How Much Does Custom CMS Development Cost?

Reaching a precise number for investing in a custom CMS project is a really tough one. It depends on various factors. However, after interacting with some reputed CMS development companies, I managed to get a rough figure. 


A majority of the companies with whom I interact ask: “If I am your client and I want to develop a CMS website, what will the cost be?”


In return, they asked me various stuff like project goals, the tech stack I want them to use for CMS development, and much more. I tried to answer all their questions, like project goals, the tech stack I wanted them to use for CMS development, and much more. I tried to answer all their questions. And after this question-answer process ended, they told me the approximate cost of a custom CMS development project package,


On average, the total cost of a custom CMS package, which takes into consideration custom designs, configuration, feature development, and other CMS development services, can range from approximately $150,000 all the way up to an awe-inspiring $400,000.


But these are the average figures that I got from some of the most reputed companies. It may be different when you approach other custom CMS development partners. So, let’s dive into more details of content management system development costs, like what factors affect the cost, which CMS development is relatively less costly yet offers the best solution for your business,


Factors Influencing Custom CMS Development Cost


  1. Technology and Tools Used


The cost of building a CMS with more complicated technologies, such as PHP or Python, is significantly higher than using frameworks like WordPress or Joomla. Besides, the choice of third-party libraries and add-ons can also affect the development cost of a content management system.

2.  Complexity of Features 

More complex site architecture, like multiple menus, user levels, and different types of content blocks, may add to the cost. If you plan to add a high level of functionality to your site, you should be prepared to pay more. On the other hand, if you have a simple site with few features and no complex functionality, the cost will ultimately decrease.


3. Design and Usability


CMS-designing services also affect its cost. Design and usability determine how the user will interact with the CMS, so proper design and usability standards should be taken into account when developing the system. Choosing pre-designed themes will save on cost, whereas a custom design and layout may cost more. Besides, hiring a front-end development companyfor the best design and layout.


4. Level of Developer’s Experience


Hiring a senior CMS developer for your project might be the best choice for your project, but the cost will eventually increase than the junior developers. In other words, the developer’s experience will influence the cost of developing a CMS project.


Similarly, there are many other factors that influence the cost of content management project development. Therefore, you need to research and prepare a list of some CMS development agencies that are not only experts in providing CMS development servicesbut also come with cost-effective solutions for your business.


After preparing a list of development agencies, consult their team to get a clear understanding of their service offerings and get quotes for your CMS development project.


You can then compare each agency and pick the one that fits your budget. However, here are a few of the best CMS development companies that I found while researching:



  1.  iWebServices

  2.  ScalaCode

  3.  IndiaNIC

  4.  iFlexion

  5.  Xicom Technologies


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