Female Devil Online Collapse Book [Quick]

Just one sentence.. And the red also don’t know what happened, completely can’t think of their own master light fluttering let his efforts wasted, still for their own miserable harvest, later can soften the elder sister to be complacent. Then the next day, the red man again took the bitter hatred, weak and overwhelmed appearance to go to the front of Yu Ling. Good morning, Elder Martial Sister. He raised his lips just right, and then quickly pressed them down. He was a young man who was originally sunny and upward, but finally became depressed and unhappy because he was exterminated. Enough to soften a woman’s heart. After listening to his background story yesterday, the elder martial sister combined it with me, and it should be more poking. This gesture fell into the eyes of the Elder Martial Sister who was practicing the whip: The Younger Martial Brother, who is more than one thousand years old, is going to cry again? No poking, just a heart attack. This makes Yu Ling’s already cold pretty face even colder, and her whole body exudes the breath of strangers. Younger Martial Brother. She tightened the string in her mind and opened her mouth very seriously. Uh She gazed at her and made a gesture of listening. Yu Ling, “if you want to find a mother, looking for comfort from the mother, I can do nothing, there is no such experience.” Yu Ling means that she wants to get maternal love from her. After telling her about the destruction of her family and looking at her with that sticky look, she finally went back to think about it, and only her younger brother, who was still a cub, looked at her mother in a similar way. She is still a green girl, and she can’t be the mother of a thousand-year-old junior fellow apprentice. Red:? What is Elder Martial Sister talking about? Red thought that after last night’s self-analysis, Elder Martial Sister would take more care of him, but not only did she not,rapid sand filters, today Elder Martial Sister looked at him more and more coldly, but also said a lot of words that he did not understand. Yu Ling did not leave time for Hong to explain, she nodded to him, and quickly left the sword. She had to run faster, or she would run slowly. If Younger Martial Brother Green Green cried again, what would she do? Grandpa cried and didn’t know what to do. Only left the red, looking at the figure has not been seen, the elder martial sister left the position, Zhang Er can not figure out. How did it fail. …… Yu Ling did not pay attention to anything other than herself and the master before, and the second child left her the same indelible impression with a strange gesture. And after the matter of the younger martial brother being one thousand years old was digested, the red man gradually discovered something strange. Have you seen the second disciple of Zhenxiu Zhenren? “It’s Elder Martial Brother Hong.” “Elder Martial Brother Hongzhao is really beautiful.” “Ah, am I the only one who hasn’t seen it? Tell me about it. What’s a good idea?” Even in the realm of cultivation, there are such creatures as the people who eat melons. When the female disciples get together, they are also full of gossip. The topics range from defensive hairpins, Dissolved Gas Flotation ,Rotating sludge scraper, to beautiful flying instruments, to the first beauty, the four heroes of Tianyuan Gate, and finally to the disciples of Zhenxiu Zhenren Novice. Beautiful, sixteen or seventeen, handsome young man, wearing red all the time. “And super gentle, a pair of eyes like there is light, hook people.” Hong’s appearance is still very deceptive, the kind of men and women take all, he is also a like camouflage, do superficial kungfu, so there are many fans, speaking of Hong, many female disciples who have seen him began to hold a reddish face and chatter. Why do you wear red all the time? In the heated discussion, someone suddenly asked such a question. Why are you wearing red? Yu Ling, who had just passed by, paused thoughtfully. Elder Martial Sister Yu Ling. The female disciples who were still chattering over there also found that the elder martial sister of the object of discussion had come over, and all of them were as quiet as chickens. Not for anything else, Yu Ling has become famous in just a few months. She is a genius among her peers, but she is cold and not easy to get in touch with. She can’t help shrinking her neck in front of her. They thought they would be scolded or ignored when they discussed Yuling, but they didn’t expect Yuling to open her mouth. I guess I’m old. Female disciples:? Older? Did you reply that Elder Martial Brother Hongzhao likes to wear red clothes? Yu Ling is back to this, she caught the green green younger martial brother old have a hobby, no wonder every day wear red clothes. Their older people also like big red and purple, if they bring some flowers, like peony, red plum, it would be better. Old age hobby. Red does not know, his own characteristics of red, fall in the eyes of the elder martial sister is in line with his age of old age hobbies. The eldest disciple was not deceived by the second disciple’s sweet words, and began to stay away from the second disciple, Luo Man said very gratified. Looking at the heroine in front of Luo Man every day, I feel that life is very confusing. According to the novel, shouldn’t men and women love each other and support each other? Red is still not give up, do not know that he has become a bad old man, is still trying to continue the strategy of elder martial sister action. Luo Man decided to add another dose of material. “Is the Dragon Clan destroyed and only Green Green left?” Red did not expect that he would be suddenly caught, such a good opportunity to sell, of course, he will not let go. So stubborn for a thousand years. Old . Long Long Clenching his teeth, he continued to be indomitable. “Yes.” “It seems that many forces are involved, and Xishan Yu Luan Tian is also involved.” Red:! His eyes were red. “Master said that Xishan Jade Luan Tian also participated in the event of destroying the Dragon Clan?” Luo Man ate the grapes and said the classic quotation, “Just.” I’ve heard of it faintly. 1314: Wake up in your sleep. What is the devil going to do! Yu Ling twisted her eyebrows and stepped forward. Xishan Yu Luan Tian is my uncle. He was driven out of the house because he broke the family rules. I didn’t expect that it had something to do with the extermination of the Green Younger Martial Brother. Red:! Elder Martial Sister has something to do with extermination. Yu Ling, after saying that,wall penstocks, turned to face Hong. Although Yu Luan Tian has been driven out of the house, it still has something to do with me. Green Younger Martial Brother was exterminated. I am also very sad. I understand the feelings of Green Younger Martial Brother. Before, Green Elder Martial Brother said that he would knock down all his enemies and pay for his blood. “But World War I.” Then he took out his silver whip. khnwatertreatment.com


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