My beautiful lady, kiss my jelly.

“Brother Yue?” She was still writing down the gift carefully in a small book and looked up at me in surprise.


I ignored her and picked up her feet. Then he said to her, “You lie in the car and remember the gift, and let me see your feet.”


Then she frowned, changed her position, leaned against the car door, and put her feet on my legs. I took off her shoes, took a look at the soles of her feet, and found that the soles of her feet were worn out. I patted her big feet with heartache and said, “If you are not tall and ugly, you should accept your fate. You should also learn from other beautiful girls to wear high-heeled shoes.”. Are you beautiful or not? Who will dislike you? Are the soles of your feet worn out and painful now?


“Brother Yue..” At my words, she blushed and bit her lip.


Then I found a wet towel to help her carefully wipe the wound on her foot, and then gently rubbed her foot. Her body moved and pinched the book in her hand.


“Are you more comfortable?” I asked.


“Yes.” She nodded gently.


Then I smiled, rubbed her feet gently, looked at her angrily and said, “Don’t wear high heels in the future, just wear sneakers, be comfortable.”


Brother Yue, I don’t want to be beautiful,Inflatable meltdown, but I also want to be beautiful. However, it is impolite not to wear high heels when working in the company. She thought for a moment and whispered.


“You’re not an outsider. What’s so rude about it?” I smiled, and then I said to her, “Among the gifts I bought today are a piece of agate and a box of red wine. These two gifts are written under your name.”


“Huh?” She looked at me in surprise.


What? You’re not one of us. These are the busiest days in a year. Stick to it. Brother Yue will give you a bonus tomorrow night. I say.


“Brother Yue, I have enough bonus, no more.” She works in our company with a salary of 100,000 yuan a month,Inflatable 5k obstacle, which is second only to Xiaoguang and his brothers.


“It’s all right. I just scolded you. I’m sorry.” With a smile, I gently pressed her feet.


So we drove all the way to Zhao Laohu’s house. We had a drink at Zhao Laohu’s house, and then we set out to find Zhang Yuhui and Nalanyi.


I was very busy, but I managed to finish it in one day. The next day, I took Xiaoxue and Sunspot to visit from house to house. When I arrived at the hotel to host the annual meeting, it was already nine o’clock in the evening. Seeing the hall full of brothers, eldest brothers and city dignitaries looking at me, I was so tired that I took the microphone and said only one sentence, “Drink!”


“Ha ha, brother Yue is forthright!” At my words, everyone shouted at once.


Recalling Zhang Yuhui’s orderly appearance at the annual meeting, I began to admire him from the bottom of my heart. His ability is definitely ten times that of me. Even if I try for another ten years, Inflatable bouncer ,inflatable amusement park, I may not be able to get to where he is now.


Then an annual meeting came down, and it was already more than two o’clock in the middle of the night. In addition to my brothers, Zhao Xier, Tang Xiaoer and Bai Ke also attended the annual meeting that night.


Zhao Xier, Tang Xiaoer and Bai Ke have always lived in my house. After the annual meeting, I took some girls home. My house is not very big, and it can’t accommodate many people. Now living in my house is Zhao Xier, Tang Xiaoer and Bai Ke, as well as Shen Bingbing, the rest of the brothers let them live on their own.


Then when we got home, we opened the door and we were silly. Shen Bingbing, he did not know when he came back from the annual meeting and got a lot of beauties.


And these beauties, they had nothing on, and they were all running around the house naked. The floor was covered with money and all kinds of red wine.


How many beauties are there? About twenty or thirty. Even though I love to play, I can’t accept it when I see this picture. Beside me, there are three girls, Tang Xiaoer, Bai Ke and Zhao Xier.


At that time, I covered Tang Xiaoer’s eyes and said to Shen Bingbing, “Shen Bingbing, how many do you do?”


“Ha ha ha, Yue is back. Come on, let’s play together.”. “Shen Bingbing didn’t wear anything and laughed at me.”.


“Are you playing, grass?” I went into the room with a frown and went back to my bedroom to ignore him.


That night, Shen Bingbing took a large group of beautiful women to play at my home for one night. The sound was loud and the picture was chaotic. Bai Ke, Tang Xiaoer and Zhao Xier did not sleep well. It was not until the next morning that the beauties got dressed and left one after another.


I’m slightly angry about this, but not very angry. Looking at Shen Bingbing sleeping on the sofa, I took out the quilt to cover him and went to Tang Yuxin’s house to pay a New Year call.


Then I chatted with Tang Yuxin’s parents for a while, and we went to Grandpa’s house for dinner. She is the granddaughter-in-law designated by her grandfather, and she must attend such family gatherings.


Then we finished our meal and went back to the house. When she returned home, Shen Bingbing had already woken up and stared at Tang Yuxin with a look of excessive wine and women.


Then Tang Yuxin ignored him and left with Tang Xiaoer.


When they left, Shen Bingbing stared at Tang Yuxin’s back and said, “Brother Yue, I found that there are many beauties around you, and they are all the best beauties.”


“It’s okay.” I say.


“Tang Yuxin, how about playing with me? I’ll give you a hundred million yuan.” Shen Bingbing has a wretched face.


Chapter 329 Shen Bingbing is silly again. Until this moment, I still regard Shen Bingbing as a good man, and I have a good impression of him. He felt that he had no shortcomings except that he was a second-generation ancestor who liked to play with women.


Then after listening to his words, I just felt a little ill, but I was not very angry. Feeling that he was joking, he smiled and said to him,inflatable water slide, “My first wife, I’m afraid you can’t afford to play.”. I’m afraid the price of one hundred million yuan is not enough.


“Oh?”? How much does it cost for me to play with your wife? Shen Bingbing said to me as if joking.


“Oh, priceless.” I say.


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