Optimizing Automation: Factors to Consider Before Hiring an Industrial Robot

Industrial robots have revolutionized the manufacturing and assembly industry by increasing productivity and enabling automation of various processes. With the latest technology, these machines can elevate any production floor to a new level of complexity and efficiency. However, it is still necessary to evaluate and consider certain factors such as industrial robot programming and safety before diving into hiring an industrial robot.

Industrial Robot Programming

Most industrial robots have their own proprietary programming language and software. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that the robot your company chose is compatible with the software and programming languages used in your company. Additionally, high programming expertise is required to operate these robots. To support this, there has to be adequate resources and skilled personnel.

Robot Motion Planning and Path Planning

The robot chosen has to have capabilities to support smooth and uncomplicated robot motion planning. Industrial robots are often required to move in specific patterns and sequences and its ability to plan and execute such sequences will greatly impact its efficiency and effectiveness. Therefore, choosing the robot with motion-planning and path-planning capabilities that is in line with the objectives of the project is crucial.


With the capabilities of moving rapidly and exerting significant force, industrial robots can pose a safety risk to workers if proper safety measures are not in place. Consider and assess the safety features of the robot, such as whether there are emergency stop buttons and sensors, and verify that the robot your company has chosen meets safety standards and regulations. These are necessary to avoid workplace hazards and ensure a safe working environment.

Maintenance and Support

Maintaining industrial robots on a regular basis is crucial to ensure their smooth operation, efficiency and compliance with safety standards. Therefore, companies will have to take into account the robot’s maintenance and support requirements and whether the organization has the resources and manpower to support it.

Return on Investment

Return on investment is an important metric to justify the purchase of any large investments. Consider the costs of the industry robot and the productivity gains. Based on the cost savings, calculate the total amount of time needed for your company to recover their investment. Industrial robots being a large investment will require careful consideration to ensure that the purchase fits into your company’s expenditure budget and is able to fulfill your company’s goals and requirements.

Industrial robots can be a powerful tool. Especially with highly automatable repetitive tasks, it greatly improves the efficiency in manufacturing, assembly, and other industries. However, to maximise the benefits of automation, ensure that you reevaluate your company’s goals, capabilities and needs in the following areas, industrial robot programming, robot motion planning, safety, maintenance and support, return on investment, and path planning in robotics.

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