Nu Zun’s First Daughter by Life is like the beginning [through Nu Zun]

Chunlan got married happily, but the third wife was so distressed that she closed the door and complained, “It’s just a boy. How can I have to put on makeup with such a big face? Hum, we all know that my father-in-law is partial. Now it’s good. I wish I could send all the good things to the fourth wife.” The third wife cursed loudly in the room, and the sons of the two concubines lowered their heads and dared not raise their heads to speak. Although the third wife was a paper tiger in front of the wife and the other two wives, in front of them, she had absolute authority. The third wife was a person who did not care about anything. As long as the third wife did not go too far, the wife and the first wife would not talk too much. As a result, the third wife has developed an unswerving personality in the third room. The third wife’s cursing was naturally not just a gift that she was distressed to give out. In fact, what he was willing to give out was not anything valuable. Just to see Feng Ming Ming’s partiality, in the past to Kong Shangjin room to send all kinds of good things, but now even a boy also look after. Looking at their own three rooms, Sanniangzi is neither salty nor light in charge of worldly affairs. In fact, she is just a handyman. The daughter he gave birth to is not in Feng’s eyes, and she can’t be seen several times a year. In fact, the third wife did not think, the third wife is not Feng’s own, he can be so generous has been rare, but also expect Feng to use their own body to subsidize the three rooms, that is not a fool talking in his sleep! So now, the eldest wife and the second wife were all looking at the jokes of the third wife. The first wife, Lu Shi,artificial banyan trees, took her son by the hand and said, “When you do things for others, you must not be as petty as the third wife. Knowing that your grandfather likes the fourth sister, it’s just love me, love my dog. You’re still so talkative. What good things can a boy have?” The first wife has a rich dowry, and now she is in charge of the family. She knows that Yongning Hou Fu is not the kind of family with an empty shell. Although she cares a little about Feng’s preference for Kong Shangjin, she never takes it too seriously. As a matter of fact, the first wife knew very well in her heart that whether it was Feng Shi or Yongning Hou, she loved the fourth sister very much,outdoor palm trees, but she never wanted to mess up the minds of the old and the young. The eldest wife of his family was the heir of Hou Fu, and she sealed the prince early. He had nothing to worry about. Kong Qingzhu, the eldest young master, was also a clever man. He was brought up by Lv Shi as a lady. Naturally, he looked down on the third wife. You said you cursed people behind your back, but you couldn’t control the mouth of the third wife. The whole Hou Fu knew that you were dissatisfied. In this way, it was strange that Grandpa could like the third wife there. At the other end of the second room, the second wife also gave a sneer. She glanced at the three young masters around her and said lightly, “You should also have a look. People should have self-knowledge. It’s better to take care of the people around you first than to be jealous. Otherwise, if you lose face, you won’t even be able to keep the inside.” The two concubines naturally agreed, Yang Yiqing is the same, but in the end sighed in the heart, can not help but sigh the glory of Hou Fu, but a boy married, artificial cherry blossom trees for weddings ,silk ficus tree, he used to add makeup, see a lot of things, and then think about when in Hangzhou, the Yang family thought it was a big family, the boy married in the family, It is a great thing to get a reward of ten taels of silver. Every time he saw the splendor and wealth of Hou Fu, Yang Yiqing could not help but sigh with emotion, but in his heart he understood why his father had been thinking about the capital all these years. Rong Guogongfu he had also been to, but the seemingly kind Mrs. Hou, seems to be very cold to himself, even more obvious than Feng, for this, Yang Yiqing even if there is no way to please. Chapter 35 Qiqiao. After Chunlan got married, Feng took the original second-class boy Hongmei Hongyu in Kong Shangjin’s room and looked at the third-class ones. They all felt unhappy. They simply dialed two of them from their own side. They were called Qingping Qingting. They made up four second-class boys with Green Lotus Green Clothes. As for the third-class ones, there were as many as eight, not to mention the father of the boy who ran errands below. Can be favored by Feng, Hongmei Hongyu is really careful, intelligent and sensible, compared to Chunlan is only a few years old, they are only one or two years older than Kong Shangjin, Hongmei steady and careful, Hongyu charming and lively, if Kong Shangjin has a heart, the future may be the house. Of course, now Kong Shangjin is only ten years old, naturally do not have these thoughts, for her, the Qiqiao Festival in front of her is more interesting. Although Yongning Hou is Hou Fu, but started as a military officer, has not been a real scholar, so the collection of books in the family is not much, many of them are collected after Kong Shangjin began to study. So on the day of Qiqiao Festival, Kong Shangjin went to the Cheng family early. Cheng Qingshan is a great Confucian nowadays. The library in his family can match the royal collection of books. The Cheng family has a simple population. Every year on this day, Kong Shangjin and Haochen will come to help with the drying of books. The books of the Ming Dynasty were already thread-bound paper books, but in Cheng Qingshan’s library, many ancient books were even bamboo slips, which made Kong Shangjin very greedy. Usually, Cheng Qingshan did not allow them to go in and out of the library at will. If they wanted to read any books, the teacher had to agree. But this day was not limited. Kong Shangjin read the books while drying them, which was a special taste. Looked at their own little sister’s head to get into the book inside, the side of Haochen looked funny, reached out to pat the little guy’s head and said: “read where in a hurry, while walking and reading, don’t fall.” Kong Shangjin curled his lips and said with some jealousy, “You are a well-fed man who doesn’t know the hunger of a hungry man. You can go in and out at ordinary times. Naturally, you don’t know my difficulties.” Haochen listened and was not angry. Instead, she laughed and reached out to take away the books in her hand. Then she said with a smile, “Wait for the teacher to come over. I’m afraid he will mention the matter of letting you go in and out of the library at will.” Facing Kong Shangjin’s puzzled eyes, Haochen continued, “You were not allowed to go in before because you were afraid that the books you read were too miscellaneous. You have changed your temperament at a young age. When you are ten years old,Faux cherry blossom tree, you will not be so fastidious.” As soon as Kong Shangjin heard this, she was really happy. She was not busy reading. She concentrated on helping to air the books. At the same time, she sighed with emotion: “There are so many books in the teacher’s house. I don’t know if I can collect so many books in my life.” 。


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