Childe Wei at the end of the Han Dynasty

So, some people will stay after all, but fifty chief criminals, it is impossible to stay. This New Year, most people are not happy. Go up to Gongqing. Down to the people. Even Wei Fu, in addition to celebrate Wei Ning after the rest of his life. It is also to go to the cusp of worry and fear, such a pillar of Wei Ning, in the shoulder of Hedong today’s huge forces, fundamentally speaking, in fact, is also the dependence of the Wei clan. Even Wei, the child, can clearly know the importance of his uncle to the family, and the rest of the people do not understand this truth. No one can imagine that the day before the New Year, if Wei Ning fell on the cold road forever, the consequences would be terrible! The whole Wei Fu, but also has been shrouded in an uneasy atmosphere, very heavy. Wei Ning felt that this New Year was not pleasant, not just out of this file, since the beginning of the year, Wei Fu has been an endless stream of visitors to break the threshold. Naturally, most of these people are people who have some relationship with the people involved, perhaps pleading for mercy, perhaps adding insult to injury, perhaps pleading for mercy, or thinking that they have seen a great opportunity to try their luck. Wei Ning’s calm, has not expressed his attitude,stainless tile trim, is undoubtedly to let these people live in fear, like prisoners waiting for sentencing, I do not know if the final result is to let them get up and can not see the sun tomorrow. Suffering, always need to wait until the limit, throw out the olive branch, will make people grateful, Wei Ning so leisurely, in fact, is also for such an effect. Most people,stainless steel edging strip, Wei Ning refused to see, but there is still a person, let Wei Ning had to see one side. Everyone said that now the Han room exists in name only, in fact, Wei Ning also want to keep a little fantasy, but when he received the call of the emperor, deep into the palace. Whether they were palace eunuchs or guards, the way they looked at him was far more fearful than the emperor. Liu Xie please Wei Ning into the palace, in fact, is also for his concubine Wei Ning don’t know how Cao Cao was ruthless, how bold, but have to say, when a woman as the emperor, the world’s most noble woman crying kneel down in front of you, kneel down in front of a courtier of you, ask you to forgive her father, Wei Ning still feel The Han Dynasty has always come to an end. His status is a courtier, in every Dynasty, as the emperor’s woman’s concubine status should be above him, metal trim manufacturers ,aluminum tile trim, but now, even the emperor needs to act according to his face, even his woman. They can only kneel before him and ask for forgiveness. But once the power has reached such a point, what can be left, if not arbitrary, tyrannical and dissolute, perhaps only empty and confused. Dong Cheng was killed is doomed to things, Wei Ning is not willing to deceive such a helpless. The woman who laid down her dignity, but perhaps the only kindness in her heart that had not been swallowed up by the supreme power and conspiracy, he did not learn to kill Cao Cao and hang Concubine Dong to death. Of course, he did not mind that the woman was full of resentment against him, and even deliberately wanted revenge, nor did he mind that she had been numb and lost the hope of life until she was old, and it was not easy to maintain the last bit of heart. Wei Ning did not know how long he could hold on, and he would be completely lost in the world. While Wei Ning was waiting, one came that he expected. But it is also an unexpected figure. Kuai Liang, an emissary from Jingzhou, also arrived in Anyi at the beginning of the year. KuaiLiang purpose, Weining nature is clear, since Zhang jiju Nanyang city completely joined the Hedong group, Weining will guess that Jingzhou will definitely send people to Hedong. May be a snake on the stick, or express what dissatisfaction, after he sent twenty thousand, forty thousand military forces of Nanyang city is absolutely impossible to be Liu table can eat, especially when Liu table is still in the war with yuan. Of course, he didn’t expect it. Liu table to sun chien now has the heart of the guard, or can say that because of sun chien’s several degrees on hold, sit on the mountain, has let Liu table to his ally completely disappointed, to give up. KuaiLiang’s arrival, is the second vassal after Chen Deng declared Hedong court orthodoxy, especially memorable is that the separatist forces still exist, even if he is also in the internal and external troubles. But the identity of Liu table royal clan is the most important. Wei Ning is swept away years ago the heart of the assassination is not happy, will Liu table to announce the arrival of the four directions, as if to spread all over the country in an instant. Wei Ning, in fact, is also ready, the arrival of KuaiLiang absolutely can’t be just to Wei Ning defeat Lombardi celebration, also won’t be simply to express their recognition of the Hedong court. Retain the city of Nanyang this can’t discard the bottom line, the rest is very good to discuss. Have to say, KuaiLiang as Jingzhou counsellors group pillar, nature also to Hedong mind guess. Almost at the beginning of the visit to Wei Ning. Then the breach did not mention the city of Nanyang half a sentence, but the beginning of the conversation faintly there is respect for Hedong. Wei Ning naturally associated with another time and space. The performance of the Kuai brothers after the death of Liu Biao. Of course, this is only Wei Ning YY, kuai good real intention, is to let Wei Ning sent troops from the south against Yu state, from the north to contain yuan, as the price of the city of Nanyang, and Liu table to Hedong court recognition. Although, in the east of the river to defeat Lombardi, the limelight for a moment, any one of the local separatist court dare not speak of the small court of contempt, but after all, Liu table attitude in the formal sense is also important. Send troops to attack Yuzhou! This is the biggest destination for Kuai Liang to go north. This is not difficult, after the sun chien and Liu table nearly two years to fight, the original and Lombardi forces are also about the same yuan now has been exhausted, Hedong military forces out of tiger fastened shut, also enough to give yuan a devastating blow. But if Hedong moves,china tile trim, I’m afraid it will also give the rest of the people a sense of tension, showing too much aggression is not a good thing after all. Wei Ning hesitated and did not know whether to move or not. But at this time, another news from the south came back.


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