Love and marriage “marriage like winter sun reborn military marriage chief, good morning!” Txt complete works

Early to find out their own family, is what kind of temperament, but also to avoid Qiaonan later to embarrass themselves, with her yes, she knows what kind of slag Weide is, not to be able to kick Weide away again and again? Mr. Zhai said slowly, “It’s all right. When we come to our house, there will be nothing left.” He didn’t have the habit of looking down on his poor in-laws, but the other side was really not decent, so there was no need to make the relationship so close. Zhai Yaohui calmly flipped through the newspaper: “The last time I went to the capital in October, the authorities already had that intention and wanted us to go there.”. I estimate that Zhai Sheng will be transferred next year at the latest. In other words, after the New Year, married a wife, the Zhai family should change places. When the time comes, the three members of the Qiao family, how they are willing to mix, is the business of the three of them. It’s all right! Zhai Hua pounded the table: “Is it time to go to the capital?” At that time, the old man was also a rush to retire, even if he was qualified to stay in the capital, he was stunned to think of a way, asked the envoy to return to Pingcheng, and then gave everything to his son, while he went to the countryside to live in seclusion with a group of old revolutionaries. Zhai Hua understood that his father was also an ambitious man, but his heart was not rough. Looking at his quick temper, the account in his heart was clearer than anyone else. When she was young, Zhai Hua remembered that Mr. Zhai had told her that it was not the right time, and that one day, they would go back sooner or later. Hearing what the old man said today, Zhai Hua knew that it was time for the Zhai family to “go back.” It’s about time. The old man said with certainty. Zhai Hua crossed his legs and said, “This is the right time.” Wei De is like a fly, for money and power, is really indomitable, annoying. After the New Year, Qiaonan was her younger brother and sister, and she was studying in the capital. Zhai Jiaquan went to the capital,ultrasonic generator driver, after that, Qiaonan did not have to stay up late to take a bus on vacation, go home every day, no problem! Hearing the plan of the Zhai family, Qiaonan was somewhat surprised and took it for granted. After all, in a previous life, after the Qiao family moved out of the compound, the Zhai family did go to the capital and became a big shot that the Qiao family could only see occasionally on TV. As early as a few days ago, Qiaonan has been speechless, the Zhai family insisted that she and Zhai eldest brother in February to get the marriage certificate. The problem is that she can get a marriage certificate. By the day of her birthday, she is already in school. Qiaonan thinks her birthday is very funny, February 28th. Most people know that the year has a leap year, and the leap year February has the 29th. Many people say that birthdays should never be on February 29, because in this way, only one birthday can be celebrated in four years. Qiaonan happens to be on the 28th, the day when she can celebrate her birthday every year. Sadly, Qiaonan has not celebrated her birthday for two generations. By February 28 this year, Qiaonan will be twenty years old. Qiao Nan, ultrasonic cutting machine ,ultrasonic molten metal, come on, I’ll take you home. Zhai Hua stood up, sooner or later to go, not to mention, Ding Jiayi and Qiao Ziqi have come back, now she sent Qiaonan back, is not a big problem. Well, Grandpa, Dad, Mom, I’m going back. Qiaonan said hello to the elders of the Zhai family before leaving. Well, come again next time. Next time you come, you don’t have to leave. Chapter 1054 of the main text “borrowing” clothes. After all, the next time Nannan is their Zhai family, Miao Liang thought with a smile. Zhai Hua drove Qiaonan, but it took more than ten minutes to get there: “Do you want me to send you in?” “No.” Qiaonan shook his head, what is there to send, the most terrible people have gone. All right, bye. When Zhai Sheng comes back, he will come to our house for dinner during the Spring Festival. Zhai Hua closed the car door and went home. Hearing a sound at the door, Qiao Dongliang hurriedly came over and opened the door: “Nannan, are you back?” Qiao Dongliang’s appearance, looking at the mood seems to be quite good appearance, but he opened the door so fast, it gives Qiaonan a kind of guilty feeling of being a thief. Uh Qiaonan answered lightly, “Dad, did you have a good meal last New Year’s Eve?” How are you? “It’s fine.” Thinking about what happened last night, Qiao Dongliang frowned and flashed a touch of chagrin. He was thinking about whether to tell Qiaonan about what happened yesterday. Qiaonan sat down, glanced at his room, and the door was opened. Qiaonan endured, stood up, strode back to his room, and looked at the situation in the room. On the surface, the things in the room seemed to be the same as when she left. But everyone has their own habits, of course, Qiaonan can not recognize their own habits. Just the quilt on the bed, Qiaonan can recognize it, it is definitely not the appearance of folding when he left, it should be someone folded. Qiaonan turned over his wardrobe again, looking at his clothes is obviously less, Qiaonan face completely down. Feeling the noise, Qiao Dongliang was so embarrassed that he almost didn’t know how to open his mouth: “I was just about to tell you that your mother brought your sister to our house for the New Year’s Eve yesterday.”. I I didn’t mean for them to stay the night, but your mother sprained her ankle and couldn’t walk. I would like to take your mother back on my bicycle, but my bicycle has a flat tire and all the air is leaking. Qiao Dongliang’s bicycle is the only one in Qiao’s family. If it breaks down, Qiao’s family will have no other means of transportation. So, they sleep in my room? And you took her clothes? Qiao Dongliang nodded helplessly: “Your mother and I have divorced, you know, this small courtyard, there are few rooms.” Even if there is a room, there is no extra quilt and bed: “So, your mother and your sister slept in your room for a night.”. Your sister took a shower yesterday and didn’t bring any clothes, so she borrowed yours to wear first. Because you’re not at home, and.. Thinking of the bad relationship between Qiaonan and Qiao Ziqi, Qiao Dongliang did not want to make a phone call to ask Qiaonan’s opinion. Qiao Dongliang also thought, Qiaonan’s clothes are not many, but more than before. Even if there is no such clothes,ultrasonic spray nozzle, it is uncertain that Qiaonan’s situation will not be found, even if it is found, it should not be so.


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