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Teng Weng heard that the beggar’s words were not vulgar, and perhaps it was after a family that had not been met with difficulties, perhaps there were some means, but when it came to being able to use dozens of copper coins to open a business port, it was rather irresponsible. He felt that he didn’t have to be in a hurry to die for a while, so he might as well see how the man did it first, so he gave up the idea of hanging himself for a while. Teng Weng asked the beggar, “We are partners. What should we do next?”? What kind of business do you do? The beggar was so happy that he dragged Rattan Weng into the city, used up the dozens of pennies, bought a rooster with colorful feathers and a piece of pork in the street market, and found a cheap inn to live in. Teng Weng knew that by this time the two of them had no money left. The inn clerk was only willing to let us stay at the inn because he saw that his clothes were neat. He couldn’t afford to pay back the money tomorrow, but what should he do? If I had known earlier, I would not have fooled around with this guy. I really lost the face of the rattan family. While Teng Weng was regretting, the young beggar had put the chicken and meat on the table. He pulled Rattan Weng over and knelt on the ground together, saying that today’s partnership should offer sacrifices to the gods and make a vow of alliance. From now on, they will become brothers of Jinlan, sharing good fortune and misfortune, and not deceiving each other. Teng Weng thought that the beggar wanted nothing more than a full meal, so the old man patiently kowtowed, changed the post, and formed a friendship of eight worships. Only then did I know that the young beggar’s surname was Li. Teng Weng asked Li Jue, “My good brother,Stone Honeycomb Panel, it’s past noon now. It’s time for us to offer sacrifices to the Five Viscera Temple. How can we eat this chicken?” From then on, Li Gou also called Rattan Weng his elder brother: “Even if you are hungry, you have to endure it, because this chicken and this meat are the foundation of your life and mine. How can you eat them casually to satisfy your hunger?” Teng Weng was so surprised that he saw Li Jue getting busy. He went to the inn and borrowed a cooking stove and a food box. He smoked the chicken and pork and mixed them with five spices and five flavors. He put them in the food box and put a straw label on them. He took them to the center of the city and sold them for three hundred yuan. When he came back that evening, Li Gou said to Teng Weng, “The way to do business is to make profits with the capital. Tomorrow is the temple fair of Dalbergia odorifera in Yunqi Temple. It will be held for ten days in a row. It must be crowded with tourists. It is a good time for you and my brothers to make profits with the capital. We should do so, so and so..” Teng Weng thought so deeply, and the two of them immediately bought back the paper bamboo tube and tied up the remaining colored chicken feathers into a windmill overnight. The windmill was hollow in the middle, and when they blew a little with their mouths,Agate Stone Price, they would make a babbling sound. The next day, he bought a cart and pushed it to the front of the temple. Each cart was sold for three or four pennies, attracting numerous children to rush to buy it. A cup of tea was sold out and made a profit of hundreds of yuan. The two brothers worked from dawn to dusk and acted in accordance with the law for several days in a row. They soon earned dozens of copper coins, but many people on the street were jealous and began to follow suit. Business was not good. Seeing this, Li Jue said to Teng Weng, “Elder brother, our business has come to an end. We have to think of something else to make a living.” Teng Weng wanted to break his head, but he couldn’t figure out how to manage it with these dozens of yuan. He simply threw away the shopkeeper and said, “It’s all up to my good brother.” “The spring rain came early this year,” said Li Wan. “My brother and elder brother should go to the mountains.” So they took the capital to buy soybeans, glutinous rice and sugarcane frost, and then they went into the mountains. In the south of the Yangtze River, the mountains were also crowded with people, so they rented a room in a village, set up a big pot, grey marble slab ,White Marble Slabs, and fried soybeans and glutinous rice with sugarcane frost. Sugarcane frost is sweet, and when it is fried out, it is sugar beans and sugar rice. When they see children coming from the countryside, they take out the sugar rice and induce the children to go to the mountains to pick up bamboo shoots in exchange. Within half a month, the fresh bamboo shoots collected were piled up and bundled into trucks and transported to the city of Suzhou. The cost is little, but the profit is very big, a few trips down to make a lot of money, but it was not long before others began to learn to do so. Li Jue also said that this plan could not last long, and he took the capital with Rattan Weng to make a living. Like a snowball, the business of the two brothers grew bigger and bigger, and became more and more prosperous. A few years later, they were already sitting on a huge sum of money and opening a port, which was respected by all the merchants from all over the world. When Teng Weng saw that the present situation was ten times better than his ancestral property, he couldn’t help feeling a lot of emotion. Holding Li Gou’s hand, he said, “Foolish brother didn’t know how to do business in those days. He almost hanged himself in a wild grave and was torn apart by wolves and dogs. It all depends on the strength of my good brother. Now we have earned enough money. We should divide it into five parts. I’ll take one of them and return to my native land to marry and have children. I’ll enjoy The other four points belong to my good brother. Is that good? Li Wan said, “If my elder brother hadn’t given up and been willing to invest, where would my younger brother be today?”? The words spoken by our brothers in the oath of alliance are still ringing in our ears. Heaven and earth, gods and ghosts learn from each other, so this business is two, you and I each account for half, if the elder brother plans to have a leisurely life, the business can be taken care of by the younger brother, the elder brother just sits at home to collect dividends. Teng Weng was greatly moved and said, “My good brother treats me with the utmost benevolence and righteousness.” He knew that he was not the material to do business, so he married a wife and enjoyed a happy life at home. At ordinary times, he repaired bridges and repaired roads, and the monks worshipped the Buddha wholeheartedly, and the major and minor matters in business were handed over to Li Gou for disposal. One day a big fat monk came here to beg for alms. He went to Teng Weng’s house to have a vegetarian meal. While the host and guest were chatting, the monk suddenly said, “There is an evil spirit in the poor monk’s house.” Teng Weng had always been pious and very superstitious about ghosts and gods. When he heard this, he was really frightened. “My teacher is merciful. What should I do?” He asked. “Don’t worry, benefactor,” said the big fat monk. “When I was traveling in the Western Regions, I came across an ancient mirror. It also has a history.”. Gather the essence of heaven, earth, the sun and the moon, pick up the years and months according to Qimen Dun Jia, and cast them in the furnace. There are gold seals on them, and most of them are secret magic amulets. As he spoke, he took out a wooden box and presented it to Teng Weng, telling him to open it tonight when the moon was full, so that he could surely keep the house safe. Teng Weng repeatedly thanked him, but the monk refused to be asked to stay and went straight out. That night, when the moon and stars were rare, Rattan Weng and Li Jue were drinking in the garden. They said that they had got a treasure of the town house today. When Yu Xian-di looked at the treasure together, he took out the wooden box and opened the lid. He saw that there was indeed an ancient mirror in the box, cast with a dragon seal, which was an ancient thing thousands of years ago. By the moonlight, Teng Weng was surprised to see a strange furry face beside him,Silver Travertine Slabs, and it was his sworn brother standing beside him. He was so frightened that he stayed on the spot. As soon as Li Jue was illuminated by the ancient mirror, his face changed greatly. He hurriedly closed the wooden cover, then knelt down in front of the rattan weng and worshipped a few times with tears in his eyes. He lowered his head and said nothing. He turned back to the house and closed the door.


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