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What is gunpowder?

Powder, commonly used in gunpowder, is a chemical known as potassium nitrogenate and is composed of 75% saltpeter (potassium nitrate), 10% sulfur and 15% carbon. A mixture of coal, sulfur and potassium nitrate is called gunpowder.

An external force is required for the powder, which is inactive (reactive) without any external substance, to react. For this reason, the most common use of powder is in the construction of explosive vehicles. Although the location of gunpowder is usually the same, it can be different in some areas. Gunpowder is the main ingredient in explosives and explosives, used to store energy, create, move and focus. Borü Defense Inc. We make powder and bullets. Due to the quality of the equipment we use, the power of our guns during fire is higher than other gun manufacturers, but the smoke during fire is low and high.


What is the structure of the Gunpowder?

A mixture of dust, sulfur and carbon (carbon) and potassium nitrate (KNO3) is produced. The main purpose of fusion is to burn sulfur and carbon when ignited and release pressure or energy. When we look at the composition of gunpowder, we see that it contains 70% potassium nitrate, 12-20% carbon and 3-14% sulfur. The onset of the reaction is slow and steady. KNO3, a strong oxidant, burns with sulfur. Sulfur works as an accelerator. Combustion produces carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide. Potassium sulphide, carbonate and sulphate gasses from large furnaces. This increases the power of fire and fire projectiles or bullets. Boru Defense Inc. In order to create the best weapons and our products, our pharmacists continue their research and development with an experienced management team and dedicated employees.


When was the powder discovered?

The Chinese made the first 904 gun as an explosive. Looking at historical records, it is known that the oldest type of weapon is found in a document dated 1040. Gunpowder was used in 1132. In the wars that followed the introduction of gunpowder, gunpowder was used to fight the enemy with force and destruction. In later times, Portuguese manufacturers began to use guns and cannons for warships and research. The gunpowder discovered by China has gone through many stages from its discovery to today. The Chinese used a mixture of sulphur, saltpeter (potassium nitrate) and coal dust to make powder.


What is the gunpowder used for?

Gunpowder, used in weapons and ammunition, has many uses today. Powder, used by warriors both East and West, is often used not because of its explosive properties, but because it elevates or gives air. Gunpowder is often used as a fuel for weapons that want to create things, such as guns in history and today. When the powder starts to burn, it does not damage the contents, but allows the car, like a weapon, to drive faster. The number of guns at this time determines the force that occurs during events such as fire and installation of guns. Borü Defense Inc. We use our guns to make bullets and our guns do the same thing. Powder has been used in different fields for different purposes for many years. But the first way gunpowder was used was on the battlefield. The first recorded use of gunpowder as a weapon dates back to the 13th century by soldiers of the Spanish Empire. The Spanish Empire used these guns to make bombs. Since then, gunpowder has been used to make guns, rifles, bombs, and even rocket fuel. Gunpowder is the main ingredient used in the production of various explosives such as C-4, dynamite and Semtex. It is used in various forms, both in its raw form and as part of other processed products. Gunpowder is used in fireworks, weapons, explosives, and some types of ammunition, and in many other industries to produce fertilizers, dyes, and pigments.



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