Dongfang Yuhu Haiyou Long

The shadow in front suddenly stopped running, flashed behind a big tree, and looked forward. With this action, it was obvious that several figures in front of him had already arrived at the edge of the field. Because Zhu Wenhui was separated by a person, he did not see the actions of the people in front of him at all, nor did he know where he was? Quietly move to the right, just a few feet away, there is a row of bushes, can cover the figure. This is a mention of True Qi, making a type of “sleeping birds throw themselves into the forest”, flying close to the ground, quietly leaving in the Bush, slowly standing up. Son, look forward. This is a matter of a moment, but the first few figures, has gone nowhere! Even the man who had just hidden in front of the big tree had already hidden himself. About twenty feet from the front, there was a dark courtyard, which occupied a large area in the distance. At this time, all the lights had gone out. In the dim light of night, there was no sound, as if he was the only one left. Zhu Wenhui did not know where the courtyard was? Also do not know the person of incomplete door, come here to have what action! As soon as he thought about it, he suddenly felt that he had followed them too blindly, but then he thought that since he had come, he would always We’ll have to see what happens. Just as his mind was turning,ultrasonic extraction cbd, he caught a glimpse of a figure suddenly flying from the left, as fast as a meteor, toward the dark courtyard. Shoot! The man’s body was so fast that as soon as he flashed away, he disappeared into the dark. Zhu Wenhui recognized that this man was the one who was just in front of him. Brother. He followed, and it was seen that the men at the broken gate had already gone into the courtyard before him. Zhu Wenhui also did not neglect, from the bushes quietly around to the right side of the courtyard, and then quickly jumped up, only two ups and downs. He had swept over a narrow patch of grass and flew up the fence. The wall is not high, and inside the wall is a small courtyard. Not far from the wall,Ultrasonic nano dispersion, there is a ginkgo tree with dense branches and leaves. Zhu Wenhui did not delay on the wall, and with a little more foot, he was hidden in the shade of the tree. His flying skill, of course, was so brilliant that he flashed into the tree branches. Branches, branches and leaves on the tree, just shook a few times. Even if a gust of wind blows, the branches will shake. There were two houses in the front and back of the courtyard, and there were about ten or twenty houses, all of which were bungalows and had no buildings. Most of the houses in the north are bungalows. The ginkgo tree is even higher than the two-story building. Zhu Wenhui is tall and tall, and all the courtyards are in sight. But he secretly felt strange! There was neither fire nor human voice in the courtyard, which was like an empty house. Of course, people with incomplete doors will not bother to attack an empty house at night. If it is not an empty house, then the people in the house are clearly on guard. He waited in the tree for a while, but there was still no movement! According to his estimation, the people of the incomplete door should have already entered the courtyard. Why is there no movement? There is only one reason for that. This courtyard is the meeting place of the broken gate. They came here tonight to meet secretly. Just as he was thinking, he suddenly heard the sound of hoofbeats and rumbling wheels in the distance! Zhu Wenhui looked up and saw a carriage galloping. In a twinkling of an eye, ultrasonic sonochemistry machine ,ultrasonic dispersion machine, he had arrived at the front of the courtyard. Two tall and handsome red horses, a brand new and dark oil wall car. Sitting in front of the car was an old man in gray clothes, with thick eyebrows and grey beard. He was the old man he had met in the restaurant at noon. Then it must be the girl in purple in the car. Zhu Wenhui secretly “oh”, dare to Jinyi iron hand Wang Zan at noon in the restaurant to eat a loss, tonight is to turn over. When I think about it, I don’t think I should come with them. The old man in gray drove the carriage to the door, and the two horses stopped, but he did not make a gesture, and a man had already left his seat. Get up, cross the fence, fall into the gate, reach out to pull up the crossbar, open the gate, then jump on the shaft of the car, and drive the car into the courtyard. Son, and then go and close the gate. By this time, two girls in Tsing Yi had jumped out of the carriage and raised the curtain. Then the old woman in blue with a gold lacquer stick stepped down, holding the girl in purple in one hand, but with a cry in her mouth, she said: “Strangely, the two girls didn’t come out, and even the big flowers and small flowers disappeared!” “Yes,” said the girl in purple! When the big flower and the little flower heard that we were coming back, how could they not come out? “Don’t let anything happen,” said the old woman in blue. At this point, he immediately waved to the two maids and said, “Magpie and oriole, go in and have a look. There are two in the room.” What’s wrong with the girl? By this time, the two girls in Tsing Yi had already lit two gauze lamps. Hearing this, they immediately promised and went to the house side by side. The old man in gray clothes took off the shaft of the chariot, tied up the horses, and suddenly bent down with an angry snort. The girl in purple stood in front of the courtyard. Hearing the sound, she turned her head and asked, “Uncle Gu, what’s the matter?” Grey clothes old grey head has a palm Yang, from the palm of a blue barking steel needle, angry way: “The big flower and the little flower were shot dead with poisonous needles by rats all the way.” The girl in purple was surprised and said, “The big flower and the little flower are dead. Well, who killed them?” Big flower, small flower, dare feeling is two dogs, when Zhu Wenhui just came, once heard the sound that the dog barks. The old woman in blue stretched her horse’s face and said, “The big flower and the little flower are both wolves. They are very fierce. They must not be skillful.” Weak. “It’s a wasp needle,” said the grey-clothed old man, “and it’s been poisoned. I’ve seen the blood seal my throat..” The voice did not fall, only to hear someone in the room surprised ah, flustered way: “Li Mammy, weak Cui sister they were ordered.” Acupoints.. The old woman in blue had her eyes shining with lightning. “Old man,” she said in a deep voice, “look around and see if there are still thieves lurking.” The figure flashed and ran quickly into the room. Zhu Wenhui secretly called out: “Oh, no!” If they search, the ginkgo tree they hide is the best place to hide, because it is tall and dense. It is also the most noticeable place. Suddenly he heard the old man in gray laughing and saying,sonicator homogenizer, “Now that my friend is here, why hide and hide? Hurry up!” Please come down! Zhu Wenhui listened to the heart suddenly surprised, is considering whether he should go down.


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