Is staff replacement really a problem in partnering with an RCM service provider?

“Will partnering with an RCM service provider affect staff employment?” or “will it lead to the staff losing their job?”.When choosing an RCM service provider, the practice or its employees frequently ask the following questions. It may also be a few of the typical explanations for why most businesses refrain from opting for a third party.

But are these worries really valid?

Definitely not…these are just common misconceptions or myths that exist among people, and have no proven database. Partnering with an RCM provider does not affect your staff’s employment, rather it makes your work easier and reduces the burden on your staff. It is no secret that staff are the most important assets of a practice and their service cannot be negotiated. It is understood that the role or the service of a staff cannot be replaced, and an RCM service provider can never take the place of your staff.

The role of an RCM service provider

The management and other staff members must feel at ease for the smooth running of a practice. The staff are the ones who interact with the patients, collect information from them, and are the ones who make them feel safe and secure. It is the staff that builds the friendly environment in a practice which in turn increases patient visits. Therefore, it becomes important that they are always in a pleasant state of mind, are not overworked, and not overstressed with extreme workload. RCM consists of difficult and complex processes that need to be handled carefully and accurately. Imagine your staff having to deal with all these complex RCM processes along with handling the other important needs such as patient care, treatment, and practice management. It can take a real toll on them. They may feel drained out and stressed with such constant overwork.

In which case, an RCM provider gives you a helping hand as they assist you in navigating through the complex process of RCM without it being a burden to your staff. It takes the weight off the shoulders of your staff and provides them the opportunity to focus their attention on the more important needs of your practice. It gives your staff the time to devote to both new and already existing patients.

Because of the workload and stress, many employees have even quit their jobs at the practices. This could ultimately end up impacting the smooth functioning of the practice. Therefore, partnering with an RCM provider can actually help your practice retain its staff .

Role of staff in RCM

The importance or the role of a staff member in an RCM process is irreplaceable, even with an RCM provider by your side. It is through the staff that the service provider gathers the necessary information related to the patients. Staff act as a mediator between the patients and the RCM service providers. Managing the RCM is nearly impossible without the help of the staff. The staff are the ones who listen to the needs of the patients and address them in a timely manner. They are the ones who help build trust and assurance with the patients. It is through the staff that the patients get to enquire about their worries related to RCM and give their honest feedback. Without the help of the staff, the entire revenue cycle of your practice may get hampered.

Why CareRevenue

We at CareRevenue value the importance of your staff and understand that an RCM provider can never replace your staff. We aim at making work easier and stress-free for your employees. We work hand in hand with your staff to create a peaceful and organized environment at your practice. Constantly keeping track of the revenue cycle prevents your staff from providing the superior care and attention that the patients demand. We help you handle the complex RCM processes so that your staff can direct their focus to other important needs such as patient experience, financial stability, and better alignment of your practice, thereby increasing the workflow of your practice. It becomes advantageous for your practice as you now have two experienced teams concentrated on bettering the revenue and work flow.


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