Jiao Xiang

It was at this time that Empress Wei proposed to Emperor Zhongzong to let Hua Gan return to the court and serve as the minister of the Ministry of Personnel and the third grade of Zhongshu, which meant that Hua Gan should hold the position of Su Guangtao and serve as the prime minister. Chapter 80: Undercurrent Surges When the court broke up, the courtiers retreated, and Wei Wen and Zong Chuke entered the Weiyang Palace of Empress Wei. After saluting, Wei Wen stood at Zong Chuke’s side and looked at Empress Wei behind the beaded curtain. She couldn’t help saying, “I’m afraid it’s cheating for Empress Hua Gan to surrender. Now I’m afraid it’s wrong for Empress Hua Gan to join the cabinet.” Hearing the laughter of Empress Wei from behind the curtain, she asked, “What’s wrong?”? What does Zong Xianggong think? When Zong Chuke heard Empress Wei’s question, his face did not change: “There is nothing wrong with the Empress wanting Hua Gan to join the cabinet, although Hua Gan was once the assistant minister of the late emperor and was related to the Su family by marriage.”. If the civil and military officials of the Manchu Dynasty went out of the Su Mansion three times, the other seven were from the Chinese family. Even if Hua Gan did not really take refuge in the empress, what does it matter? What we want is just the appearance of Hua Gan taking refuge in today. As long as Hua Gan took refuge in the empress, the officials of the court looked at the veterans of the three Dynasties of Hua Gan, who dared to talk nonsense. Moreover, Hua Gan was defecting to the empress. Rather than saying that the Hua family had broken up with the Su family, it was better to say that the Hua family and the Su family were taking this opportunity to show weakness to the empress. Zong Chuke looked at the eyeball curtain and said, “Su Guangtao was impeached today. Su Yan Yan is the minister in charge of the whole Yushitai. If the imperial censor wants to impeach his son, how can he not know?”. Now this is just to let his son hand over the authority of the Ministry of Personnel, so that the empress can let him go. The empress now does not have to take them into account, the empress now to consider how to use the prince incident, in addition to the emperor’s wariness, only the emperor completely rely on the empress, the empress can control the military power of the capital and even the whole country. Now the Su family can speak in the court, is entirely dependent on the emperor is still in the use of him, plus the prime minister and Princess Taiping, if lost these reliance, Su Yan inkstone vulnerable. When Zong Chuke finished speaking, he heard a chorus of praise from behind the curtain of beads: “The one who knows me is Zong Xianggong.” Then Empress Wei asked Wei Wen, “How is the marriage between her and the Hua family going?” “Everything is going according to plan,” Wei Wen said respectfully. “Now the two families have passed Naji, and now they are waiting for the deadline.” “How’s it going over there?” Queen Wei asked at random. Wei Wen smiled and said, “Don’t worry, empress. Her mother has been obedient since she was a child, and her mother is still in the Wei family. She doesn’t dare to do anything harmful to the interests of the Wei family.”. Just rest assured, empress. Seeing that all the things ordered were arranged properly, Empress Wei raised her voice slightly: “Remember to go to Wu’s house when you have time. The marriage of Wu Yanxiu and her son is also urgent.” Hearing this, Wei Wen had some doubts: “Why does the empress have to marry the princess to Wu Yanxiu? Even if the princess doesn’t marry Wu Yanxiu, the empress will recruit a son-in-law for her. Is there anyone who dares to object?” Originally according to the meaning of Empress Wei, pietra gray marble ,Granite Slab Supplier, Princess Anle and Wu Yanxiu’s marriage is the sooner the better, it is best to get married this month, after all, what happened is not impossible to get married quickly. But Wei Wen loved his niece, and Princess Anle did not want to marry Wu Yanxiu, so he delayed the marriage again and again. Wei Wen’s words fell, but listening to Empress Wei said with a half-smile, “I’m forcing Chong Jun. If he doesn’t marry Wu Yanxiu, I don’t know how long he will delay.”. Only wrapped son married into the Wu family, Chongjun will be more nervous, if he does not start, how can I have a chance to clean up the royal family of Chen Tang. Don’t tamper with it any more. Don’t think I don’t know if you’re dragging this marriage. Don’t delay the great cause of the Wei family because of such a trivial matter. After that, Wei didn’t want to hear his brother’s endless questions any more. He said lazily, “Well, it’s all right to go down. During this time, the Su family and the Hua family all keep an eye on me.” Wei Wen still wanted to open his mouth, but Wen Yan had to nod first and followed Zong Chuke out. As soon as Wei Wen and Zong Chuke walked out of the Weiyang Palace, a little maid of honor crept to the Funing Palace. Qin Guifei listened to the little maid and let the female official beside her give her some silver and send her out. Then he told the eunuch in charge of the Funing Palace, “Go and send out what the maid said just now. Remember not to leak the news.” The eunuch in charge took the order. The harem was already full of wind and clouds, but the inner house of the Su family was not so urgent at the moment. Because of the orders of Su Yan Yan and Mrs. Su, the whole Su family now stays in the house except for the servants who need to go out. The Xiyuan was grounded, and with Mammy of the Wu family looking at Shen Qingyin, no one was willing to go there, so they simply did not go out Xiyuan. For a moment, the Su family almost forgot about the two young ladies. Mainly Hua Shi and the old lady, now is not to see guests and do not go out, a look do not want to ask other things. Su Yunjun sat in the room, looking at the post sent by Zhao Yingying. The Su family now had such a thing, although everyone in the court saw the wind at the helm, watching the Su family make mistakes and lose power, they were busy getting rid of the relationship with the Su family. But Zhao Yingying, after all, is only a boudoir lady, and the Zhao family is on horseback to lay down the merits, has never been very fond of civil officials carrying a pen to fight. So she didn’t add insult to injury. Had it not been for the fact that Zhao Yingying was now waiting to be married and could not leave the house, she would have rushed to the Su family with her servant girl. Su Yunjun put down the post and wrote a letter to Zhao Yingying with a smile. At the moment, she was afraid that she could not go to Zhao’s house to see her, but she also reassured Zhao Yingying that she was fine. At noon, news came from outside that Su Guangtao had been implicated by nepotism and the post of Minister of the Ministry of Personnel had been dismissed. Su Yunjun got the news, or Su Ziqi came to say. It turned out that in the early days of the court, the imperial censor impeached Su Guangtao’s subordinate beadle for corruption and bribery. Su Guangtao was implicated and should have been dismissed from his post for investigation, but he did not expect that Zhongzong had directly dismissed Su Guangtao from his post and let him go home to reflect. If he did not reflect well,Nero Marquina Marble Slab, he would never have to go back to the court again. The official document for the recall arrived in the afternoon, and Su Ziqi got the letter at noon. It was only when she met Lu yuanjin in the outer courtyard that she learned about it, so she rushed to discuss it with Su Yunjun. forustone.com


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