Discovering the secrets of floor care when cleaning shopping malls

Assurance of hygiene and hospitality is also provided by cleaning the floors of shopping malls, which thousands of people visit daily. Additionally, a satisfied consumer is more likely to make a purchase.


To prevent upsetting consumers with slow sweeping with brooms and wet rags, the extremely extended operating hours and the continual presence of customers call for quick and efficient floor cleaning techniques. The cleaning of supermarkets and shopping centers is quick and simple thanks to sweepers, vacuum cleaners, and scrubber dryers.


A shopping mall’s flooring quickly becomes dirty and needs to be continually cleaned and sterilized due to the heavy foot traffic in the halls, spilled drinks and food in the food courts, bathrooms, shelves full of merchandise, and vehicles used to replenish warehouses. However, the size of these spaces makes hand cleaning impractical. Because of this, it’s imperative to use specialist floor care solutions.





Utilizing vacuum cleaners, sweepers, and floor scrubber dryers for cleaning in malls enables, first and foremost, performing cleaning tasks in front of customers as these machines may be utilized without fencing off the areas.

Since stores in the mass retail sector are now open every day to the public, cleaning shifts cannot fence off aisles and display spaces. With simple-to-use sweepers, vacuums, and scrubber dryers, one can work even when customers and store employees are present, interfering right away and leaving everything dry and clean.

The daily waste produced in the dining areas and restrooms is increased by the trampling of thousands of individuals who drag dirt and stones from the outside on their soles. The primary benefit of the scrubber dryer is the ease with which a thorough cleaning can be attained, providing clients with a high level of hygiene. At the same time, traditional cleaning methods involving brooms, dustpans, mops, trolleys, and mops significantly minimize operation time and annoyance.

The line of Comet Floor Care machines, for instance, comprises several types that are comfortable and nimble to maneuver in supermarket aisles and warehouse shelves. This is in addition to the operational benefit for personnel.





The ideal equipment for thoroughly cleaning and sanitizing floors of various shapes, sizes, and materials is a scrubber dryer. These machines clean and dry quickly and thoroughly, guaranteeing that floors are immediately safe and dry, reducing the need to seal off cleaning areas for an extended amount of time or the risk of someone sliding on water stains.

Rotating brushes in these machines have an abrasive and cleaning action that removes dirt from the floor by dispensing a detergent solution on it. A squeegee is subsequently used to collect the remaining liquid, which is then quickly propelled into a special tank by a turbine, leaving the floor dry.


Scrubber dryers are classified based on the method of energy production:

With the help of a handle on the rear, the operator maneuvers the push (walk-behind) series, which is best suited for small warehouses, offices, conference rooms, break rooms, cafés, and other spaces up to 500 square meters.

Their small size makes it possible to use them frequently in constrained spaces when people are present, whereas a larger machine would be obtrusive.




The operator’s seat and the driving wheel are both included in the ride-on series. They are more powerful and can function in spaces up to 12,000 square meters, including, for example, huge warehouses, logistics centers, businesses, warehouses, etc.



The scrubber dryers, which are simple to use even for unskilled workers, have many benefits over conventional cleaning methods:


They more than 50% cut back on working hours.

Without barricading the space from the public, they clean and sterilize the floors.

Compared to traditional washing, they use less water and detergent while still maintaining a greater degree of sanitation.

They guarantee a beautiful aesthetic outcome by leaving no stains or traces on the floor.




The sweeper is the most effective tool for collecting coarse debris and dust from any floor.

This reduces the need for hand sweeping, shortens workdays, and reduces the amount of dust residue spread by the broom and dustpan.




Sweepers can also be broken down into:

push (walk-behind) series, which are small and agile and appropriate for use in confined spaces and around obstacles;

strong, quick, and able to function well over very vast surfaces are the ride-on series.

When selecting a sweeper, it’s important to take into account the size of the area and, depending on whether it’s indoor or outdoor, the machine’s power supply: You can choose an internal combustion engine-powered machine for open spaces, but you must choose an electric machine for enclosed places to prevent the exhaust fumes that endothermic models release.



Making the proper decision will allow you to exploit the sweeper’s full potential and increase production while preventing the time and effort wastage that comes with traditional cleaning.




Before using sweepers and scrubber dryers on the flooring, use a vacuum cleaner to remove package remnants and other coarse garbage from the most difficult-to-reach corners.


There are numerous vacuum cleaner models available, all of which include useful accessories. These models are appropriate for use in supermarkets and shopping malls where there is a constant presence of dust, waste, and other stains that could injure customers or harm goods sold and stored.


All that remains to be done now that you are aware of all the professional cleaning tools is to choose the tools that will transform your shop space into a true haven for clients.

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