Male partner: He is cold and heartless [wear quickly]

The rain fell so suddenly, even the windows became misty, unable to see the scenery outside, Yi Hao’s whole person also became more irritable because of the rain. The car moved forward slowly, and in this weather, in this unfamiliar place, the assistant did not dare to drive too fast. After driving slowly to a milk tea shop, the assistant stopped the car. Bored holding his chin, Ji Xiaomei looked at the rain outside, the mood did not feel depressed, but felt that after so many hot days, the rain took all the heat away. Just a small milk tea shop in the town, Ji Xiaomei took over the shop only a few days, but for the enthusiasm of this job, she has accumulated for many years. The rainstorm was getting heavier and heavier, and even the bright red sports car that suddenly stopped at the entrance of the milk tea shop did not dare to move on. Originally thought so, but when the door of the red sports car opened, Ji Xiaomei’s eyes widened. It’s always been that style, and it’s the same with umbrellas now. Originally, the car was already irritable enough, and when the slender straight legs stepped down, Ji Xiaomei felt vaguely that something was wrong. A suit that can be called a coquettish bag was worn on Yi Hao without any violation and feeling. At this moment,Lamella Plate Settler, the sacrificial coat was directly taken off by him and thrown in the car. The coquettish pink shirt was torn open with two buttons on it, creating a kind of coquettishness. The lure of gas . Confused 。 Ji Xiaomei: “..” “Oh!”! I have already said, “holding an umbrella to push open the glass door of the milk tea shop, Yi Hao put the umbrella in the bucket outside at random, and went in with an arrogant and domineering face.” Even if you run to the ends of the earth, I’m sure I can find you. ” The rain outside was so heavy that even with an umbrella, a lot of rain hit him. Especially the place of trouser legs has been soaked, now is close to his calf,Wall Penstocks, I do not know how to laugh out loud, Ji Xiaomei slightly hooked lips, “you are now like this is not the appearance of the overbearing president ah.” The tone is lazy and leisure, this time back here for a few days, Ji Xiaomei’s temperament has become as leisurely as the people in the town. Now, even facing a super OSS, she has no feeling at all. The rain outside was still falling, and there was no one in the shop at the moment, so the two men looked at each other. Ji Xiaomei! Yi Hao felt that he was being laughed at and stared at her, but now he could not say a word, and after calling her name, he kept silent. What would this guest like to drink? We have a lot of new milk tea here. Would you like to try it? Blink eyes, feel that this place is completely their own territory, there is nothing to be afraid of, Ji Xiaomei’s attitude is more calm. You “Would you like to have a fruit scoop?” “All right, MBR reactor ,Mechanical fine screen, all right.” He felt that he was completely sulking and had been led by the nose by her. Yi Hao had to adjust in time. When will you go back with me? Is it not good to be around me? Sitting on the seat, Yi Hao still did not give up the opening. The sound of cutting fruit was completely hidden in the rain, pretending not to hear what he said, Ji Xiaomei silently doing her own thing. When she handed over the fruit, Yi Hao repeated, “Come back to me, I can fulfill all your wishes, why should I stay in this place?” Sighed, Ji Xiaomei sat opposite him, before is really quite hate him, but now has been able to calmly face to face with him. Pulling out a smile, Ji Xiaomei looked at Yi Hao, who was somewhat embarrassed, “but my wish is to run my milk tea shop well here, and I am very satisfied now.” “Then I’ll buy your milk tea shop?” Thinking that she didn’t want to be a star and wanted to do a small business to save money, Yi Hao said directly, “How much profit do you make every month?”? I’ll give you double. Don’t stay here. Will you come with me? Looking at Yi Hao like this, Ji Xiaomei slightly hooked her lips, feeling that the other side still did not understand, but compared to the previous direct, now there is still a little room for discussion with him. Do you know what business is? Just enjoy the process. I don’t care how much money this shop can make in a month, but I feel very happy when I run the milk tea shop. Holding his chin with both hands, even his mood became calm. Ji Xiaomei continued, “You are the first friend to come to see me. Even if I invite you to drink milk tea, thank you for coming from so far away to see me. But you’d better go back. I like to stay in this place.” Yi Haowei was stunned, and there was an indescribable feeling in his heart. My condition is so good, rich and handsome, but also a famous diamond bachelor, “said that all feel their tone sour, Yi Hao a face of bitterness,” where do you look down on me? What’s wrong with me? “Uh..” In fact, it is also completely unexpected that Yi Hao will entangle himself for so long, Ji Xiaomei himself is also unexpected, after all, this person’s conditions in addition to some of the second really can not say. But the better the conditions, Ji Xiaomei’s heart is also more afraid, not all people feel that they can be worthy of God’s favored son. Once also had the dream of marrying an idol, but after waking up, Ji Xiaomei still felt that it would be happier to find a well-matched person in the future. She is just an ordinary person, want to live an ordinary life, do not need the storm, as long as the plain light. But such words with the opposite person may not have any effect, Ji Xiaomei can only sigh, “can only say that we are not suitable, get along with the circle is not suitable, rank is not appropriate, you now just think I am very interesting, just interested in me,rapid sand filters, in fact, really not suitable.” Having been rejected many times in succession, Yi Hao felt that he was about to reach the limit.


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