Migrate Exchange to Office 365 Using Cutover Migration

If you are planning for an email migration to Office 365, there are many things to consider before you actually migrate to Office 365.


Exchange Migration here refers to the moving of your company’s user mailboxes and all the information contained therein from your target servers to the cloud; for example, you can migrate emails and mailboxes from your on-premises physical servers to Office 365, which is based in the cloud.


Effective email migration is crucial to the success of any company because it allows them to continue working with minimal disruptions as they shift to cloud-based servers.


Office 365 offers multiple ways to migrate your users’ mailboxes depending on your current email system. Migrations generally can be of three types including:


Cutover Migration – where all the users’ mailboxes are migrated at once


Staged Migration – where users’ mailboxes are migrated in batches


Hybrid Migration – where the company prefers to maintain both physical, on-premise email servers as well as cloud-based mailboxes while it migrates the users to Office 365.


Hybrid migrations can be further classified into three sub-types including Full Hybrid Migration, Minimal Hybrid Migration, and Express Hybrid Migration. In all three cases, Active Directory is synchronized with Office 365 to move users’ mailboxes to the cloud.


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