Qingling Moon

“He said that he had only one wife in his life, and that only when the princess died could he marry another.”. As long as the princess is dead, he is mine! So I came to Beijing to stab you to death, not only because of Qiuyi Pavilion, but also because I hate you from the bottom of my heart! From the moment you are born, all the best things in the world are placed in front of you one by one, for you to choose, enjoy or trample on, while I, all of them are earned by my own hands, step by step, with a drop of sweat for a meal, with a drop of blood for a dress. But my most important and most beloved person, you only need a word to get, but I can’t get it with my life! So, I hate you! I really hate people like you who get something for nothing! The woman in black finally gnashed her teeth and wished she could eat it alive! Qingling looked at her indifferently and said for a long time, “Have you ever thought that if you kill me, you will have nowhere to hide. You will have to return with your life. Is it worth it?”? For him? “Ha ha ha.” The woman in black burst out laughing. “I forgot you never met him!”! What a pity! His tone was deeply vicious,temperature screening kiosk, and then his eyes were shining. “If you had seen him, you wouldn’t have asked me such a stupid question.”. It’s worth doing everything for him! “Give everything?” Qingling murmured and repeated. Yes! For him! Give everything! The woman in black said decisively. Then there was silence in the room. What’s your name Moments later, Qingling broke the silence. Zheng Zhiruo. There was a trace of hesitation in her tone, and the woman in black did not expect her to ask. Miss Zheng, “Qingling walked up to her, looked her in the eye and said,digital signage screen,” You said you hated our golden branches and jade leaves. Do you know what kind of life my golden branches and jade leaves are? ” Zheng Zhiruo looked up at her in surprise and saw a trace of sadness passing through the unparalleled jade in front of her. I have lived for nineteen years since I was born, but I have only been to two places, that is, Anwangfu and Weiyuanhou Mansion. Qingling went to the window and took the sunshine with his hand. “I don’t know what the sunshine outside is like.”? I don’t know what mountains are like? What is the difference between a stream and a river? What do people do out there? How many strange things are there out there. I don’t know everything except the palace and the Hou mansion. I think you should at least know this, at least know whether the dragon boat is like a dragon or a boat, at least know what color the mountains are, what color the sea is, at least where the east is, where the south is.. Will you really be more unfortunate than me? Qingling looked back at her, that peerless face with a trace of shallow sadness, Zheng Zhiruo suddenly felt that the whole stone room fell into a kind of sadness. “Do you think we are rich and happy all our lives?” Qingling walked up to her. “You know what?”? The old nuns in the palace are responsible for teaching us the most perfect royal etiquette: never shake your skirt when you stand; never show your knees when you sit; never show your teeth when you smile, and never laugh loudly; always eat slowly, no matter how delicious it is, smart whiteboard price ,outdoor digital signage displays, never eat too much, and no matter how bad it is, never be picky about food; never walk without the help of a maid of honor; never speak loudly.. There are also many etiquettes, such as what is the etiquette to see relatives, what is the etiquette to see outsiders, what is the courtesy to see elders, and so on. What do you think we are? Our golden branches and jade leaves are just a group of puppets, a group of puppets who have been trained to make the most satisfactory movements! Shallow smile, beautiful but incomparable mockery, “in fact, you are not lucky for me!” Zheng Zhiruo listened dumbfounded, half ring can not respond, after a long time, said: “But you have him.” Him? Qiuyi Pavilion? “Qingling smiled, smiling so that her eyes flowed like tears.” Is he my choice? Like you said, I never even met him, but I married him. No matter how good he is, he is a stranger to me who has only heard his name since he was twelve years old. Have you ever seen a couple who have been close for a month, but still don’t know each other? How lucky do you think I am? Zheng Zhiruo speechless, looking at her, this moment she can no longer mention the slightest hate. Qingling turned to leave, opened the door and said, “I will let you go.” “Why?” She asked. “I almost killed you.” “Why?”? Just because I never like to lock anyone up! He opened the door and left without looking back. On the second day, Qingling came to let Zheng Zhiruo leave according to his words. They agreed to let me go? Zheng Zhiruo did not think that the people of Weiyuan Hou Fu would be so generous. Have you forgotten that I am a princess? Qingling said, but the tone contains endless sarcasm, “the identity of the princess is very noble, the princess said that even the Marquis should give three points.” “Thank you.” Zheng Zhiruo looked at Qingling Road before he left. “It’s just that he married a woman like you. I don’t know if he’s lucky.”? Is it unfortunate? She took a look at Qiuyiyao and felt that the elegant man was more suitable for Qingling. Take care of yourself. Maybe you can get what you want in the near future. Qingling language with mystery. Zheng Zhiruo smiled sadly, “is there another Zheng Zhiruo to assassinate you?” And left without looking back. At the beginning of September, the deer’s injury had improved, which made Qingling feel at ease. On this day, she wanted to go out of the garden for a walk and get some air. Because the deer was injured, Qiuyun followed her. She really liked to wait on the princess. Unconsciously, I walked to Guiyuan at the end of the back garden. There is a small pavilion in the garden. Sitting in the pavilion, I can smell the sweet osmanthus fragrance and feel refreshed. Does the princess want to play the piano? I saw Qiuyun holding the harp and asked with a smile. It turned out that she had brought the piano with her. Put it down. Seeing that she was so considerate, Qingling smiled, “You go down and do your thing. You don’t have to wait on me. I want to be alone.” “Yes, the princess, remember to come back early so that the deer won’t worry again.” Qiuyun told me before he left. Qingling stroked the piano, and then gently played, playing unexpectedly found that it was a song “Five Lakes Drunken Moon”! It was the first time I played the song in Hou Fu,touch screen digital signage, and it was also the first time I saw Qiu Yiyao that day. Thinking of Qiuyiyao, I felt my hands trembling, and I couldn’t play the song. hsdtouch.com


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