Prehistoric Guardian of the Creation of Dao Zun

Somehow, when he saw the power of creation, he actually saw the future road comparable to the existence of nine original roads. It’s just, how is that possible? The original brontosaurus not only shook his head and smiled bitterly in his heart, but could it be because he had been sleeping for so long that he was dazzled by himself. The original brontosaurus can only comfort itself in this way. After all, if we can really create a source road, then the future is absolutely limitless. It is even possible to break through the unknown heaven. After all, Tianjing, he had never heard anyone say that anyone could prove it. However, if the power of creation is really comparable to the nine-fold original road, then breaking through the heaven is really not a fantasy. In the heart a burst of excitement, the dragon body a shock, once again looked to the original day, in the eyes, but there is a kind of inexplicable meaning. In the blink of an eye, yuan Tian had never thought that so many things had flashed through the mind of the original brontosaurus. It’s just, even if you know, I’m afraid you’ll be confused. After all, what continent of origin? What is the original road? He doesn’t even know. After all, those things are still some distance away from him. However, if Xuanhuang Laozu hears the words of the original brontosaurus, he will definitely be surprised. Then, regardless of the consequences of the original day to kill. But, alas, he will not know. By the time he knew, it was too late. Moreover, even if the power of the original heaven was revealed in front of Xuanhuang Lao Zu,7g Ozone Generator, Xuanhuang Lao Zu could not see it. After all, with his original cultivation, how can he get in touch with the original road? However, it is not known, this head of the origin of the brontosaurus in the end what is the origin, even know the origin of the mainland in the source of the road? It even shows the potential of the original sky in the future. However, the original day is from the origin of the brontosaurus to learn a little information, that is, there are nine kinds of road, comparable to their own road of creation. It’s just,cordierite c520, how is that possible? Could it be.. Suddenly, yuan Tian seemed to remember something, and there was a flash of enlightenment in his eyes. At the same time, the center of the Dantian universe suddenly appeared a touch of color. And with this enlightenment, the original center of the Dantian universe, unexpectedly also slowly appeared a touch of color. As if it could be extinguished at any time. However, although weak, it is tenacious to exist in the origin of the universe. And the origin of the universe in the moment when the color appeared, unexpectedly became a solid one. However, at this time in the enlightenment of the original day, obviously did not notice these. However, he did not know that because of his enlightenment, it brought him endless benefits. And because of this insight, he finally stepped into the threshold of the road of creation. And that color is the witness of his understanding of the road of creation. Although the original brontosaurus is powerful, but at this time because of the early birth, it is not much stronger than the original day. Otherwise, if he sees the scene in the original Dantian, he will definitely be firm in his own ideas. Good aptitude, unexpectedly fell into an epiphany. Seeing the appearance of the original day, Ceramic Core Immersion Heaters ,Ceramic Bobbin, the original brontosaurus’s eyes brightened, but somehow, he did not make a move. The hatred just now seemed to disappear in this moment. For the future of the original day, the original brontosaurus actually looked forward to it. After all, it is time to change the pattern in the original mainland. The three heavenly sects have been in control for too long. The original day fell into an epiphany, Luo Wei as if also sensed something, I do not know when has appeared in the original day’s side, alert looking at the source of the brontosaurus. For Luo Wei, the original brontosaurus is not concerned. After all, the difference is too big. You know, in the realm of chaos, every day has a huge difference. Just like the difference between a quasi-saint and a saint, this is also the reason why the original brontosaurus ignores Luo. I’m afraid that even the strong man who laid the test here did not know that the test he made would have his own wisdom. Of course, he would not have known that the black eggs he picked up in those years were born against the sky with the help of the source of thunder punishment he had collected with great difficulty! For the present situation, I do not know whether it is good or bad. After all, the original brontosaurus, although it seems that only the peak of Kongzun’s cultivation, in fact, even Shizun is probably no match for it. After all, can the things bred by the source of thunder punishment be simple? What’s more, the place where the original brontosaurus lived in those years could not be broken even by the strong people who laid the test here. Therefore, the black stone will be thrown into the space here at will. But all this, the original day and Luo is wrong. The original intention of the strong people who set up the test here was to test their strength. However, there are definitely not so many. At most, there are only nine Tianwei Angry Dragons. However, I do not know why, after so many years, the space here has changed, so there will be just the situation. If the strong man comes back to life, I don’t know if he will regret it. But it’s hard for him to come back to life. After all, the body has been dead for so long, and its true spirit should have been obliterated by the power of silence in the world of silence. Looking at more and more of the power of creation, appeared in the body of the original day, the huge dragon eyes flashed a trace of greed. He could feel that the power of creation, if absorbed, would definitely bring him great benefits. Just, looked, the original day in the epiphany, after all, is a temporary pressure on the mind. Perhaps, in the future, his revenge, but also need to rely on the power of the original day. Think of here, for the original day to break his birth plan, also no longer care about. After all, although the aptitude has declined, I believe that as long as the source of thunder punishment stored in the body is absorbed, it will definitely be able to reach the realm of Dharma Zun in a short time. As for aptitude, looking at the original day that is falling into epiphany, Hei Hei a smile, its meaning is self-evident. Took a look, the huge dragon body, the original brontosaurus mind moved, a purple light flashed, a strong middle-aged man, appeared in place. Luo Wei looked at the middle-aged strong man who suddenly appeared, and his eyes flashed a trace of doubt and vigilance. However, looking at the middle-aged man did not start the behavior, Luo quietly breathed a sigh of relief. He knows the difference with the original brontosaurus. If the original brontosaurus starts, then even if he desperately guards,ceramic igniter electrodes, I am afraid it will be difficult to succeed. Therefore, looking at the middle-aged man who did not start to act, Luo Wei would be like this.


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