. At this moment, Ruan Suixin is pestering Yin Liuli to help think about what birthday gift to give Queen Y. Although Yin Liuli was very busy, as soon as Ruan Suixin appeared, he put down all his busyness and concentrated on accompanying her. Very seriously to help her think, these compared to the national affairs he is busy with now, can be called trivial things. Since she likes the crown, give her the crown, to her liking. “But Aman has already sent the crown, and I still send it?” “You can send something different and unique.” “Like what?” “Like..” Our traditional Chinese phoenix crown. 。