How to stop pop-up ads on a website?

What are Pop-Up Ads?

Advertisements that pop up on your screen when you’re browsing the web are called pop-ups. Usually, JavaScript and maybe even Adobe Flash is used to generate them in a fresh browser window. Although

these advertisements are among the most often used in the internet advertising industry, they are not well-liked by the typical Web user. Pop-ups, or pop-up ads, are a type of commercial that appears unexpectedly.

Pop-up windows can be any size or shape. Ads that pop up often look like websites, sponsored pages, interactive games, or anything else designed to attract attention and encourage user action. Pop-up ads

guarantee that visitors will see their message because they must be closed before the page can be loaded further. To further pique the interest of site visitors, a pop-up screen can play an interactive game, audio, or video.

Follow the steps below for your browser to prevent pop-up and pop-under advertisements on the Internet.

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