Dust at the bottom of the sword

Before the murder of Feng, I was a scholar who read the books of sages and sages. I had never heard of any hero in the Greenwood or any ruffian in Jianghu in my eight lifetimes. Stick. Bah! You are all fugitives in Jianghu. You commit crimes by yourselves. You are a perverse, stubborn and headstrong brute with the courage of your blood. Knowing that you can judge the right and wrong arbitrarily by your own martial arts, you think that you can die or live by the sword. Your reason is that on the sword, the strong survive and the weak perish. Whoever is skilled in martial arts is right. What kind of world is it to distinguish right from wrong on the sword? The more he spoke, the more angry he became. The halberd pointed to him and roared, “With your preconceived attitude of accusing others, I know you are nothing.” Get out of here! Get out The girl in white was so angry at his words that she jumped sideways, grabbed a sword, and snapped, “a criminal!” People must have a reason to cover up their crimes. If you really think you are innocent, come with me to see Yunlong Shuangqi to distinguish you. Do you dare to go? “Ha ha ha ha!” He looked up to the sky and laughed wildly. Then he said, “Little woman, your tone is really not small.”. I’m telling you, for this. Yunlong Shuangqi directly killed countless people and killed innocent people. Do you think they will believe my words? Will stiffen their heads. Pi went to find the real murderer? Will commit suicide to thank the ghosts who died in vain? No, you are wrong. They will make their mistakes and fight to the end. They have no courage. Gas killed the real murderer, will not be made public, at best, but secretly kill the murderer to silence it, and the next charge is not water. It’s going to change. Perhaps you and Yunlong Shuangqi friendship is not thin, also like Liu Qingqing general private love Longfei, let love go to the head, do not ask Because of right and wrong, he worked for him as an executioner. You go. I’m in a good mood tonight. I don’t want to argue with you. “Evil thief!”! Who do you say is in love with Long Fei? Asked the girl in white in a harsh voice. I know Liu Qingqing is one of them,Magnesium Oxide price, as for you, I dare not conclude, can only use probably two words to describe. “Do you know who this girl is?” Do I need to know who you are? “Of course.” “It’s rare for us to see each other. I’m sorry. I’m ignorant. I don’t know if the girl is a scared Jianghu female ruffian.” “This girl Yunying.” Fang Shiting was taken aback and asked in surprise, “You..” Are you Yunlei’s sister? “Exactly.” “Oh!”! So you’re Longfei’s lover, no wonder. “Shut up!” Fang Shiting snorted coldly and slowly withdrew his sword. “In that case, I can’t let you go tonight,” he said. Yunlong Shuangqi hurt me. A family is hard to abandon, a country is hard to surrender, killed my friends,calcium ammonium nitrate price, killed a lot of Wulin people, they should also be punished. Your art Of course, the industry is not bad, may be better than Longfei, but I still do not want to let go, you go. Two people suddenly rushed in at the same time, the sword magic gold way silver rainbow, sprinkled the full sky silver star, each display unique skill attack. There was a series of false swords that made people’s heart sink, and both sides used all their strength. Sprint and sprint again, the sword rainbow is like a continuous tide. Absolutely. When sprinting, it is like a lightning strike in the electric hall, and when dodging, it is like a ghost phantom. The shadow of the sword filled the sky, the wind and thunder suddenly rose, what a ferocious evil! Fight, Magnesium Sulphate producer ,potassium sulphate fertilizer, both sides go all out, every sword is between life and death. Moved from the front of the grave to the side of the grave, and then rose to the top of the grave, advancing and retreating like electricity, extremely fast, each attacked more than a hundred swords to attack and defend. Secret, it seems that the two sides are impeccable, all tricks are not used, is a very dangerous, force and force of the terrible fight, who? Carelessness comes at a terrible price. Night fight, completely with experience to unload the sword, with instinct, so more dangerous, can not have the slightest carelessness, did not see the move In your spare time, the only thing you can rely on is to attack urgently and follow the sword. Unless you have to, you must not give up the sword and the sword. Contact, but both sides also hope to try to get rid of each other’s entanglement in order to win by surprise. After a hundred strokes, Yunying finally felt that her true strength was not sustainable. The girls fought, mainly fast, light, and mysterious. A quick battle cannot be delayed for a long time. If it is delayed, there will be worries about the collapse of true strength. A hundred swords have the advantage. Withdrawal is the best policy. Fang Shiting attacked more and more fiercely, but he was frightened in his heart. He had used all his strength, but still failed to win. The girl had won the kendo. Shen Sui is not far from Long Fei! Later, when he met her elder brother, Yun Lei, it really made his heart tremble. Finally, he seized the opportunity. Yunying failed to fight outside, the loss of true strength was too great, and the two sides were in a hurry to move in, there was no chance to breathe, this time began to sweat. Body, the heart is in a panic. Fang Shiting attacked her with five swords and forced her to the side of the grave. The new grass on the top of the grave was soft. After a long rain, the mud was soft and slippery. He stepped on it carelessly. In the mud of the slope, he slipped down and fell on his knees. Clank! “” When she sealed three swords in a row, she felt her arms tingling and could not stand up. Her blood was churning and she was suddenly knocked down. Slide down. “With a sound, Fang Shiting’s sword pierced the ground and went down close to his clothes.” With a sniff, she rolled down in rags and took off her clothes. Out of the shadow of the sword. Fang Shiting followed and sent out a sword. She slipped a sword and twisted her body to protect herself. Zheng! Suddenly, the two swords met. Her sword snapped. Oops! With a snap, Fang Shiting’s sword pierced her right flank, nailed her flank clothes, blocked her, and shouted loudly: “Throw away the broken sword!” She wanted to throw a broken sword to get away, but it was too late. Before she could react, Fang Shiting had already stepped on her belt. Then, the right Qimen point was blocked, and she lost her resistance. Fang Shiting tied her up again with an ox tendon rope and put her under the altar. “You’re three points behind Long Fei,” he said with a sneer. “Accept your fate.” I.. I’m not willing to lose. The top of the grave is too slippery. Yunying gnashed her teeth and said. Fang Shiting wiped the mud off his sword, took off his mask and tried his sweat. “You slip and I slip,” he said with a sneer. “We have equal chances. What about you?” Must complain about heaven and earth? It’s not honorable to say it. You.. What do you want? “Humph!”! It has not yet been decided. “You will be subjected to..” “Girl, I’m not afraid of threats.” He sat down on one side,calcium nitrate sol, put on his mask and said, “Let me think about it. What should I do?” It’s better to deal with you. “You..” “Yes, it’s wonderful.” “Are you going to.” “Let’s find a place to finish the wedding.” 。 stargrace-magnesite.com


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