Palm Flame [Entertainment Circle] (Common No.: Xitulanya Everything House

However they do not know that they themselves are just a group of unremarkable ants as long as a disaster they can be crushed Only that man has the power to change all this The ringing of her cell phone interrupted her thoughts and Sun Lian lowered her eyes and connected the phone Miss Sun I’m the editor-in-chief of the Weekly Report A flattering male voice sounded in his ear Sun Liexiu frowned and said in a cold voice “Say it” Hearing the impatience in her voice Zou Kai dared not delay any longer and hurriedly said the whole thing “Well yesterday we received a phone call from a lady who claimed to be Song Ruan’s biological mother and wanted to tell us” The only condition is an exclusive disclosure fee of 500000 I dare not judge myself here So to ask your opinion do you think Dropping her eyes and chuckling she raised her eyebrows and her eyes became interesting Biological mother Thinking of something funny she raised her lips slightly and whispered “Let her come to see me I’d like to see what kind of woman would sell her daughter for a mere half a million yuan” When she hung up the phone she stood up her white skirt flying and a flower bloomed in the darkness A whisper was scattered in the air a gentle voice Energy with an indescribable pleasure Sure enough the birth of happiness must be based on the pain of others – In the living room Lin Jian sat anxiously on the sofa looking like he was waiting for something When the phone rang she quickly got through and Zou Kai’s indifferent voice rang “Lin Jian right” About what you said yesterday we took it Without waiting for her to answer Zou Kaifu opened his mouth again and said “Don’t worry You can’t do without half a million yuan But before that someone wants to see you” “Who” “You don’t have to worry about who it is I’ll send you the address and time You just have to be there on time” After answering impatiently he said “I can tell you that the identity of this man is beyond your imagination Be careful what you say” · Inside the cafe Sun Lian took a sip of hot cocoa His watery eyes flashed and he whispered “Are you Song Ruan’s mother” When the middle-aged woman on the opposite side heard this her wrinkled face relaxed a little She nodded and said in a normal tone “Yes it’s me” Sun Lian blinked tapped the desktop with a thin white finger and smiled “Have you really thought about it” You know for a female artist whether it’s killing her father or hidden rules any charge is enough for public opinion to kill her And you are Song Ruan’s biological mother so what you say is naturally more credible Song Ruan has not spoken out now indicating that Star Entertainment still has a way out If you really want to break the news I hope that when the time comes you can properly appear in public-like a live broadcast or a press conference Lin Chien nodded with an expressionless face and said in a cold voice “OK no problem China Suppliers ” “However this request requires a price increase” Raising her eyebrows Sun Lian smiled softly Instead of being angry at her temporary price increase she asked curiously “Forgive me for taking the liberty to ask but you need money now” Perhaps her manner and words and deeds were too friendly not as domineering as she had imagined Lin Chien loosened her clenched hand and relaxed a little “Yes at home” Some are short of money 。” “In fact you can ask Song Ruan for it” Bending his eyebrows Sun Lian chuckled and said “To tell you the truth I have also worked with Senior Song With her present social status she should have the money in her hand” As soon as she mentioned this Lin Chien’s cold eyes became sharp in an instant The woman shook her head with disdain and disappointment and said “I told her but a heartless person like her of course would not pay attention to a mother’s desperation” If not why should I go to the point of tearing my face Lin Chien raised his wrinkled eyes and saw the smiling Sun Lian opposite him His expression gradually softened “As soon as I saw Miss Sun I knew you were a kind-hearted girl” “A spoiled child like you will not understand Song Ruan’s vicious mind” ” As if hearing something strange Sun Lian laughed in surprise Her clear laughter was like a silver bell and her eyes flashed with an unknown light “You flatter me It’s the first time I’ve heard someone praise me for my kindness” Shaking her head Lin Chien seemed to open the conversation box and said in a garrulous way “I have brought her up from childhood to adulthood for more than 20 years Even raising a dog can raise feelings but she is not as good as a beast I am really disappointed” “Miss Sun don’t blame me for speaking so harshly Sometimes people’s hearts are like this It’s beyond the imagination of a young man like you” When Environment Sun Lian heard this he nodded approvingly “Indeed if people’s hearts are black the bottom line will disappear” “I’m not as educated as Miss Sun but I know that Song Ruan is certainly not as good as Miss Sun” Lin Jian looked at the quiet girl in front of her as if quite satisfied hesitated for a moment she actually asked “I don’t know” Does Miss Sun have a boyfriend ?” Sun Lian was really surprised “Forgive me for taking the liberty” Lin Chien added “but I have a son at home who is about the same age as Miss Sun You should be very suitable to be friends” Perhaps Sun Lian did not answer Lin Chien paused for a moment and said “I know Miss Sun must have an extraordinary family background It’s just that although my son is not born with superior conditions his ability and character are very good in all aspects I can assure you that he must be the top one among his peers” Funny in the heart Sun Lian raised the corners of his mouth and shook his head “Sorry I already have someone I like” “Really” Lin Chien sighed lightly as if she felt very sorry She nodded and said “That’s right An excellent girl like you will indeed be pursued by many people” Not wanting to talk too much about this topic Sun Lian hid a trace of sarcasm in the depths of his eyes and changed the subject “So about Song Ruan it’s settled” Zou Kai should have your contact information If you need to show up at that time I will trouble you 。


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