Misleading the Rich and Powerful Family: The Confused Bride of Jue Shao

“They won’t care.” “How is that possible?”? Which parents do not want children and grandchildren, not to mention you are Chinese, you do not have children for a woman in this life, your parents can be happy? Mo Yaochen looked down at the smoke star, “I’ll tell them seriously.” “What’s the use of saying?”? Yao Chen, you are unfilial. “Stop it!” Mo Yaochen suddenly stood up, his sharp eyes coldly swept to her, “even if it is not filial, I can not want Bei Wanxing, she is my woman, I want her to be responsible for her, my father did not teach me not to have children, but he taught me that people can not abandon their hearts.” “I know I say these words you don’t like to hear, but these words small seven even if they think so is not good to say, only I will say to you,” Zuo Ling also stood up, he clasped his shoulder, “Yao Chen, you have to think clearly, this is a lifetime thing, this is not impulse, you don’t share with her now,Horse weight lbs, later if she sticks to you with this excuse, you can’t share..” Zuo Ling’s voice did not fall, Mo Yaochen suddenly turned around, he raised his right hand, a punch to the corner of Zuo Ling’s mouth! “Bang” Zuo Ling was caught off guard and knocked to the ground by this punch. Mo Yaochen bent down and grabbed his collar. His eyes were red. “I don’t allow you to say that about my woman!”! Bao Zaoyue is not such a person! Zuo Ling wiped the blood from the corners of his mouth and looked at him in disbelief, “Yao Chen, did you hit me?” “If you say one more word about her, I will hit you again.” Mo Yaochen clenched his teeth and his eyes were full of anger. “Even if you are my brother,Surveyors tape measure, it doesn’t mean you can insult my woman.” “Insult?”? Haven’t I said these words for your own good? Zuo Ling laughed helplessly, “I really don’t understand, where is she good?” “Because I love her, so she is good everywhere,” Mo Yaochen clenched his collar, almost lifted him up, “even if she can’t have children, it doesn’t matter, I will go to my parents, I think they will understand me, even if they don’t understand me, I will use all means to beg them, until they are willing to let Bao Zaoyue into the door! I will marry her in my life! “……” Zuo Ling slightly stunned, some incredible she would think so, “since you think so, cattle weight tape ,Fiberglass tape measure, then when I just said nonsense, I am full, white worry for you!” As he spoke, he brushed away Mo Yaochen’s hand and turned to stride out. The door of the lounge was thrown shut with a bang. Mo Yao Chen Dun slowly withdrew his hand in midair, as if he had exhausted all his strength, until Zuo Ling’s footsteps disappeared at the end of the corridor, he bent down and touched a cigarette again. After the examination, Bei Wanxing was pushed into the VIP intensive care unit. Chapter 52 92 there won’t be one here. The evening star closed her eyes slightly, her little face was pale, and a series of tedious examinations exhausted her remaining strength. The nurse next to her took a look at her and asked, “Would you like something to eat?”? I heard the doctor say that you eat very little. It’s not good for you. At least you should eat more. It’s much better for the human body to eat by itself than to take glucose. Bei Wanxing opened her eyes. She smiled and shook her head. “No, I don’t want to eat very much. Thank you.” The nurse wanted to persuade her to eat, “Don’t say that, there will always be something you want to eat, you say, maybe our hospital has it?” “I..” Evening Star moved her head, thinking that her mother used to cook porridge for herself, she slightly raised the corners of her mouth, smiling bitterly, “I want to drink porridge with preserved eggs and lean meat, with scallions..” It tastes very good. “Porridge with preserved egg and lean meat?” The carer didn’t know about it. “What is this?”? I’ve never heard of it. “There won’t be any here,” the evening star shook her head. She looked at the ceiling and narrowed her eyes. “There won’t be any more. I can’t drink any more..” As soon as the voice fell, there was a sudden snap outside the door. The nurse turned her head and seemed to see a figure passing by. She thought she was dazzled and continued to insert an intravenous drip for the evening star. “There’s nothing I can do without it. You take the medicine first. If you need anything, you can ring the nursing bell at any time. We have people on duty 24 hours a day.” The evening star nodded gratefully. “Yes, thank you.” Not long after the nurse left, the evening star fell asleep. She slept deeply and woke up at dawn. The evening star moved her arm, the drip had been pulled out, she sat up, and the people beside the bed woke up because of her movements, “Are you awake?” The evening star lowered her eyes and saw James’s tired face. She was slightly stunned. “Why are you here?” “Do you think I’m Chen Chen?” James saw through her at a glance. “You want to see him, don’t you?” “……” I don’t know if it was said that the center thought, the evening star lowered his head, James did not tease her, brought her hot water to drink, “How do you feel now?” “It’s much better. It doesn’t hurt anymore.” “That’s good. The body is important. Don’t think so much. The most important thing is to keep a good body.” Evening Star nodded and sipped hot water. James looked at his cell phone from time to time. Evening Star frowned. “What’s wrong? What’s wrong?” James scratched his head and waved his hand. “No, no. What do you want to eat? I’ll send someone to buy it for you.” “James, don’t lie to me,” Bei Wanxing saw that something was wrong with him. She thought of fourteen and grabbed his wrist. “Did something happen? Where is Mo Yaochen now? “No.” James looked at her anxious look, also can not hide, simply raised his hand, “is Mo Yaochen that boy, I heard that you were cut off half of the uterus, people disappeared, mobile phone shutdown, can not find, if he can not give birth to a child because you do not want you, see if I do not beat him to death..” The evening star was stunned when she heard this. She suddenly opened her eyes wide. “He.” Already know? James didn’t want to lie to her either. “Yes, the doctor told him,Walking measuring wheel, and I heard him, and then he disappeared without a word, the treacherous gigolo..” Chapter 52 93 I flew to Sydney to buy it. tapemeasure.net


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