Home Theatre Installation Service Sydney

Design: Our complete home theatre design service makes sure the AV components fit the layout of your space, with equipment that will give you the optimal audio visual experience for your budget. This includes furnishings, storage and lighting.


Installation: Installation can take anywhere from 2 hrs – 3 days, and if you need to conceal/integrate your home theatre equipment and cabling in walls, ceilings or cabinetry. Works we carry out include blocking in walls, building bulkheads, building steps ups/platforms, carpet (supply and installation), curtains and blinds (supply and installation) , electrical (lighting and powerpoint installation), cabinetry (design, supply and installation).

Automation: Automating your home theatre installation can help give you the highest quality video and audio throughout the house, for a sleek, discreet experience no matter which room you are in.


Seating: We can also help you choose the right – ergonomically designed – cinema chairs to complete your at-home cinema experience, and install it in your purpose-built home theatre space.


When it comes to Home Theatre Installation Service Sydney, our expert AV team has the skill set to carry out any job. From designing your setup to suit the layout of your space and finding the right equipment for your home theatre acoustics, to automating your cinema and installing supportive ergonomically designed chairs, let our team take care of it all.


Home Theatre Installation Service Sydney


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