Hu Han Qunying



He thought his martial arts were unparalleled, or at least he thought he was better than Turbid Weilin, so he dared to come forward and die. Are you really going to It’s better than Lord Farnborough. Does Lord Farnborough deserve to be called the best castle Lord in the world? Let’s go together! Gentlemen, you have come so many people, Originally there is no plan to kill my Xiaoyao childe fairly, we underworld never regard fairness as a colleague, this life There is no fairness in the world. If you have fairness in mind, you will not stand here waiting for death under the orders of Weilin Fort. “” With a shake of his hand, he shook off the blood on the tip of his sword and stepped forward. The remaining three knights standing in the back suddenly shivered, retreated three or four steps, and ran madly to the seat under the locust tree. The death of the three companions frightened them out of their wits. Unfortunately, their horses were tied to the stake on the other side of the locust tree. They should have made a detour, because Gan The sword array of six men is listed on this side, ready to coordinate at any time. The three knights lost their heads and ran to the sword array. Kill! Gan Feng, who was the first to bear the brunt, sent out a heavy shout, and the couple flashed and whirled, and the two swords rose as if they were rolling up a frenzy. Wind, but see the brilliance whirl, the blood rain flies, the three knights are like the fallen leaves in the wind, slanting out of Zhang, sending out a terrible dying. Wail, used to fall out of the battle and struggle for life,Micro Gear Motor, convulsing and dying in a pool of their own blood. I’ll fight for you. The magic hammer screamed with grief and indignation, rushed up madly, and the sharp-beaked thunder hammer came down with the wind and thunder. I was just about to seduce you. Xiaoyao childe called, the light sword dare to take the thunder hammer. In the eyes of the magic hammer, there was a flash of pride. A hammer is empty, and the sword is lost in front of him. Under the sleeves of the magic hammer, hidden two multi-angle chain hammers as big as fists flew out at the moment of the thunder hammer, eight feet away. It’s twice as fast as Thunder Hammer, which is the origin of his nickname Magic Hammer. Chain hammer is rarely a double shot,Gear Reduction Motor, one shot can kill the opponent, one shot is closed, the speed of return seems to be faster, so even The onlookers could hardly see clearly, thinking that he had killed his opponent with a thunder hammer! This time with a double shot, three hammer attack everything. One loss. However, unexpectedly missed, Xiaoyao Childe has been the first moment to get out of the way, but to the left rear of the magic hammer attack corner. At this moment, the sword swung obliquely, like a flash of lightning, and the sharp edge swept over the left back rib of the magic hammer, breaking three back ribs. The internal organs are pushed outward. The light of the sword flows, leaving the right rib of the goatee knight. Zheng! The knight sealed the sword with a sword, but did not escape the left hand of Xiaoyao Childe. His right shoulder shook and his bones burst open. Make up for your sword! Xiaoyao childe coldly shouted, a sword into the knight’s chest, and retreated. Ah The magic hammer fell down with a sharp cry. Bang! The goatee knight then fell. The last knight, 12 Volt Motor With Gearbox ,Vending Machine Motor, the ghost, slipped back when the hammer hit the earth, and rushed into the shop like a strong wind, through the back door of the shop. Run for your life. In a moment, only one of the nine men escaped. The eight knights who blocked the back road, their faces were pale and scattered in a hubbub, and they rushed back to the two small shops around them, and leapt on their horses. No longer concerned about the lives of his companions, he fled separately to the north and south. The three knights ran south, whipping their horses with all their might, and in a moment they were far away, and the sound of their hooves was like thunder. Dust billowed up. In the low cup on the right side of the road, two men dressed as villagers suddenly strolled out, carrying a long cloth roll under their left flank and a big bundle in their right hand. As soon as the bundle was thrown away, the cloth roll was shaken off, and a sword and a shakuhachi Ruyi scratching his back appeared. Two people go to the center of the official road. Standing side by side, he gave out a hair-raising smile. Lover, come down and talk, don’t run away! The villager who drew his sword out of its sheath had a strange cry of spring thunder on his tongue. Three strong horses galloped forward, without any intention of reining in, and rushed forward to kick the two villagers who were blocking the way to death. Fifty steps, thirty steps, twenty steps.. “Ha ha ha ha.” The wild laughter shook the sky, and the branches more than ten feet long flew continuously, turning into more than ten feet in diameter. Round object, whirling rapidly, sending out a harsh roar. Shoot a horse instead of a man, as the saying goes: shoot a horse before shooting a man. The horse is fast, the branch is faster, and it’s impossible to hide. Bang! The first horse fell with a crash, the ground shook and the dust rolled. There was a hissing and the second horse fell. Behind a huge rock by the roadside, a dough figurine flashed out. Make a quick decision and leave no survivors. “The mastiff shouted to the two villagers,” Eradicate and show no mercy. ” The three knights already had a warning sign in advance. As soon as the horse fell down, the man had already left the saddle and flew obliquely. Not only was his riding skill excellent, but his flying skill was even more amazing. Before the dust settled, the three knights were on the right side of the road, the three swords were shining, and the three men were not hurt at all. What people? The stout knight shouted, “Liang Wan, why did you kill our mount in the way?”? Want to rob “?” Three to three, each looking for an opponent. Perhaps your excellency has heard of a man like me. The villager holding the bamboo Ruyi in his hand said that as soon as he stretched out his left palm, one appeared in the center of his palm. “We want our lives but not money. How to say? That’s your business.” Said a half-moon four-inch long little strange knife. Hey, hey, hey. Even if It’s a robbery. “Shadowless Knife Zhou Yiqing!” “Your brother hasn’t been in Jianghu for many years,” the knight cried in horror. “Let’s..” “I know you.” But the person interface: “Zezhou three wolves, your excellency is the person wolf, the flower face green wolf Xuan Rengui.” Isn’t that right? “You..” “You’re boxing for Wellingborough, aren’t you?” Asked the shadowless knife. Xuanmou has little friendship with Fan Hao, the owner of Fan Shaobao. “Do you know that Weilin Castle came out in full force to search for my shadowless knife?”? Don’t say you don’t know. “I swear I don’t know.” “Oh!”! Okay, even if you don’t know, you don’t know. You have gathered a large group of snake gods and cow ghosts in the high village ahead. To Xiaoyao childe a group of people left Qi River, how? Failed? “This..” That That kid doesn’t.. It’s not a person. The flower-faced green wolf trembled when he mentioned Xiaoyao Childe: “If.” It’s people, too. He is also a sorcerer and knows sorcery. “Really?”? Did you lose badly? “This..” “Zhou Mou and several friends are boxing for Xiaoyao Childe,Low Rpm Electric Motor, although he does not know us.”. Hey, hey, hey. You.


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