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For example, if the life priest has a strong ability to add blood, his athletic assistant will have less blood; if the combat priest has a strong ability to assist, his athletic assistant will have more blood than the life priest, but his attack and defense will be lower. In addition, there are some other minor corrections to ensure that the auxiliary profession can also participate in the integral competition. However, these supporting professions are at a disadvantage after all. Meet a master of the same level, win less and lose more. It is said that the first duel competition only has individual competitions, but from the second, in addition to the ordinary individual competitions, there are also professional individual competitions and team competitions, so that the auxiliary profession can also occupy a place in the duel competition. The match continues. The Berserker is a kind man. Instead of attacking the Life Priest, he attacks the Life Priest’s paladin assistant. There was only one spectator watching the starry night in the huge arena, and there was no atmosphere. And the two players seem to have become friends in a fight. Talking while playing, watching the starry night and looking bored. Then raise your thumb with a smile, then turn 18 degrees, thumb down, and leave the arena. He chose to gamble and compete, and was immediately transported to a wide road. Adventurers came and went in the street. There are neat flags on both sides, under which there is a blue halo with a radius of 2 meters. There are people standing in most of the blue halos. Shouting loudly. A lot of people recognize him,cherry blossom wedding centerpiece, but the people who come here care about gambling. I just looked at him a few times and went on with my business. The big leaguers laughed loudly and said hello when they saw him, which was quite ostentatious-see. I know the first person in the divine world. Welcome friends below level 98 to patronize, I am level 96, 10000 gold coins at a time, the rules are the same as the integral competition, can not take medicine, blood rises ten times, want to make money to hit me. A soldier shouted loudly. Level 9 Epic Tyrannical King Heavy Armor! Market price 40,silk ficus tree,000 gold coins! I am a 98-level ranger, welcome any non-legendary friends challenge! An elf ranger kept shouting. Level 1 Legendary Berserker Axe! The market price is 80,000 gold coins! I am a level assassin, welcome friends below level 13 to gamble! Points competition rules, but do not use big moves! The assassin wears a full set of 100 epic costumes, which is quite extraordinary. Watch the starry night walked past, and before he could speak, the assassin jumped out of the flag circle. Watch boss, you don’t joke, even if you put ten thousand to bet with me, I also don’t follow. The assassin was a member of the main force of the Red Robe Society. He was very clever. He saw the intention of watching the starry night at a glance. Misunderstanding, misunderstanding.. Watch the starry night and walk away with a red face. He originally wanted to ask the assassin, out of 80 thousand gold coins to bet or not, did not want to be seen through by the other side, outdoor ficus tree ,faux ficus tree, very embarrassed. There are many legendary adventurers in the street of gambling. As long as they see the watch starry night coming towards them, they jump out hurriedly. No matter how many bets the watch starry night has to make, they will not bet to death. They all knew in their hearts that playing gambling with the watchman in the starry night was tantamount to taking the sheep into the tiger’s mouth, and they were sure to make no profit. Watch starry night very helpless, as a last resort, he found a flag of no one to stand in the room, set up automatic shouting: “Legendary robes of the soul of magic!”! The market price is 150,000 gold coins! All friends are welcome to gamble! Points competition rules, you can use the big move, I do not use the big move nor the red dragon! You can bet with me as long as you pay 10,000 gold coins or a hundred level epic as a bet! If you win, you will take away the soul of magic. It’s a rare opportunity for a thousand years. Don’t miss it when you pass by. “This is the first piece of gambling street to attract a large number of adventurers around the business ah!” Adventurers of a miracle guild under a nearby banner shouted jokingly. Hey, you can rest assured that he can’t grab it, and no one is foolish enough to gamble with him. Another adventurer said with a smile. Sure enough, there were many onlookers, but none of them really came forward to gamble with him. Watch the starry night, if you bet 10000 gold coins once, I will play 10000 gold coins with you. A mad wizard was heckling on one side. Bah, is a true God’s sparring partner worth 10,000 gold coins? You have the nerve to say that. Another man sneered. Watch the starry night eyes a roll, showing a bad smile, he just shouted at the end of a line of words: “In addition to the big move is not allowed, the conditions in front of the same!”! Now from individual gambling to group gambling, five people hit me one, each of them pays 50000 gold coins as a bet. If I lose, I’ll give you 30,000 each! Volume 5 Battle of the Gods Chapter 140 Changes in the Divine Realm? 16K Fiction Network Updated: 2011-11-2 22:47:59 Words in this chapter: 4757 As a legendary adventurer, he carries at least hundreds of thousands of gold coins, and the bet of 50000 gold coins is not much. Are you sure you don’t need a red dragon to watch the starry night? A paladin asked eagerly. He is the deputy leader of the elite group of the Bloody War Guild, Bloody War Shengwu. Disuse The watchman promised in the starry night. And you don’t summon the legendary witch doctor who can add blood to you? “Of course not!” “Can five people team up to beat you at the same time?” “It says, I don’t want to explain anymore!” In a short time, he gathered hundreds of legendary adventurers here. Although there are many adventurers in the divine world now, they are not all over the street. At present, there are less than 50,000 legendary adventurers in the divine world, distributed all over the divine world, accounting for about 15 per thousand of the total number of people online at the same time. OK! I’m going to fight! This is 250,000 gold coins! Bloody battle Shengwu simply pressed 250000 gold coins on one side of the gambling scale, then turned to the others and said, “Sincerely recruit an assassin, a mad mage, a mad warrior and a warrior to form a temporary gambling group.”. Those who pay 50,000 yuan will get 30,000 yuan if they win; those who don’t pay will only get 50,000 yuan if they win, and the more will belong to me. Trust me to come. Bloody Battle Shengwu is a RB player. As the vice president of the elite group of Bloody Battle Guild,fake ficus tree, one of the top ten guilds, he is also famous in the divine world. His words immediately caused a commotion, and everyone was talking about it. What the legendary adventurers valued was not the hundreds of thousands of gold and the results.


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