Changshengjie _ chendong _ txt novel paradise

A corner of a mountain. It was a huge valley, and in the doorway of this dark world, it looked very strange. Even if there is a day of eyes, it is impossible to see clearly. Can only dimly see a dark area. There is no doubt that the valley of buried soldiers is below. Wu Zhiyin in the front, Xiao Chen and Bai Qi in the back, slowly landed down, want to go deep into the valley. Chi Chi Chi Just then, the sound of breaking through the air came, and a series of amazing swords ran through the sky and the earth. None The murderous look makes Bai, who is half an ancestor, Everything has changed color. Xiao Chen and Bai Qiru were struck by lightning, and although they had avoided the soaring swords, they were still The invisible murderous look and the vibrating Qi and blood Turnover. Have the urge to vomit blood. It is an invisible force that directly shakes the human soul. The Valley of Burial Soldiers was indeed not a mortal land, and the murderous look of the light was so compelling. Let half Zu feel uncomfortable! “It’s a good thing I wasn’t hit by those swords, otherwise I’d have suffered a lot.” The mark of Wu seemed to feel the danger, and it was not until all the swords were dimmed that he was ahead. Square belt The road landed on the cliff of the valley, and then went down easily. This is an area similar to a giant volcano. The so-called Burial Valley is the area inside the crater. Is it deep? See the bottom. Don’t want to fly, even if the rumor is unparalleled, but want to fly to the bottom of the valley, also want to be murderous hole Wear “” After saying this,304 Stainless Steel Sheet, Wu Zhiyin walked down the huge crater first. Inside the crater, there is a winding mountain path leading to the bottom of the valley. They walked down step by step along the passage cut in the steep valley wall, with great concentration. 1.defense Be prepared for hidden danger. “Bang” Just then, a dark shadow came out and clapped his hand on the body of Wu Zhi’s mark, shaking all around. It’s steep The walls rumbled. Buried Soldier Valley is full of terrible power, and the surrounding demo is hard to break and almost unshakable. Second, this dark shadow can become such a momentum early,Stainless Steel Square Pipe, which is enough to show that it is extremely terrible. Wu’s seal shines brightly, shaking out an incomparably fierce sword gas, which immediately impacts the shadow. Fly Out, the back of the forehead collapsed on the cliff with a bang. It turned out to be a mass of Yin Qi, which had been condensed into a tangible body for a long time. Then be careful, it is extremely dangerous here, “Wu Zhi Mark reminds.”. Just that he, if it is XC and white, I am afraid it will be very busy, and may even be hurt. And this is just into the edge of the valley, from the lowest part is still far away, the front will certainly be more. “Tap”, “tap”, “tap”.. Only their own footsteps echoed in the darkness, Stainless Steel Decorative Pipe ,stainless steel welded pipe, but the great valley was dead silent. What Moya I can’t sense it. Along the winding mountain road, I walked more than a dozen times inside the giant volcano and went down more than a dozen miles. Still Far from the bottom of the valley. “Boom” Just then, a huge object suddenly jumped out of the road ahead, shaking its head and wagging its tail, toward Wu Zhiyin. Remember to rush. At the same time, two shadows appeared behind Xiao Chen Yu Baiqi and attacked them. Xiao Chen hurriedly shook the sword to resist the enemy, cold light everywhere, twenty-seven swords shot vertically and horizontally, blocking one. A dark shadow. And Bai Qi even sent out one. With a deep roar, a war spirit emerged around him, trapping the shadows that attacked him. Completely from the place of Yin Qi Ling gathered into the shadow, although not half ancestor, but the power of the fight is not. How much more than half an ancestor. Every clap of the palm, the surrounding rocks shake, you know, it is difficult to shake this mysterious half ancestor. In the valley, you can imagine the strength of the shadow. Roar.. The beast ahead is roaring. Wu Zhiyin shot out a blue light, and immediately the huge beast blocking the way in front of him flew away. It was a long three. A head The huge beast of the skull seemed to know that it could not do anything about the mark of Wu, and silently killed Xiao Chen. Clangorous ” Huge claws the size of a millstone. Catch on Xiao Chen’s body, leave a string on the iron armor of the underworld. Terrible A spark. It definitely has the strength of half ancestor level! Xiao Chen had now scattered the shadow that had first attacked him, turned around, and chopped the giant with his sword. Beasts. Bai Qi also solved his opponent and helped him. “Don’t worry about it.” Then a voice came from Wu Zhi’s mark, saying, “These are all fallen magic soldiers.” Soul, Re-condensed, very unstable, a few collisions, and it won’t take long for it to decompose itself. Xiao Cheng and Bai Qi stepped back cautiously, and sure enough, the three-headed beast collapsed in front of the stone wall with a bang. The real danger lies ahead. Be careful yourself. Along the rugged stone path that encircles the inner wall of the valley. Down seven or eight hundred miles again, still away from the bottom of the valley. Far. At that moment, the light of a sword was overwhelming. Suddenly broke out and opened, toward the three men to split the sword, you! As one Dao is as dazzling as a rainbow. It is full of mysterious power, half of which can not be shown, and it is no longer the power to destroy the world. Can Enough to show such a sword is enough to show that it is terrible, and it must have the strength of one and a half groups. Even, if the semi-ancestral master does not pay attention. Could be pierced through the flesh. Xiao Chen and Bai Qi deeply felt the danger of the sword, absolutely terrible and horrible. Wu Zhiyin rushed over, and Qingguang Dawei blocked the sharp sword. Chi Chi Chi Sword Mang is divided into two, and four, four into eight. Turned into a thousand in an instant! The road is gorgeous, terrible and almost evil. Xiao Chen and the white pupil sudden search, this kind of power can absolutely cut half clan! They tried their best to resist hundreds of swords. The mark of Wu turned into a blue light. Cover the sky and the earth. All of a sudden, it was covered. In this way,Stainless Steel Industrial Sheet, hundreds of thousands of swords were completely scattered with a bang. The dark shadow holding the sword disappeared and disappeared completely in the darkness. With a clang, the sound of a heavy object falling to the ground sounded, and the sword held by the shadow fell to the ground. Xiao Chen and Bai Qi immediately walked over to see what an artifact it was.


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