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As Cold weather is nearing make electrical safety a priority as it is crucial to check your outdoor wiring and outlets are in good condition to withstand the harsh winter. Run an Electrical Safety Inspection for an outdoor outlet Installation and upgrades Check-list of things to do when it comes to outdoor electrical outlets? Install ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) Outlets for your outdoors to protect from serious electrical problems. If you find yourself plugging in an extension cord for your outdoor use then it is recommended additional outlets installed.


Abide by manual warning in certain appliances that say “not for outdoor use.” It’s always safer to double-check before running into a problem later on. Make sure that electrical appliances are unplugged and turned off when not in use or left unattended. Whether it is an outlet or appliances or extension cords it needs to be rated for outdoor use when you are using them in your backyard. If you must have extension cords running across your backyard during festival lighting, make sure to keep it out of the snow or stagnant water and away from children and pets


If you need any help in house electrical wiring or safety proofing your backyard for the cold weather our professionals at Inlightech can upgrade or install outdoor outlets and make your electrical renovations and fix-ups a breeze. The bonus factor is that you can use it as a good opportunity to make sure you know where electrical circuits and breakers are in case of an emergency.


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