I want to tell you that I don’t deserve to be your brother.

Xiaowei threw the troll back on Zhao Fujiang. By this time, the guy who was stabbed in the throat by Xiaowei had already got out of the car. Xiaowei pulled Ah yuan into the car and drove away. In the car, a yuan asked Xiaowei, “Brother Wei, didn’t you say you wanted to come and talk to them today?”? Why did you do it as soon as you came up? Xiaowei said, “I didn’t want to do it, but I wanted to talk to them.”. Later, as soon as the man surnamed Zhao got on the bus, I found him carrying something. Trolls are most afraid of being hit in the face, and their faces are full of flowers when they are shot. So I didn’t dare to talk nonsense at that time. I had to control him first. Xiaowei paused and said, “I don’t think you should drive. The man surnamed Zhao came here with a troll today just to waste you. These people are black enough. If you continue to work, there will be no good fruit to eat.”. Sell the car, and I’ll find you a unit where you can go to work. A yuan did not dare to go home that night and stayed at Xiaowei’s house for one night, because a yuan recorded his home address in the registration form of 910 station when he went through the operation formalities, which was easy to find. yuan was afraid that the people of the Northeast Gang would block him on the way home. For the next two days, Xiaowei and Ayuan stayed at Xiaowei’s house and did not go out. Xiaowei called several old guns in Nancheng who had a good relationship with him-Golden Gourd, Turkey and Xiaodong. They were all Xiaowei’s children (children are friends who grew up together). Xiaowei told them about the situation and asked them to get ready. Maybe something will happen these two days. Xiaowei didn’t tell Liuzi. I heard that Liuzi doesn’t often come to play with Xiaowei now. It seems that after Xiaowei knew that Liuzi beat Ayuan last time, Xiaowei scolded Liuzi in front of many people. Since then, the number of times Liuzi came to Xiaowei’s house has decreased. On the fourth day, Xiaowei was afraid that Ayuan would go home by himself,x56 line pipe, so he took Ayuan to work together and wanted to send him back after work. Xiaowei is the section chief in the workshop. He is skilled and loyal at ordinary times. He has a good relationship from top to bottom. The workshop director saw a yuan followed, asked, did not say anything, but also let a yuan sit in the office. At half past four in the afternoon, Xiaowei got off work. Before Xiao Wei and Ah yuan walked out of the factory, they saw a large group of people standing in the open space outside the factory gate through the iron fence, led by Zhao Fujiang with white gauze wrapped around his head! Xiaowei pulled Ayuan to turn around and run, climbed up the west wall of the factory,x52 line pipe, jumped over the wall and ran along the road. When Xiaowei and Ayuan saw the Northeast Gang, Zhao Fujiang also found them. Both sides started running almost at the same time, but the Northeast Gang dared not enter the factory and could only go around the road from outside the courtyard wall, which was about 50 meters behind Ayuan. About 30 people from the Northeast Gang came this time, all with iron bars, chasing after them fiercely. A yuan and Xiao Wei ran ahead, not daring to look back. Pedestrians on the road saw so many people chasing two, so frightened that they quickly stepped aside to make way. The road on the west side of Xiaowei Factory is “F” shaped, with two intersections. It is usually quiet and few people walk. There is a river on the left side of the road, and it is more accurate to say that it is a ditch than a river. At that time, the construction of Nancheng had not yet begun, and the stinky ditch was called “Alkali River”, which had a special flavor all the year round. Xiaowei ran forward with Ayuan. Ayuan’s heart was pounding all the way. The more he ran, the more afraid he was. His legs began to weaken. They ran north along the arterial road of “F” Road, uns c68700 ,316 stainless steel plate, and when they passed the first intersection, Ayuan wanted to turn right, because this intersection led to the main road, with more pedestrians and relatively safe. The second intersection is a small road where almost no one walks. Xiaowei felt that Ah yuan had slowed down and knew that he wanted to turn right, but Xiaowei still wanted him to continue running forward. At that moment, Xiaowei had no time to speak, so he had to grab Ayuan’s hand and pull him to continue running forward. A yuan did not understand, but the moment he was stunned, he had already been dragged through the first intersection by Xiaowei. At that time, a yuan thought, Xiaowei really panicked this time. Two people so slightly delayed, the person behind immediately chased a little closer, a yuan has been able to clearly hear the footsteps behind. So ran dozens of meters, to the second intersection, Xiaowei and a yuan turned right, just turned more than ten meters, Xiaowei suddenly stopped running, a yuan by inertia rushed to the front of Xiaowei. yuan also stopped, turned around and said anxiously to Xiaowei, “Run, little Viagra, don’t stop!”! There are so many of them. You can’t. ” Xiaowei lowered his waist and panted there in the evening, waving his hand to Ah yuan, meaning that he could not run any more. A yuan’s heart suddenly cooled. At this time, a large group of people from the Northeast Gang arrived, but they suddenly stopped when they turned the corner. All the people stared at Ah yuan in surprise. A yuan himself wondered why Zhao Fujiang did not dare to come up and looked at himself in surprise. So a yuan turned around suspiciously and saw a large group of people! Xiaowei’s good friend, Lao Pao Jin Hulu of Nancheng, was sitting on a motorcycle with more than 30 people standing behind him, each holding a long knife and an iron bar. yuan and I have seen the golden gourd, and we call him brother Jin. He is very fat. He has a round head and a round body. He really looks like a gourd from a distance. His expression seems to be always laughing, playing with him, he has a lot of jokes, there are a lot of dirty jokes, every time I meet him, I am very happy. This time the Golden Gourd laughed and asked Xiaowei loudly, “Xiaowei, are you all right?”? If you have a daughter-in-law, your body will be weak. Xiaowei nodded to him, slowly straightened up, and turned to look at Zhao Fujiang calmly. Zhao Fujiang was taken aback when he first found someone in front of him, and then immediately calmed down. When he saw Xiaowei turning around and looking at him, he said ferociously, “It’s not over yet.”. You have a ***ing man, and I have a ***ing man. He said that he wanted to take people forward. The number of people on both sides is almost the same, and the guys are almost the same, so a fierce battle is inevitable. Just then,316l stainless steel pipe, a group of people came running behind the Northeast Gang and stopped about 20 meters away from them. There were probably more than 30 people. Xiaowei’s friends, Turkey and Xiaodong stood in the front. The two men raised their hands and said hello to Xiaowei and Golden Gourd. They came from the first intersection, blocking Zhao Fujiang’s retreat!. lksteelpipe.com


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