Need Custom Interior Signage? Try Dry Transfers



The heightened interest in corporate branding these days means every interior space is an opportunity to communicate a brand message. Retailers have always used interior signage with branding, but it’s increasingly popular in offices and other commercial interiors. Dry transfer decals are an excellent option for small and medium-sized interior signs. They rub onto walls and other wood, glass, plastic, or metal surfaces in a surprisingly convenient single-step application. If you have specific colors you need to match, they can be customized with no increase in cost. It’s yet another reason to consider them.

When you’re adding branded visual elements to any interior, it goes without saying they need to be perfect. It’s another advantage of rub-down transfers because they are made directly from your digital files. You can specify the exact size and get back what you need without anxiety. With many projects finishing on tight deadlines, a no-surprises interior sign product can be a lifesaver. There’s also a decidedly upscale look to signage with a painted-on appearance. If you’ve tried stick-on vinyl lettering, you’ll be impressed by how much better transfer decals look for interior signs.

Dry transfers also have become the preferred replacement for the defunct Letraset lettering. You can have them in any font, which is a considerable improvement over your limited font choices with the now-replaced product. The application process is the same. Transfer decals arrive to you on a transparent transfer sheet. Applying them requires nothing more than placing the sheet in the desired spot and rubbing them on. Some vendors supply a complimentary tool to help you make things perfect, but you can also use other everyday objects like a pencil point – the process is genuinely that easy.

Companies that make premium products in smaller batches also find rub-down transfers useful. They’ve been made for wine bottle labels, musical instruments, and product prototypes. The slightly raised feeling they have matches manufactured products, and that’s a level of precision you won’t get with water-slide decals. No transfer media exists to create ghosting around the decal’s edges. If you’ve heard about dry transfers but have yet to try them, you owe it to yourself and your company to take the plunge. Your branded interior signs, including logos, will turn out perfectly.



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