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A beautiful little boy, who speaks authentic Oriental dialect, can’t do anything but cause a sensation on the land of Kyushu. Oh, my God, this is our child in the East? How can he have long blond hair and empty the nest of red scales as a bird’s nest? This triggered a major earthquake, many people are talking about it, and even the major forces have been alarmed. Is this revenge for the God of Chu? Many people doubt this, because the red scales do not choke less Chu Feng, despising and despising the achievements of the Chu Demon King in the West. Now a child taunts red scales like this, which makes many people feel strange. Absolutely, as Orientals, they must be fighting for the God of Chu. Next, a great uproar swept across the eastern land. Because, there is a word completely fire, was all people talk about, and even played a solitaire. Red scale, your mother calls you home for dinner! All of a sudden, the whole network is spreading this sentence, people are retaliating against the arrogance and conceit of Red Scale before, and ridiculing it heartily. Europe, everyone is speechless, the king of the red scale beast is so despised in the East, no one is afraid of it? At the same time, people in the Western world are more worried that the enraged red scale beast king will be very dangerous, and then it may stir up endless bloody storms. Vatican, the red scale beast king opened his mouth, cold words spread all over the western land, was recorded, I don’t care who you are, what background you have, dare to set foot in my cave house, kill without mercy! Pray, you can still live, as long as you still stand on this land, I will find you, torn into pieces of meat! Plus someone photographed its horrible figure, red all over, huge body, flapping a pair of huge red wings, across the sky, the scene is terrible. In the Western world, people feel cold, which is exactly the same as the red dragon in myths and legends. Soon after,ceramic bobbin heater, a shocking photo was circulated, and people finally knew what the background of the little blond boy was. Kelly, a female reporter with long brown hair, did not dare to take pictures of Chu Feng and Big Black Bull, especially the latter, who was also a rogue leader in the Beastmaster. She was very fierce, not like a good man. Kelly did not dare to focus on Big Black Bull, but only took pictures of the blond boy. However, although people from other organizations are far away, they use the most advanced equipment to take a picture secretly, which is not very clear, but also enough to identify. Earlier, they were suspicious and did not dare to send it out. But now with the development of the situation, everything has been determined and made public. Oh, my God, who is the man behind the little boy?! Someone screamed. His companion glanced at it, but didn’t look at it carefully. He said, “Suit and leather shoes, big back hair, big sunglasses, and a cigar as thick as a carrot. He looks like a big hooligan!” “No, look at the other man!” As a matter of fact, Ceramic ferrule for stud welding ,ceramic sandblasting nozzles, the person who had been careless in the early days soon noticed something unusual. His voice trembled and he said, “Oh, my God, is that the man? It looks like..” The Demon King of Chu in the East?! Soon, the big black bull was ignored, and everyone’s eyes were focused on the young man in the photo with a faint smile and looking at the distant mountains. Chu Demon King! At this moment, the whole Western world was shocked, and all the big forces were shocked, and they were all looking for someone to confirm whether the photo was true or not at the first time. Because the impact of this matter is too great. What’s with the little golden boy? Has been the focus of speculation, now if it is confirmed that he is standing behind the Chu Demon King, then everything can be explained! It turns out that Chu Demon King is the big BOSS behind the scenes! Soon, the most professional people identified that the photos were not fake and could be sure that they were true. The western world is in an uproar, the little boy was the focus earlier, was speculated identity, now everything comes to light, behind him stands Chu Demon King, no wonder dare to dig out the beast king nest! “God, Chu Feng really came to the Western world. Did he come to help our town kill the King of Beasts?” “God, I didn’t dream. Chu Feng came. Everything was written by him. As soon as he set foot on our land, he copied the home of Red Scale!” All of a sudden, the West shook like a hurricane, sweeping across the whole land of Europe. The Demon King of Chu is coming! Earlier, the red scale beast king had disdained him, extremely contemptuous and looked down upon him, thinking that Chu Feng was not qualified to be with him, and said with a sneer that Chu Feng would not dare to set foot in the West in his life, otherwise he would fall, and would teach him how to be a man. Chu Demon King did not say anything at that time, is it disdainful to dispute? People are wondering, that’s not his style. As a result, Chu Demon King came today, still did not say anything, but did such a big thing cleanly! The Vatican, red scale, angry, it roared, today’s events made it almost out of anger, this is a kind of naked humiliation, it almost vomited blood, angry to tremble. Chu Feng, Chu Demon King, you really dare to come to Europe and set foot in the West. Don’t dream of returning to the East alive. I will kill you! Red scales roared, revealing their bodies, ferocious and horrible, surrounded by fire, red clouds towering, it crossed the sky outside the Vatican, shaking the whole earth. The news naturally spread to the East, and when people saw the photo with Chu Feng as the background, it was completely boiling. I rely on, is really the God of Chu, God, I knew he would not let the big lizard talk nonsense, must come to the western land to clean it up, did not expect so soon, directly looted the nest of red scales, ha ha. You are the Demon King of Chu. This is his style! “Unexpectedly is Chu Feng, he unexpectedly ran to the west, as expected shows the demon king true colors, this is the formidable gas field which he should have!”! That big lizard you call what, see Chu God disdain to talk to you, directly start, in the past to destroy your nest, and then kill you, this is the aloof invincible demeanor! East, it is going to explode, Chu Feng killed to the west, quietly do this kind of big thing,ceramic bobbin element, really triggered a big earthquake. Everyone is talking and excited. Many people are looking forward to Chu Feng’s third or even fourth kill. Not to mention the human side, even the alien in the East was surprised, the Chu Demon King actually went to the West? This is amazing. Do you want a cross-domain war. global-ceramics.com


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