Light Smoke Phantom-Cao Ruobing _ txt Novel Paradise

If the jade is free to rush to the east and go to Lushan Mountain, he is afraid that the other party will not be able to wait for a long time, and he will be laughed at by others for not daring to keep the appointment. Gang here, he in the next day just show white, that is, ran to Lushan to wait. After the Tsing Yi Gang captured Shen Qi Lu Heng, for fear of repeating the mistakes of Luo Yihua’s theft, they sent more people, set up hidden stakes, and stepped up patrols day and night. Shen Qi Lu Heng sent the Lord of the Jade Flag Altar to the Jade Face Yaksha to guard him. The Jade Face Yaksha imprisoned him in the basement of the Jade Flag Altar and assigned two shifts inside and outside to guard him in turn. There were two people in each shift, all of whom were first-class incense owners. Tsing Yi Sect Leader thinks that this is foolproof. First, outsiders can’t guess that the place where God begs for a little balance is imprisoned will be in the Jade Flag Altar. Second, the Jade Face Yaksha has outstanding martial arts. Even if Zhu Yuqi’s martial arts are high, she can’t rescue people from the Jade Face Yaksha silently. In Tiepen Valley, the first day passed peacefully! The next day passed in the same calm and peaceful way! On the third day, the Black Flying Fox Jiang Zhaokun, the commander of the Five Banners, was ordered to withdraw from Lushan Mountain. He originally planned to stay on Lushan Mountain and wait until the night of the Mid-Autumn Festival. Relying on the large number of people, he would surely be able to capture Zhu Yuqi in one fell swoop. Unexpectedly, he was ordered by the Sect Leader to immediately lead his troops back to the valley. Although he did not know what the Sect Leader meant, the order was like a mountain, and personal problems had to be put aside. When he led his troops back to Tiepen Valley, it was already the end of the Hai Dynasty. He hurriedly sent the withdrawn troops back to the original flag altars, and then entered the General Altar to see the Sect Leader and ask for instructions. Just as the Sect Leader was summoning all the flag altars to enter the General Altar to discuss how to deploy measures to prevent Zhu Yuqi from sneaking into the Iron Basin Valley, he suddenly saw a man break into the General Altar with a bad look and shouted, “It’s not good!”! The Jade Flag Altar has been broken into and the old beggar has been stolen! These two words are like a thunderbolt, shaking everyone’s heart, setting off a storm in Tiepen Valley, like a storm coming, making people panic. When the Sect Leader heard this, he was furious and ordered the Five Banners to investigate the truth. Black flying fox Jiang Zhaokun said nothing, led the crowd, together to the jade flag altar to check the scene. Outside and inside the altar,CSD filling line, there were two people lying on the ground, and the way they died was to hit the dead point with a very delicate technique. In the basement of the Jade Flag Altar, the opening and closing of the doors are controlled by organs, and outsiders can never find them, but at this time they are open without any damage. Jiang Zhaokun, a black flying fox, has been wandering in Jianghu all his life. He is very experienced. He can see at a glance that the problem is not simple. Without showing his face, he summoned the messenger and asked, “Tell me how you discovered that the old beggar had been stolen.” The man saluted and said, “It was less than a meal before the Sect Leader summoned all the Altar Masters to enter the General Altar. I was just leading four people to patrol in front of the Jade Flag Altar when I saw two figures running like meteors to the back valley of the General Altar.”. At that time, I thought something was wrong, so I led my men straight to the Jade Flag Altar. Before I could enter the gate, two people had died at the gate. At this time, I knew more about the seriousness of the matter. Before I could ask the Lord of the Jade Flag Altar for instructions, I entered the Altar by myself and went directly to the bedroom of the Lord of the Jade Banner Altar. Only the door was open, and there were two corpses at the door. I don’t know who opened the basement door behind the bed in the room, Vegetable oil filling machine ,juice filling machine, and there was no sign of God begging in the room. Jiang Zhaokun, the Black Flying Fox, smiled coldly and said, “It seems that there is a mole in the Tsing Yi Gang.” “What do you think of the commander?” Asked the yaksha with a dignified face. Black Flying Fox Jiang Zhaokun’s eyes shone like cold electricity. He glanced at the flag altar owners and said, “The facts are in front of us!” First, the mountain road behind the valley is rugged and the fortification is relatively loose. Since people fled from behind the valley afterwards, they must come from behind the valley. Second, the time this man came was very coincidental. He didn’t come early or late, but it happened to be after I returned to the valley. What was more coincidental was that the leaders of all the banners were meeting at the General Altar. Third, the fact that there is a basement in the Jade Flag Altar is a secret that cannot be known by outsiders. Opening the basement door is especially confidential. However, apart from the people above the flag altar owners, it is also difficult for the first-class incense owners to obtain this secret, but people can open it freely. To sum up these three reasons, it is obvious that the people are not only familiar with the access to the valley, but also know the secrets of the gang like the palm of their hand. What is more doubtful is that the timing of his arrival is so skillfully coordinated. Imagine if there is no inside line, whether he can do so easily and neatly, leaving no trace, and God does not know, ghosts do not know can save a living person? “According to the commander,” said the Jade Face Yaksha, “the traitor must be among us.” Jiang Zhaokun, the Black Flying Fox, nodded and said, “It may be you..” When he said the word “you”, he made a special pause, and at the same time, a sad smile appeared on his face, as if he believed that the mole was a yaksha with a jade face. Jade face yaksha saw his terrible expression, can not help but be taken aback, the attitude on the eyelid also reveals unnatural up. But Black Flying Fox Jiang Zhaokun did not stop at this point. Then he said, “Don’t be afraid first. I mean it could be you or me.”. Before the truth is not clear, no one present can escape the responsibility, no one can avoid suspicion! Now, everyone is at ease and still performing their duties. I believe that in a short time, I am sure that I will get to the bottom of the matter. Shen Qi Lu Heng was rescued, the blink of an eye spread throughout the valley, the Tsing Yi gang appeared in the matter of the mole, at the same time a sensation throughout the gang. As a result, people were whispering here and there in groups of three and five. Press the Black Flying Fox Jiang Zhaokun to investigate openly and secretly, determined to find out the traitor who betrayed the Tsing Yi Gang. When Zhu Yuqi climbed to Lushan Mountain, from early morning to the middle of the day, he still did not see the figure of the black flying fox Jiang Zhaokun. He could not help but gradually become anxious and restless, filling his heart. It occurred to him that with the prestige and position of the Black Flying Fox Jiang Zhaokun today, he must not be so indifferent to his reputation and ignore his appointment. If he does not come to the meeting, there is only one reason to borrow, that is, the leader of the Tsing Yi Sect has an extremely important task for him to do, and he can’t be separated for a while. Otherwise, since he had already made an appointment with the young scholar, he would never change his mind in the middle, because this would damage his reputation. As a person in the martial arts world, this is a very shameful thing. In fact, the black flying fox Jiang Zhaokun did not break the appointment,PET blowing machine, but the gang leader’s order is difficult to disobey, public and private can not be balanced, but Zhu Yuqi did not know it.


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