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“Your Highness has a good eye!” Repair. There was a look of surprise on Belmont’s face. “The last general is good at using a pike, but he can’t find a good one, so he has to kill the enemy with a sword..” “A good gunner is very particular about the quality, weight, size and other aspects of the gun, which is often more demanding than a swordsman.” I took the “Sempron” pike left by Adams and handed it to him. “This is a famous soldier once used by a loyal and brave general. The name of the gun is” Sempron “, which is the flying dragon rider Yading. Cast by Burnett. I give it to you, I hope you can live up to the prestige of the famous gun! Repair. When Belmont took the “Sempron”, his eyes flashed with excitement. He grasped the handle of the gun with one hand and stroked it lovingly with the other hand. His happy look was overflowing, like a child getting his beloved plaything, or a young man getting the favor of a woman he admired. Excited, hurriedly thanked me: “Thank you for your generous gift!”! Will certainly use this gun to kill the enemy for your Highness at the end! “Good!”! Will meet the good material, the precious blade presents the martyr-this is how hearty happy matter! As long as you feel at ease to serve the king, when the Kingdom of Dotyr no longer exists, no one in the world dares to say that you are a rebel! You will wash away all guilt and shame with the gun in your own hand, and share with me and all those who follow me the eternal glory! Looking forward to your bravery and performance! Repair. Belmont Blue Eye Flag Yin, get in line! I said with satisfaction. Will obey at the end! Long live my king! Repair. Belmont bowed and kowtowed,interactive touch screens education, then got up and stepped into the ranks of the generals. At this point, a guard lifted the tent and entered, looking nervous and reporting: “Generalissimo!”! Marshal! Sir Simon of the Empire sent an urgent document of eight hundred miles! “Express it!” It seems that the development of the situation is worse than expected! I couldn’t help changing my color. I took the letter and quickly removed the sealing mud and read it. It took me a long time to raise my head and sweep the people in the tent with cold eyes. I said coldly, “Mutiny in the Imperial Capital!” Chapter 5 God’s exclamation mark. Chapter 5 God’s exclamation mark. “Everyone, please go out of the tent for a moment and let me have a moment alone with Alex.” The calm and quiet voice of Binglan sounded at this time. After waiting for everyone to bow out of the tent, I could not help walking back and forth in the tent, while slightly anxious to say to the ice orchid: “It’s really a trap inside!”! Gangjing in the south,smartboards in classrooms, the beacon fires in the east and north are blazing-now the external troubles are not yet Yan, and the internal troubles are rising again! Alex, calm down! You are the core of the group, and the fate of all of us has been closely linked to your rise and fall! If you waver first, the hard-won situation and the cohesive force will disappear! Alex, since your goal is to occupy the world, then you must have the courage to face any dangerous situation! And anything must be irreversible! Ice orchid said in a cold tone. Binglan’s voice seemed to have a kind of calming power. I finally calmed down, nodded and said, “I understand!”! Binglan, thank you! You are my source of stability! According to the news from Simon, Clackham, the former Prime Minister of the Empire, 75 smart board ,interactive panel board, has been hiding in the imperial capital instead of following Aruton northward-he has deceived all of us, and even the intelligence systems of Van Dyke and Robb have been fooled by him! When we went to war, he took advantage of the emptiness of the imperial capital to gather more than one hundred imperial princes and nobles, and formed an army of more than one hundred thousand people from the private forces of the nobles, occupied the four gates, controlled His Majesty the Emperor and Princess Emily, the Regent, and attempted to hold the emperor to command the princes.. “Simon had expected that the opposition forces in the imperial capital would change when you and I left, and had decided on a plan to draw the snake out of its hole, intending to carry out a major purge of all forces in the imperial capital, but he did not expect that the enemy would launch such a swift and powerful attack that he was caught off guard..” In order to cope with the northern and southern expeditions, the forces of the imperial capital have been emptied, Simon’s available soldiers, the thirty thousand Meinster army I left together is absolutely no more than fifty thousand, and the strength of Clackham is simply incomparable! Moreover, it is said that some important officials and princes of the Dynasty were involved in the coup, such as the eight princes Leo, Prince Frank, Prince Heroanason and other members of the royal family who had always been addicted to garden architecture and did not care about politics, and even the Morales family was involved.. When I thought that the imperial capital might fall and fall back into the hands of Aluton and Crackham, and that all my efforts would be in vain, I could not help being restless.. In one breath, I told the current situation in the imperial capital. After a little thought, Binglan said, “I understand the reason for your uneasiness-you are not reconciled to the trick of Clackham, are you?”? Apparently, we’re all being set up by Arrouton and Clackham! When Aruton withdrew from the imperial capital, it was clear that today’s overall strategy had been decided. Well, this is supposed to be from the wily Crackham, right? Not only you and me, but also Attiria and James have been used by him this time! He asked Aruton to instigate Aitiria and James to send troops together to lead you and me away from the imperial capital, and then carried out his long-planned plan to recapture the imperial capital. We have been ignoring the old fox of Clackham, perhaps it is too early to say that we are confident about the imperial capital that we think we have a firm control over! “But, Alex, you don’t have to be unwilling!”! I’m afraid Clackham is more unwilling than you are! The legacy he has painstakingly built for decades has almost been uprooted by your suddenly rising young rival! You know, Crackham’s life experience is more than four times that of you! His power in the empire has gone through three Dynasties, and his strength is deeply rooted. He has a complex relationship with all forces in the imperial capital. No matter how carefully you and Simon plan, it is impossible to guard against him! So the coup will come sooner or later, and it’s not your fault. Besides,smartboard for business, if everything develops according to your and my settings, wouldn’t it be too boring for us to get everything easily? It is because life is full of accidents that our life becomes interesting! Besides, we are not entirely helpless with the situation. 。


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