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“Help me take care of it. Wait a minute. There are a few people. I have to rescue them!” With a calm face, Shiyan yyīn cut the railway: “Even if I lose the Empty Crystal, I must bring them out alive!” Then he disappeared. Feng Rao was stunned. After this time together, she thought she had a very deep understanding of Shiyan, felt that this person was ruthless, ruthless, should not care about anyone’s life and death, for the purpose of unscrupulous means, can sacrifice everyone. But now, Mingming is only one step away from the empty magic crystal, while the warring sides can have a great chance to escape, but because of just a few slaves, he suddenly made up his mind to risk his life to rescue. Shi Yan’s abnormal performance, let Feng Rao is very surprised to understand, her understanding of Shi Yan, also have a completely different view. He is not really unfeeling, but there is no friend worthy of his serious treatment, ah, it seems that this person, is not really heartless. Feng Rao was silent for a moment and thought to himself. Slaves fell from the bottom of the ship one by one, and Shiyan let go of his divinity, flying and searching in the place where the slaves were concentrated. The familiar life B B moves, suddenly appears from the knowledge sea, the stone rock eye suddenly lit up, recklessly toward a falling figure rushes wildly. The figure was only one step away from the realm of the gods at war below, and the next second, it seemed that it would be shattered and the spirit hhún would completely dissipate. It is Bao Ao. One of the leaders of the Demons in the land of divine grace, who once gave great help to Shiyan,water filling machine, came to the Flaming Star Field with him to share the joys and sorrows. At this moment of violence, weak out of shape, eyes dim, no blood s sè corners of the mouth, pull out a helpless and miserable arc, it seems that they know they can not escape the disaster, the mind is desperate. The body, which was also covered by a spirit-sucking demon flower, fell like catkins, and the demon flower was so bright that it was in sharp contrast to his pale and horrible face. @。 Chapter eight hundred space riot Whew! There was a flash of lightning. (Hand-typed Chinese website 724 hours of uninterrupted updates of pure txt hand-typed novel m) Suddenly, the body,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, which was sinking violently, was grabbed and pulled away from the intersection of the squeeze to the realm of God, and escaped. Violent Ao was in a trance, only to feel a strong wind passing by, and when he recovered, he suddenly found one more person beside him. He recovered much faster than Bbō Ruo, but he was stunned for a moment. He immediately reacted and could not stop exclaiming with ecstasy: “Shiyan!” “Where is Lord Jieji?” Rock face sè sank into the water, some kind of murder, “where is Gudath?”? Not to mention anything else, it’s important to save people! At this time, the battle between the Marauders and the Nine Star Chamber of Commerce has reached a white-hot stage. Russel and Brahma Night are fighting out of the true fire, and they are all covered with color. The power formed by the two people is moving, sweeping in all directions, and no one dares to approach. More slaves, covered by demon flowers, are sinking one after another, but not many people pay attention to the movement of Shiyan. From the point of view of the belligerents, those slaves who had run out of oil were really not worth mentioning. They died, and no one cared about them. Bao Ao’s eyes were sunken, water bottling line ,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, there was no blood on his face, life was weak and dispirited, and the flame of life seemed to be extinguished in the next moment. When Shi Yan was asking questions, he pressed his hands on the neck of Bao Ao, and the profound meaning of life blossomed, and the vitality was forcibly poured into Bao Ao’s body, helping him to stabilize temporarily, so that he would not die in a short time. Gudath has not survived until now. He left first. Storm quickly calmed down, his face full of bitterness and bitterness, “Jieji should be alive, you find him as soon as possible, do not have anything to do.” “Good!” Shiyan is carrying Bao Ao in one hand, and his divinity is like a flying shuttle, shuttling back and forth among the fallen slaves around him, searching for the life of Jieji. A beam of light flashed through his mind, and the invisible space divinity accurately grasped the new goal. Without the slightest hesitation, he dragged himself away, shaking his figure, avoiding the falling slaves one by one, and came to the bottom of the ship. Pop, pop, pop! The silver sè gold and iron stones under the huge ship burst open, and more slaves came out. In a sealed room under the huge ship, the life of Jieji was looming, and the situation seemed to be even worse. Boom! In that wild bombardment of his pow, the chamber of secret was suddenly reduced to stone splinters, and a haggard, emaciated and disfigured face suddenly appeared in the middle. It is such a thorn. Jieji’s eyes were dull, and Ling Hhún seemed to be pulled away and saw Shiyan. His eyes were not focused, as if he had fallen into some kind of nightmare and could not wake up at once. Reach out a hand to grasp, a strong suction force came, Jie thorn and suction demon flower together, he was hard to grasp over. Carrying the wild with one hand and grasping the thorns with the other, Shiyan urged the power to the extreme, and without thinking, he immediately flew out toward the rich and enchanting position. Aggressive! Over there, the rich red chchún wriggled, bursting into a burst of notes, forming powerful arrows visible to the naked eye. Two strong figures, Hei Hei grinning, will be surrounded by Feng Rao, to display the strength of the profound meaning, a pair of Feng Rao to block the posture of capture. As soon as Shi Yan appeared, Feng Rao suddenly exclaimed, “Be careful!”! They know me! The two men, both two meters tall, wearing bloody armor, Lu lulù’s arms covered with interlaced scars, the cultivation of the triple heaven realm of the God king, are the most ferocious foreign predators under Russell. Both of them knew the identity of Feng Rao, and when they saw her appear, they were very excited, as if they had captured Feng Rao and could make a great contribution to threatening Feng Rao’s father. Feng Kui in the marauders, although the voice if Hehe, but Russell is not afraid, his strong, will not because of the prestige of Feng Kui, choose to let go of Feng Rao. On the contrary, once Feng Rao is captured alive, Russell can even bargain with Feng Rao to gain substantial benefits. Captured Feng Rao, is a great achievement, the two people naturally will not stop,water bottle packaging machine, appears to be very excited. () Bbōruo’s body, limp, fell motionless on the pieces of silver sè.


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