Comparing LG VS Q CELLS: Which Solar Panels are Right for Your Home?


In this article, we are comparing two famous solar energy brand products: LG VS Q CELLS Solar Panels.

While you decide to go solar, it is important to compare various available options in the market. By this, you can find the fittest solar panels according to the home’s needs. As a homeowner, you should invest in those panels that can work efficiently and help you save for a long time.

For helping a homeowner in their hunt, we will compare two solar panel brands LG VS Q Cell. The comparison will be based on some important factors that must be pondered while choosing a solar panel brand. The elements include:

  • Cost Differentiation
  • Efficiency Rating
  • Warranty of Products
  • Panels Performance Warranty & Degradation Rate

LG VS Q CELLS: Cost Differentiation

In the meantime, when a homeowner considers different brands, the solar cost is always a notable element. The cost factor plays an important role in a purchase decision.

There are many solar panel brands available in the market. There are top-line solar panels that ensure the best performance. But they also cost high as compared to other brands as well. Also, there are middle line options that are a combination of good performance and affordable prices. 

If we compare LG solar panels with Q CELLS, LG is more expensive than Q Cell. This is because LG is positioned in the market as a Premium Brand. It manufactures solar panel systems of the highest efficiency and highest quality. But, these high-performance panels also cost high. Every customer may not afford LG solar panels due to the higher cost.

In comparison, Q CELLS panels are more affordable for a homeowner. These panels are also efficient and perform well for homes. Although they are not as high in performance as LG panels, a homeowner can still save well with them.

So, if the cost is considerable for you, Q CELLS panels will be the best choice t go solar with. However, if extra performance and efficiency are your demand, LG solar system will be a worthy investment.

LG VS Q CELLS: Efficiency Rating

The solar panel efficiency means the percentage amount of power solar panels generate from sunlight. Higher efficiency reflects the more power-generating ability of panels during a specific time.

According to the solar market, the range of solar panels efficiency is 15%-20%. LG is considered to be the most efficient panels provider in the solar market. The LG’s most high-performance solar panel has an efficiency of 21.7%. The least efficient LG solar is 19.6% of efficiency.

On the other hand, the efficiency range of Q CELLS is 18.6%-20.6%. Although they are not at the same level of efficiency as LG, still they are much efficient at an affordable price.

With Q CELLS panels and their efficiencies, there is one key point to make. You can go with Q. PEAK DUO panels if you require an efficiency level of around 20%. These are Half-Cut solar panels. Panels with half-cut cells have 120 or 144 cells instead of 60 or 72 cells in standard solar panels. Such types of solar are considered more efficient and durable. But also, they are somehow more expensive than standard panels.

If you compare qcell vs lg solar panels, LG panels are more efficient but also, they are quite expensive than Q CELLS. 

LG VS Q CELLS: Panel Warranty

Product warranty is an important element. It ensures your investment protection in case of any product or material defect. The leading brands always offer extensive and long-lasting warranties to increase their customer satisfaction. Also, they trust their brand and products. 

While comparing the warranties of LG and Q CELLS, it is analyzed that LG solar panels warranty is much better than Q CELLS. Q CELLS grants a12 years limited warranty for some solar models. And for some other modules, it is 25 years.

 Whereas, LG offers a 25 years product warranty throughout their product line. The customer can replace or repair the defective panels during the product warranty times for both brands.

Moreover, LG solar warranty not only includes the material cost but also bears the labor cost. Generally, very few companies offer such warranties to their customers.

When comparing different manufactures’ warranties, the important thing is to analyze the brand strength. A warranty is only useful until the company owns it. For instance, there is no use of a 25 years warranty, if the company stops the business shortly.

In the case of LG and Q CELLS, both companies are trustworthy. Customers can expect that they will stand by their warranties. Q CELLS is in the solar energy market since 1999. It is providing good quality solar panels at a reasonable price around the globe.

LG, on the other hand, is an industry leader. The company is manufacturing high-efficiency and high-performance solar panels since 2004. LG is not only a solar industry leader but also behind the success of LG Electronics as well. LG Electronics is considered a technology giant globally. 

LG VS Q CELLS: Panels Performance Warranty & Degradation Rate

In addition, solar companies also offer panel performance warranties for their solar energy panels. This performance warranty sets the standard for the panel degradation rate. 

The panel degradation rate refers to the decrease in the solar panel’s production rate over time. It means that the amount of solar energy production by the panels decreases every year.

The solar performance warranty ensures that the solar panels will not degrade so quickly. It satisfies the customer that the panels will produce power for long period. 

With a performance warranty, the companies assure you that the panels will not degrade more than a specific degradation rate. If it varies, the companies are responsible for replacing the solar panels.

The Q CELLS solar can generate 98% of its initial power after the first year. After that, the degradation rate is 0.54%. Then, after 10 years, the efficiency ratio will be 93% and after 25 years the panels will remain 85% efficient.

Conversely, the solar degradation rate of LG panels is less than Q CELLS. These solar panels will generate 98% after the first installation year. Then they will be on 0.33% degradation and after 25 years, they still can generate 90.08% power from solar energy panels.

So, according to the performance warranty, we can observe that it is much better in LG as compared to Q CELLS. but, when it comes to affordability, Q CELLS performance is also good.


LG VS Q CELLS: Which is Right for Your Home?

Both solar brands LG & Q CELL offers high-quality and efficient panels for your solar energy system. If Q CELLS is an affordable option then LG panels are more efficient with a low degradation ratio. 

Choosing between the two brands depends upon a homeowner’s priority. If you prefer money and want to go solar at a reasonable price, Q CELLS is the best option. And if you want high-performance premium quality products, you should choose LG panels for your home.

That said, if you limit your choices to just two brands, you can’t go wrong in either case. Both brands’ solar panels will help in generating tons of free power for a long time for your home.

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