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After Su Fengnuan arrived at the incineration site, he looked at it in silence for a moment and said to Su Zhen, “Uncle, give me the list of those who died in the war.” Su Zhen ordered someone to bring the list and handed it to her. Su Fengnuan held a torch, took the list and looked at it for a while, and then said to Su Zhen, “When the Northern Zhou Dynasty withdraws its troops and Yanbei is safe, a place with good geomantic omen will be built to build a monument for generals.”. Carve the names of all the war dead on it. “None of the guards of Yanbei, the troops of Jinglu, or the imperial guards were left behind.” Su Zhen Wen Yan nodded, “well, they made meritorious military service for Yanbei, should not be so burned, in addition to report to the court to get some pension, nothing left.”. Generations of Yanbei people should thank them and build a monument for them. Su Fengnuan folded up the list of war dead and said, “The flag of the word’Su ‘was hung high on the walls of the four cities in the north of Yan, so that Chu Hanzhen thought it was my father’s vanguard that came first.” Su Zhen said, “I have the same idea.” Su Fengnuan added, “but even with a big flag, Chu Han is not a person who can be frightened by one of my father’s flags.”. He found tonight is not the army to come, but in the old cloth suspicious array,white marble slabs, will send a horse to the west to check. Once he didn’t find the army in the west, he would attack the city in a big way. Tomorrow will be a day at most, and tomorrow night, he will attack the city. Su Zhen said, “The emperor’s imperial guards are really extraordinary. They are really good soldiers. There are fifty thousand imperial guards. He won’t break the city easily.” “Although there are fifty thousand more imperial guards in the city, compared with hundreds of thousands of military forces in the Northern Zhou Dynasty, it is also a drop in the bucket, not enough to resist.” Su Feng said in a warm voice,Calacatta Nano Glass, “Uncle, I have an idea that may be difficult to implement, but I think I can try.” “What idea?”? Say it! Su Zhen immediately said. Su Fengnuan looked at him and said, “Arrange people overnight to dig a gully three Zhangs wide and five Zhangs deep outside the gates of the four cities in the southeast and northwest. Then, fill the gully with dry firewood, oilcloth, grease and other flammable materials. As soon as the military forces of the Northern Zhou Dynasty arrive, they will ignite the things inside the gully. Once the things inside the gully burn up, they will form a fire dragon around Yanbei City.”. Stop the military forces of the Northern Zhou. Su Zhen Wen Yan immediately patted his thigh, “use fire again?”? That’s a great idea Su Fengnuan said, “The fire at the mouth of the wind is a nightmare for the military forces of the Northern Zhou Dynasty. Today I lit it with oilcloth on the wall, so they can’t get close to the wall. Then, after digging the fire dragon in the gully, I’ll see how they can cross over and attack the city.” Su Zhen greatly appreciated, “that’s a good idea!”! I’ll arrange for all the soldiers to dig ditches. There are seventy thousand men in our city now. Holding hands and lining up can also surround Yanbei City twice. It’s more difficult, Slate Wall Panel ,Agate Slabs For Sale, but it’s not impossible to finish it by tomorrow evening. Su Fengnuan said, “in that case, the second uncle quickly ordered people to go!”! If the shovels and other things in the city are not enough, order people to build them overnight. Su Zhen nodded, “well, I’m going to arrange it!”! It’s just that the emperor’s imperial guards can’t rest. Su Fengnuan said, “They came for the war in Yanbei. It’s easier to dig ditches than to kill the enemy.” “That’s right!” Su Zhen nodded, “I’m going.” The words fell and went in a hurry. Su Fengnuan stood at the incineration site for a moment, then turned around and went up the wall again. The fire in the rear camp of the Northern Zhou Dynasty had disappeared, and it was obvious that the military forces of the Northern Zhou Dynasty had put out the fire. She just stood for a moment, Qiuhua also climbed the wall and said to Su Fengnuan, “Sister Su, I saw my uncle. He is so handsome. I heard rumors in the capital that the queen mother had intended to marry you to him. Such a man, looking gentle and modest, really doesn’t look like a man who can lead troops to fight. I didn’t think he really had the ability. He only brought tens of thousands of horses.” He bluffed back the Northern Zhou army. Su Feng said with a warm smile, “The little uncle of Guozhang Mansion, Wu Shuangquan, is talented and famous in the capital. Countless ladies in the capital are in love with him.”. Naturally, he lived up to his reputation, and he really had real ability. Otherwise, the emperor would not let him come to Yanbei. Qiu Hua Wen Yan, “many women like him?” Su Fengnuan laughed and said, “Yes.” Qiu Hua immediately asked, “What about your son Ye?”? Does anyone like him? I heard that he had a bad reputation. He was a dandy. He walked sideways in the capital of the Southern Qi Dynasty, and no one dared to provoke him. ” Su Fengnuan laughed, “naturally some people like Ye Chang.” When the words fell, she looked at Jingzhong and said with a gentle smile, “Ye Chang doesn’t need a good reputation. He’s different from Xu Yunchu.” Qiuhua blinked her eyes and looked at Su Fengnuan. After a while, she said gloomily, “Sister Su, you married Ye Chang. What about Ye Xi’s brother?”? Don’t you marry brother Yexi? Su Fengnuan laughed and knocked Qiuhua on the head and said to her with a smile, “Your brother Yexi is my brother. My brother is like my father. Naturally, I won’t marry a brother like my father.” Words fall, and laughed, “what’s more, he has Jiangnan Ye family, countless relatives and elders, in the future will also have a good match.”. But Ye Chang’s Rong An Wang Fu is an empty shell, he only has me. — — — — Digression — — This is a watch ~ Chapter 163 discussion of stratagems. Su Fengnuan came near and raised his eyebrows at Xu Yunchu. Xu Yunchu smiled warmly at Su Feng and said in a gentle voice, “I’m not very tired. I can’t sleep. I’ll go out for a walk and see what I can do to help.” Su Fengnuan said with a smile that she suggested that Su Zhen take all the soldiers to dig a gully outside the four cities to form a fire dragon to block the military forces of the Northern Zhou Dynasty. Xu Yunchu said with a smile, “I heard about it when I first came out, and it was really an unexpected good plan.” Su Fengnuan said, “If what I expected is not bad, when I go back tonight, Chu Han will inquire about it.”. Tomorrow day will not attack the city, tomorrow night attack the city, day and night rush work,Porcelain Marble Slabs, gully fire dragon can be completed come in handy. Xu Yunchu nodded, “seventy thousand military forces have come in handy, almost.” 。 forustone.com


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