Enter a New World of Entertainment



Oorah! All right, soldiers! I know you’re ready to take on this new challenge. Killbox® is an immersive team-building experience that combines escape room puzzles with active shooting sports and military training.


Groups of up to six players will work together to complete a series of tactical-themed scenarios, puzzles and challenges in a secure virtual environment. Players will be outfitted with airsoft guns and tactical vests, then progress through interconnected rooms while using their problem solving skills to decode codes, disarm explosives, hack computers, and more.


At the same time, they’ll also use their aim and accuracy at the electronic targeting system which is integrated into every room. This system records every hit as well as the timing of each shot, and provides real-time feedback on accuracy and effectiveness. This allows players to become more proficient in their shooting skills while having fun at the same time.


So come join us at Killbox®, where you’ll be able to combine team-building with active shooting sports and military training in a realistic environment! We look forward to seeing you soon. Oorah!




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