Liu Canyang Ao Ye Dao

“This should be a big one Where did Fang get such magical powers He chose Dou Wanqiao the’West Crane ‘” Sun Qiuyue also propped up her upper body and scolded with a grin “I said how could the Five Vultures of the Heavenly Eyes only get a thin shadow of a flower but where did the four flat-haired animals go” Really far away near in front of us a nest of all here his mother can be placed a lot of light! Shang Gang also knew that the situation was not good but he had to calm down reluctantly “Don’t be nervous Now we are evenly matched and no one can beat anyone We must hold the determination to win fight to the death and fight to the end then we will have a better chance to win the championship!” This is to boost morale inspiring words in fact which side “pull out the flag to win the championship” than big even Shang Gang himself is not sure but the other side is very strong sharp and fierce to force people to come he has to take words to stabilize the scene first if he is the leader also showed timidity showing a decadent image the overall situation is even more impossible! Dry swallowing spittle Gong abandoned color obscure way “Things have come to this point the godfather do not fight also can not just as early as possible a life and death!” Suddenly nodded Shang Gang suddenly hissed and roared “Children kill me!” Gong Qise was the first one to pounce on him and the first one to intercept him was also Jun Buhui Shang Textiles & Leather Products Gang had just got up and Fang Menglong had already blocked the front The thin shadow of the flower met the monk Fuhu Sun Qiuyue stood up shakily looking at Gu Qi who had broken his leg In his heart he was wondering whether he should take advantage of Gu Twelve by fighters have rushed to twelve figures fly from the saddle just to catch the other seven people who cut in respectively! So the bloody battle began blade light cold awn sharp wind against the background of the figure’s rush to kill against the white heart and lungs shout strength and strength in the sweat sharp and hard collision with each other red-eyed evil edge and then doomed to the fall of human life the flow of blood You do not regret to intercept Gong Qise is the so-called enemy to meet especially jealous this time Gong Qise in addition to trying to use his mysterious strange posture the hand also has a guy-a dark black short and heavy “heart pen”; Until now you don’t regret to probably figure out the characteristics of Gong’s martial arts China Manufacturers He is used to fighting the enemy empty-handed apparently influenced by his adoptive father Shang Gang His body is strange and unpredictable but it is very close to the way of Sun Qiuyue “Little Tianxiang” Shang Gang will never use his weapons until the critical moment and Gong Qise is the same According to the current situation Gong reveals his “asking heart pen” Just as his godfather is now showing “immortal thorns” it’s time for him to go all out! Fang Menglong is the enemy of Shang Gang taking advantage of Shang Gang’s previous injury Although this “come to report” is highly skilled the knife on his body has a considerable impact on his strength Besides Fang Menglong is not a fuel-efficient lamp At this time both sides are doing their best and do not give in to each other It is not easy for Shang Gang to defeat Fang Menglong It was the most difficult thing to say about Hua Shouying who was on fire with Monk Fuhu The monk’s flesh was not closed and his heavy clothes were soaked in blood He was just like a man who had nothing to do He was dancing with pearls and rings and his shovel was flying but he was still strong and heavy The wind and scudding clouds were surging forcing Hua Shouying’s golden snake soft sword to be difficult to advance and only to spin in the outer circle He could not help but murmur in his heart-! Another pair of covetous but confrontational characters one is Gu Qi who broke his left leg and tibia the other is Sun Qiuyue who is black and blue; Sun Qiuyue of course had the intention to take the opportunity to settle Gu Qi but he had doubts about whether he had this ability Gu Qi was calm and calm on the surface but secretly he was holding a cold sweat He had witnessed Sun Qiuyue’s special posture with his own eyes In the case of a leg missing at this moment if the woman surnamed Sun really jumped up could he protect himself He had no confidence at all-each of them had evil intentions They stared at each other with big eyes and small eyes and in the middle of the time no one dared to take the risk first And both sides ambush triggered by a scuffle the scene can be very lively; “Silver flag three righteousness” that three sides with silver wire mixed with steel wire mixed into a triangular pointed pole flag flying around the “big eagle claw” Yuchi Yingde Electrical Equipment & Supplies Yuchi Yingde in the past or do not put these three silver flags in the eyes but since he broke off an arm the power is greatly affected both sides of this contact the situation is not very good one-armed battle three flags unexpectedly extremely hard between advance and retreat It has shown the embarrassment of being unable to do what one wants The “Four Heroes of Han Men” are four vigorous young men with sticks The four brothers all use the same weapon-nunchakus with chestnut wood inlaid with copper heads The sticks rise and fall whirling like the wind Under the sharp vibration of the iron ring connecting the two sticks the man who looks like a skeleton surrounded by their brothers in the center and the big girl with white onion and clean water fall into a bitter battle The skeleton man’s pair of short-handled hook guns and the big girl’s Mandarin duck double swords are all in fierce conflict and resistance It’s so hard to fight! Hua thin shadow that four worship brother then with Hua Dachuan Fan Maolong Cao Lan three people fight into a group; The “Five Vultures of Heaven’s Eyes” are very famous and they are self-confident They are four against three They are superior in both numbers and strength The three horns from “Qifeng Mountain” can’t help feeling depressed The room for turning and moving is getting smaller and smaller The four vultures fly through each other and their moves are so fierce that the three of them can hardly lift their heads


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